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1963 Remco Littlechap Family of dolls


Remco Industries, Inc. (1960s-1974) was one of the first companies to sell their dolls through television advertising. 

Remco made hard plastic and vinyl dolls some of which are celebrity characters and entertainment personalities. 


Remco is probably best known for the Littlechap Family dolls (photo at left) and the Heidi Pocketbook doll series.


Vintage Remco Dolls Identified

1963+ Remco Littlechap doll Family series; Dr. John Littlechap 14 1/2" tall, Mrs. Judy Littlechap 12" tall and daughters; Lisa Littlechap 13 1/2" tall and Libby Littlechap 10 1/2" tall, besides the dolls there were wardrobes for each and playrooms. Dolls are marked on back with their name and Remco Industries © 1963. 

See the full size photo shown at the top of this page.

1963 Remco Llittlechap family; John, Judy, Lisa, Libby dolls

1963+ Littlechap Family dolls

1964 Remco Addams Family dolls, 5 1/2" tall, called "Big Head dolls", from the 1960s TV show of the same name based on Charles Addams cartoons in the 1930s; Gomez Addams, wife Morticia, son Pugsley, daughter Wednesday, Uncle Fester, Grandmama, Lurch the butler, Thing their servant &  cousin Itt. Shown is a Uncle Fester doll.

1964 Remco Uncle Fester Munster doll

1964 Uncle Fester doll, 5 1/2"

1964 Remco Beatles band dolls; Paul, John, Ringo, George

1964 Remco Beatles band dolls, 4 3/4" tall, rock musicians, vinyl and plastic, rooted hair, black molded suit, each with their guitars; John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr (Richard Starkey). The group disbanded in the 1970s.  If your doll is marked Eegee it's a Rolling Stone band doll.


See photo on left


1964 Beatles dolls, 4 13/4"

1964 Remco Dave Clark Five dolls, 3-5" tall, rock musicians, vinyl heads plastic body, rooted hair, scoring hits with 'Glad All Over' and 'Because.'  The group consisted of Dave Clark drummer, Mike Smith lead vocals & keyboardist (he passed away on 28 Feb. 2008), Denis Peyton (passed away on 17 Dec. 2006), Rick Huxley and Lenny Davis.  The group disbanded in 1970.

remco_dave_clark5.jpg (29123 bytes)

1964 Dave Clark Five dolls 3-5"

1964 Remco President Lyndon B. Johnson doll, 5 1/2" tall

remco_lbj1964.jpg (14628 bytes)

1964 President LBJ doll, 5 1/2"

1965 Remco Snugglebun doll, about 16" tall, had a battery operated bottle warmer included, squeeze the doll and she snuggles up to you, has bent arms, doll mark REMCO * IND * INC * © 1965.

There was also an 11" Baby Snugglebun doll too.

snugglebun16remco65.jpg (8536 bytes)

1965 Snugglebun doll, 16"

1966 Remco Baby Walk Alone doll, 14 1/2-15" tall, plastic and vinyl, rooted hair and sleep eyes, molded shoes with wheels on bottom, marked: 624 Remco Inc. Copyright 1965.

remco_baby_walk_alone1966.jpg (15515 bytes)

1966 Baby Walk Alone doll, 15"

1966 Remco T.V. Jones doll (poodle dog), 5 1/2" tall, Pussy Meow doll (cat) 5 1/4" tall, came packaged inside a case shaped like a television.  Other friends are;  Hana Hippo doll, Ellie Elephant doll, Patsy Panda doll, 5 1/4-1/2" tall, came packaged inside a cardboard box.  All the characters had outfits that could be purchased separately. 

1966 TV Jones 5 1/2" tall poodle dog

1966 TV Jones doll, 5 1/2"

1967 Remco Baby Crawl Along doll, 20" tall, plastic and vinyl, rooted hair, blue sleep eyes, ball socket head, key wound doll marked: Remco Ind. 17 Eye New 74 © 1967 on head.

remco_baby_crawl_along.jpg (16999 bytes)

1967 Baby Crawl Along doll, 20"

1967 Remco Baby Glad and Sad doll, 14" tall, rooted blonde hair, painted eyes, closed mouth, plastic five piece jointed body at neck, shoulders and hips with slightly bent limbs.

remco_baby_glad_sad1967.jpg (15255 bytes)

1967  Baby Glad and Sad doll, 14"

1967 Remco Bottle Baby doll, 3 3/4" tall, one piece plastic doll packaged inside a plastic bottle with twist off cap.  It's unknown how dolls are marked, but probably similar to the below Hug a Bug doll.  Remco's Bottle Baby doll is a competitor to other miniature dolls like Mattel Little Kiddle dolls, Uneeda Pee Wee dolls.

