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Japan has a very long history of doll making, we will concentrate on the Japanese doll makers of play dolls for export and the various doll marks. It’s important to note in 1891 the McKinley Tariff act required all imports to he USA, to be marked with the country of origin. Nippon and Japan are synonymous, Japan used the Nippon mark between 1891-1921. During world war I (1914-1918), German made bisque dolls were not available, Japan stepped in to fill the demand and made copies of the German bisque dolls. Japan marked items Nippon up until 1921 when the US government said they had to be marked Japan.

Now you can date the dolls incised Nippon, Made in Nippon (before 1921). Japan, Made in Japan (after 1921), some dolls were even marked Made in Germany – without any makers symbol or name. After the world war I ended in 1918, German bisque head dolls became available again, the Japan made dolls were no longer sought after and by 1926 the dolls ceased being made.

Asahi Toy Company, Ltd. doll mark ATC made in Japan, made in Hong Kong 1955+, they are better known for making metal toys
All Bisque sassy dolls 1960s-1970s Japan

Celluloid dolls marked with a symbol of an origami bird, butterfly, fleur-de-lis, three acorn leaves, unknown.
Celluloid dolls marked with a word of Foreign, Japan, Japan Royal, Japanese character markings, Made in Japan, Made in Japan K, Nippon Made in Occupied Japan, various makers unknown.
Criterion Toy Company 1960s Japan

Dakkachan dolls or embr dolls 1960s
Daruma good luck dolls of paper mache ca. 500 a.d. to present
Doll mark backward B inside a circle Made in Japan, unknown
Doll mark BE inside a diamond Nippon, Japan, unknown
Doll mark 3 attached Bells upside down Made in Japan, unknown
Doll mark three upside down bells attached Japan, unknown
Doll mark diamond with symbol Made in Occupied Japan
Doll mark fan symbol Made in Japan, unknown
Doll mark fan symbol Made in Japan
Doll mark Foreign – possibly Japan, doll makers, unknown
Doll mark FOREIGN, Japan, possibly other countries too
Doll mark Love-Loid Reg. U.S. Pat. Off. Patent 41045 Japan
– Japanese celluloid doll maker unknown
Doll mark M Nippon. unknown Japan
Doll mark My inside a diamond symbol, unknown
Doll mark Nippon, many doll makers 1920s
– Japan doll mark NIPPON
Doll mark RE inside a diamond Nippon, Japan, unknown
Doll mark S inside a circle Made in Japan, celluloid, unknown
Doll mark a star inside a circle Japan, celluloid, unknown
Doll mark triangle inside a circle Japan, unknown

FECO Japan doll mark roof over a stick man symbol 1920s+
– FECO Japan doll mark roof over a stick man symbol
Forsum Doll Company small vinyl dolls with green tag 1968+
– Styled by Forsum Made in Japan green doll tag
Froebel-Kan Company Ltd. of Tokyo doll mark 1907+
Seth Fukaya artist doll mark Seto (Japan) Fukaya 1970s+
Futaba Dollatelier, Shibaten Kappa turtle dolls 1950s-60s Japan
– name often marked on clothing & wood base stand

Gofun dolls made of white oyster shell paste 1600s+
Gosho-Ningyo – Japanese palace or court doll

Haber Brothers doll mark cone symbol Made in Nippon 1917-1922
Hina-Ningyo – Japanese Festival doll
Holiday Fair cloth dolls 1960s+

Ichimatsu dolls or play dolls unmarked 1931+
Iwai Industries doll mark fish symbol Japan / Korea 1960s-1970s

Japan Import & Export Commission Company dolls 1914-1923 – Nagoya, Japan and NYC USA
Japan T. Co. NY Pat Applied For doll mark

Kabuto – Japanese warrior or warrior’s helmet
Miyako Boeki Goshi Kaisha dolls 1921-1925
Kanga Doll – mid 1900s Edo Genroku Odori (dance)
Shimizu Katsuko dolls 1900-1930s
Takada Kinosukee dolls 1930s+
Kato Kiyomasa – Japanese warrior doll
Kokeshi wooden dolls 1860+
Fuji Press Kogyo dolls 1930s+
Kyoto – a Fashion Lady Doll ca. 1900+

