China, Chinese, Philippines, Taiwan Dolls & Doll Makers Marks

China currently produces about 80% of all children’s dolls, toys and products for the world. Here is a list of antique to vintage Chinese, Philippines and Taiwan doll makers. Company name, dates of operation, doll marks and doll names if known, whatever could be of help to identify your doll.

China, Chinese Doll Makers – Dolls Made in China

china chinese dolll mark bb

4 BB doll mark on an all bisque doll 1990s China, unknown
Battat Co (founded 1897) dolls, toys 1970s+ Montreal, Hong Kong
Lissi Bätz Dolls & Toys Hong Kong Ltd Company doll mark LB inside a triangle 1989+ & West Germany
Bikin Express Ltd. dolls 1986-1992 Hong Kong, NYC
 – made Walt Disney fairy tale characters in plastic and vinyl; Little Red Riding Hood, Sleeping Beauty, Dwarfs.
Blue and white Delft Chinese porcelain decorator dolls 1980s+
– see our Porcelain Collector dolls for more information.
Blue Box Toys Co. doll mark Hong Kong Blue Box 1952+
– made a variety of plastic dolls
CPC Company doll mark Hong Kong CPC 1960s-1970s
Camay Company plastic doll mark Camay 1950s+
Chinese papier mache Opera dolls 1930-1940
Chinese Puppet dolls in traditional costumes
L. Davis Textiles Co. Limited (Davtex) dolls 1960s+
Debbie Doll Company plastic dolls 1950+
Diddums International 1960s Hong Kong
– plastic Pee Wee like dolls dressed in international costumes.
Delton Products Corp. porcelain dolls 1983+
Door of Hope dolls 1901-1949 Canton, Shanghai
Elvin Company dolls & toys mark Elvinco 1960s+
Evergreen Company plastic dolls 1960s+
Fab-Lu Barbie or Bild Lilli clone dolls 1950s+
Fishel Toys Limited of Hong Kong baby dolls 1978- present
Folk Art Chinese character dolls royalty, warriors, workers, etc.
Gata, Gatabox Ltd of Hong Kong dolls 1981-1999, then Horsman
Gi-GO Toys Factory Ltd dolls, toys games 1979+ Hong Kong
– My Pals bean bag kids dolls 8″ unmarked dolls with expressive faces, ie. sticking out tongue, etc.
Goodwell International, Kingdom of Heaven, Chinese orphanage Passport Dolls 1980s+
H.T. Hong Kong Tina doll mark label circle with purple, red, gold, aqua with H.T. inside 1960s or 1970s
Heroic Rendezvous clothing line dolls (HR) by Vanessa Chan 2003-2011 – the Heroic Rendezvous clothing lines mascots are a big head girl doll Nette & Bobby boy doll

China, Chinese Doll Makers – continued

House of Global Art porcelain doll mark 3 smile faces symbol

House of Global Art porcelain doll mark two smilie faces symbol 1981-1990s
Joy Model Doll Company doll mark JM 06, JM 09, etc. 1970s+
Kader Industries Company Limited, celluloid or plastic doll mark OK on a globe Kader 1948+ Hong Kong
Lotus Onda Industrial Company Ltd. 1972-present
– Bumbleberry play dolls, baby dolls and more
Lucky Industrial Company Limited dolls 1980s+
Ada Lum Chinese cloth dolls 1930s
M & C Toy Centre, Inc. dolls 1979+ Hong Kong
– 1980s-1990s Betty Tong teen doll, Barbie clone or competitor
MDC Corp modern porcelain doll mark CASCO 1990s+ China
Michael Lee doll mark Michale 1946-1995 Hong Kong
– doll maker Lee Ming Yang, early dolls are small composition Chinese character dolls, later larger cloth dolls were also made.
Mieler Dolls Limited by Mikkel Bjonness-Jacobsen in 1982+
– Chinese Karate Kid dolls, British passport dolls
Ning-Po carved wood dolls 1917-1919, then at Door of Hope
Queue a word for single plait of hair down on back Oriental or Asian
Rose Collection porcelain doll mark Rose inside a diamond 1990s+
SC & D Made in China dolls 2000+
Simba Toys doll mark SIMBA Made in China 1982-present
SMC 9 Made in Hong Kong doll mark, Chinese company
The Brass Key, Inc. doll mark TBKI © 2000 Made in China
Toy Century Industrial Limited Company of Hong Kong 2003+
– makes Starletz, Bratz look a like dolls + others thru Toys “R” Us
Chinese doll mark TT inside circles Made in Hong Kong 1960s+
Walda Antiqued porcelain doll mark Chinese character TR 1970-1980s+
Zima Products Limited company 1981-2005 Hong Kong
– dolls were made in the British Crown Colony of Hong Kong and sold thru-out the world

Philippines Doll Makers – Dolls Made in the Philippines

Porcelain collector dolls 1970s+
Resin faux wood like decorative dolls unmarked 1990s made Philippines, dressed in a ruffled white bonnet and matching long gown

Taiwan Doll Makers – Dolls Made in Taiwan]

ATU Taiwan doll mark atu intertwined inside a circle, unknown
Porcelain collector dolls 1970s+
Victoria Impex Corporation doll mark lotus flower symbol Venetian porcelain dolls 1976+, and in Concord, CA

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