Australia or New Zealand Doll Makers and Marks

Australian and New Zealand list of doll makers, company names, brief history, dates, dolls and doll marks when known.

Australia Attic Dolls by Linda Carroll 1955+
– ceramic Lady dolls costumed jeweled gowns
Barwood Toys, Dolls 1950s, Melborne, Victoria
Joanne Walker doll 30″ tall 1950s
Berlex Company dolls 1950s Australia
H. Chris Burkitt dolls 1926 Narrogin, Australia
Laurie Cohen dolls 1920s-1940s Sydney
– doll mark Pat. 6944-13- 4-32 LC Hush-a-bye-baby doll on shield
Consolidated Merchandising Company Pty. Ltd. 1942+
– Theodore (Theo) H Levy – doll mark Patsy doll, Suzy doll, white or black doll mark Cherub doll (if found with a small mark DC by Diecasters, then by Tamco), Rags Dolly paper patterns, Ace brand toys.
(The) EFCO Mfg Co 1946-1947 Arncliffe, Sydney
– unmarked cast aluminum metal doll heads are designed from a Pedigree composition doll mold, see below doll body mark.
E.M.C.E. Doll Company made cloth torsos for EFCO dolls 1946-1947
Efco dolls 1946-1947 Arncliffe, Sydney
– doll mark EMCE Doll Co 180 Princess Highway Arncliffe LX 231
Anne Geddes plush animal baby dolls 1990s+ Australia
Edgar Stocks Heithersay wooden walking doll 1919 Australia
– doll is 28″ tall, patent number 10766/19, 15 April 1919 Madeleine Hunter Products Pty Ltd dolls 2008+ Australia
– 2016 Shibajuku Girls (fashion dolls) doll mark,
2014+ Funville Sparkle Girlz collector dolls

Lindee Toy Company dolls, toys, plush 1944-1976 Christchurch
The House of Metti Pty Ltd doll mark Metti 1962-1976 toys, see Netta Australia
Sarah Ellen Midgley cloth Budgeree dolls ca. 1930s-1950s
Moldex Ltd. 1956 – then Tri-ang Line Brothers
– doll mark Bonnie Baby in white or black doll  1876-1942+
  – also known as Pedigree Company 1942-1971
Netta Australia doll mark netta 1976+
Parfrey Company doll mark PAT. APP. Aust. PARFREY 2435/48
Peerless Company dolls, dates unknown, Australia
Plastics Products Co doll mark PP, P.P., PPNZ in 1941-1964+
– founded by James David Morton Foreman in New Zealand
Lionel (leo) J. Sterne Doll Company 1939-1971 Melbourne
– Gerry Gee Junior vent doll plus other TV show characters.
Tamco Pty. Ltd., 1956+ owner Arthur Bourne, also formed Bourne Industries in 1963, made plastic dolls, took over production of the Cherub dolls from Theo. J. Levy until 1966 when production ceased.
P. Thomle doll maker 1880s Queensland, Australia
Verna Toy Company doll mark VERNA Made in Australia 1941-1980s

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The Encyclopedia of Australian Dolls book in 1993 by Marjory Fainges.