LJN Toys Ltd. doll mark jester hat N 1970-1995
– doll mark jester hat N

Magutoko Toys 1945 – present Japan
Maruei-Oki Doll Company 1925-1930
Aiba Kintoro Marugane celluloid dolls 1920s, Tokyo
– doll mark symbol of an umbrella (or an arrow pointing up) with the pole as the center in roman numeral III all inside a circle MADE IN NIPPON.
Masudaya Modern Toys doll mark TM in diamond Made in Nippon,
– Made in Japan founded in 1724, dolls were made ca. 1920s+
Masazo Matsubashi dolls 1900+
Matsuya Ginza Department Store 1925 + Tokyo, Japan
Meiji Era Geisha dolls 1850-1912
Toyo Gangu Goshi Kaishi Mina dolls 1923 Nagoya
Hasada Minoru celluloid doll mark club symbol Japan 1950s
Hasada Minoru celluloid doll mark club symbol Japan
Seijiro Misaki dolls 1900 Paris Exposition Silver Metal
M. Nishinotoin Uonotana Mochidzuki dolls 1920-1921 Kyoto
Monotaro – a Japanese warrior
Morimura Brothers, Japan doll importer from 1915-1926

Nakajima Seisakusho dolls 1919+
Nakajima Seisakusho doll mark turtle symbol N, sometimes with Made in Japan
Naigai Toy Manufacturing Company 1920s (or misspelled as Nagai)
– made bisque head baby dolls and others
Kusutaroh Nakamura shoulder head doll inventor 1914+
Kusutaroh Nakamura doll mark Patent No. 30441 Nippon in 1914
Shozaburo Nakayama dolls 1929-1940
Totaro Nakazawa dolls 1929-1940s
Nanikawa, Chujiro dolls 1930s-1940s
Sakura Ningyo – traditional Japanese cherry doll
Nishi Doll & Company LTD 1960s Japan
– doll mark ND inside a diamond symbol

Okiagari-koboshi Company roly poly toys 1300+
Omoya Company small all bisque dolls 1920s+
Oriental Celluloid Company doll mark three mountains Oriental, Tokyo, Japan 1930s+

Richard Toy Company 1970s+ Hong Kong, NYC
Rosko Tested Toys dolls 1950s-1960s Tokyo
Maruyama Toki Yamashiro Ryuhei doll mark 1920s-1930s
Maruyama Toki Yamashiro Ryuhei doll mark double circle with upside down peace sign

Yoshina Sangyo doll mark butterfly symbol Nippon or Japan
– doll mark butterfly symbol Nippon or Japan
Torakiyo Sato dolls 1893 Tokyo
Sekiguchi of Japan 1918-present, celluloid, vinyl dolls, plush toys
– celluloid doll mark 3 leaf clover Made in Japan
– made 1974+ Bebichhichi, Coco, Momoko, Monchhichi dolls
Shiba Company doll mark boy inside circle 1945-present
– 1963 made plastic, vinyl, plush dolls & toys
Shiba Company doll mark symbol boy inside circle
Sankyo Shoji Company LTD. 1976+
– made Claudie et Claude porcelain musical windup doll
Shikishima Skokai dolls 1929-1930s
Suzuki Company crawling wind up doll mark Japan

Tajimi Trading Company 1895, Takito, Ogawa & Co. 1905+
– exporters of porcelain including bisque doll heads merged into Taiyo Trading Company 1919-1920s
Taiyo Trading Co, Tajimi, Takito doll mark T flower symbol
Takara-Tomy doll mark couple holding hands up 1924 or 1955+
Ando Togoro doll mark plus symbol inside a circle Japan / Nippon

Ninyo Yamao doll mark YN in diamond Made Japan 1921+
Yamato Import Co. doll mark FY, FY intertwined 1917+
Yamato- Ningyo – Child dolls
Momijiya Ning Yo-Ten Ltd. doll exporter 1923-1925

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