Remco 1967 Bottle Baby doll, 3 3/4"

1967 Bottle Baby doll, 3 3/4"

1967 Remco Hug a Bug doll, 3 3/4" tall, Good Luck Hug A Bug with Gossamer Wings, one piece colorful painted plastic insect doll, came in several different colors.  Looks similar to the above Bottle Baby doll. Came packaged on a colorful cardboard hangtag with a clear bubble, card reads; Made in Hong Kong, Doll marked Remco IND. INC 1967.  Remco's Hug a Bug doll is a competitor of same era Mattel Kozmic Kiddle dolls and Sears exclusive; Gund Manufacturing Company - J. Swedlin's Mini Martian dolls.

Remco 1967 Hug a Bug doll, 3 3/4"

1967 Hug a Bug doll, 3 3/4"

1967 Remco Little Orphan Annie doll, 15" tall, fabric rag doll with yarn hair.

1967 Little Orphan Annie doll, 15"

1967 Mr. & Mrs. Mouse House by Remco1967 Mr. & Mrs. Mouse House dolls, 4 3/4" tall all vinyl mouse's with rooted hair and tails, jointed arms and legs, Mrs. Mouse has red hair, her red flannel gown has her name sewn on front, Mr. Mouse has black rooted hair, his name is also sewn to his red nightgown, they each have a night cap, a plastic and vinyl mouse house, set of yellow plastic bunk beds with orange ladder, yellow plastic table with two chairs.  Mouse doll mark Remco © 1966.



1967 Remco Pocketbook Doll series, Heidi doll, 5 1/2" tall, brothers; Herby doll & Billy doll, 4 1/2" tall, sister Hildy doll, 4 1/2" tall, friends Jan doll (Oriental) 5 1/2" tall, Spunky doll & Pip doll, 4 1/2" tall, dolls were packaged in a plastic "pocketbook" case with clear see thru window to display the doll, press the button on their tummy and they wave their arm, rooted hair jointed vinyl body, painted facial features.  Dolls are marked Remco copyright 1966 or a date.

1968 Remco Winking Heidi doll, 5 1/2" tall.

remco_pocketbook_heidi.jpg (20081 bytes)

1967 Heidi Pocketbook doll, 5 1/2"

1968 Remco Tippy Tumbles doll, 16" tall, vinyl doll, rooted red hair, does somersaults, battery operated.

remco_tippy_tumbles1968.jpg (31170 bytes)

1968 Tippy Tumbles doll, 16"

1969 Remco Baby Know It All doll, 17" tall, think this is the doll that when you press her tummy she shakes her head and says No No, battery operated.

remco_baby_know_all.jpg (22863 bytes)

1969 Baby Know It All doll, 17"

1969 Remco Baby Sister Grow A Tooth doll, 14 1/2-15" tall, soft jointed body, vinyl head with rooted short hair, sleep eyes, open mouth, came with her magic bottle.  The 15" size was a battery operated doll who sits up by herself.  Also came as a brown eyed black doll.

1969 Baby Sister Grow A Tooth doll, 14 1/2"

1969 Remco Tumbling Tomboy doll, 17" tall, vinyl and hard plastic, rooted blond hair in braids, closed mouth, battery operated.

remco_tumbling_tomboy.jpg (25654 bytes)

1969 Tumbling Tomboy doll, 17"

1960-1970's Remco Baby Party doll, 19" tall?, vinyl head with rooted hair, sleep eyes, open mouth, hard plastic jointed body, could blow up balloons, came with her chair, dressed for a party with balloons & party hat.

Photo courtesy of Ronsfancy.

remco_baby_party_ronsfancy.jpg (21595 bytes)

1970s Baby Party doll, 19" ?

1970 Remco Baby Laugh a Lot doll, 16" tall, white or black doll, plush body, rooted hair, painted eyes, mouth shows teeth, battery operated.  Doll marked on neck Remco, Inc. 1970.

remco_baby_laugh_lot1970.jpg (22591 bytes)

1970 Baby Laugh a Lot doll, 16"

1970 Remco Finger Ding Dolls - were created in the late 1960s to early 1970s.  Some of the Finger Ding dolls are; Millie Mod doll, Sally Skating doll, Betty Ballerina doll, Flower dolls and Adventure Boy doll, are the earliest and most common to find.  


HTF are Pebbles doll from Flintstone, The (four) Monkees dolls;  Mickey, Mike, Peter & Davey and Action Boy doll.


Shown at right: is Finger Ding Mickey Dolenz doll, of the Monkees.


Photo courtesy of Robin of collectibles


fingerdingymickey1970.jpg (6268 bytes)

1970 Mickey Dolenz doll

The Monkees singing group


1970 Remco Finger Ding Animal Hildy Hen doll, "Let your fingers be her legs".  She walks, runs, scratches, stumbles, struts & lays an egg.  You can make her do all these things - Remco Toys - Finger Ding toys were interactive, in that a child would put their 2nd and 3rd fingers into the dolls costume and thus walk, run etc. the doll.  This is a rare and incredible find - Mint On Card.

Photos courtesy of Robin of collectibles 


Remco Hildy Hen 1970 - MOC

1970 Finger Ding Animal Doll

Hildy Hen doll

1970 Remco Finger Ding Animal Spunky Monkey doll, with roller skates.

Series included but not shown is Remco Finger Ding Animal - Kitty Kangaroo doll.

Photos courtesy of Robin of collectibles

Remco, Finger Ding animal, Spunky Monkey 1970

1970 Finger Ding Animal doll

Spunky Monkey doll

1970 Remco Jumpsy doll, 14" tall, white or black doll, vinyl and hard plastic, rooted blonde hair, painted eyes, molded shoes, and she jumps rope battery operated.

remco_jumpsy.jpg (20718 bytes)

1970 Jumpsy doll, 14"

1970 Remco Baby This N' That doll, 13" tall, vinyl head with rooted hair, sleep eyes, closed mouth, hard plastic jointed body.

remco_baby_this_that.jpg (34405 bytes)

1970 Baby This N' That doll, 13"

1971 Remco Sweet April doll, 5 1/2" tall, white or black all vinyl doll, rooted hair, open mouth.

sweetapril71remco.jpg (16064 bytes)

1971 Sweet April doll, 5 1/2"

1973 Remco Laurie Partridge doll (actress Susan Dey), 19" tall, character from the Partridge Family TV show. Vinyl head with rooted hair, painted eyes, closed slight smiling mouth, hard plastic jointed body.  Doll marked Remco.

remco_laurie_partridge.jpg (17076 bytes)

1973 Laurie Partridge doll, 19"


1973 Remco Mimi singing white or black doll 20" tall, hard plastic jointed body, vinyl head with long blonde rooted hair, painted blue eyes (black hair with brown eyes on the black doll), battery operated record player in back of body, sings the song; "I'd Like to Teach the World to Sing" in several languages, Mimi dolls were also dressed in international country costumes, doll marked on neck REMCO, INC, 19©72.

1973 Remco Mimi singing white or black doll 20" tall

1973 Mimi doll, 20"

Additional Remco Dolls Not Shown

1968 Remco Playpal type Walking doll 36",  vinyl head with short curly rooted hair, sleep eyes, closed mouth, plastic jointed body, straight legs, dressed in red simulated velvet coat and hat, white socks and shoes, doll marked Remco.


1968 Remco Winking Winny black doll 15", vinyl head with curly short black rooted hair and vinyl arms, open, close and winking right eye when you press the dolls tummy, plastic jointed body and legs, came wearing a multi-print cotton dress with white socks and shoes,two strant multi-colored beaded necklace and two bracelet, doll marked Remco.


1969 Remco Brown Eye Billy doll 16 1/2" tall, all vinyl black boy doll, jointed at the neck, shoulders and hips, has short black curly hair, brown sleep eyes, an open mouth with teeth, wears a colorful multi print tunic with a solid gold V front, slacks and black sandals, Billy is marked on his head  Remco Ind. Inc. 1969.


1972 Remco Dora doll 16" tall, a black doll, rooted hair, painted facial features brown eyes, marked on back of head with doll name, company and date and has a stapled tag that says Dora, wears an ethnic outfit.


Remco Doll Resources:

Collector’s Guide to Dolls of the 1960s and 1970s books, vol. I in 2000, vol. II in 2004 both by Cindy Sabulis and continued research across the Internet since 1999 which we share with you.

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