House of Prieur Dolls 1859+ French

ca. 1922 Louis Prieur bisque head doll
ca. 1922 Louis Prieur bisque head Mon Cheri doll

The House of Prieur began in 1859 and was managed by generations of the Prieur family, beginning with Louis Leon and Louise Amandine Prieur, they claimed they were the oldest house of this type in Paris. France  Madame Louise Prieur had begun making doll clothing and accessories as early as 1840. Doll heads were purchased from German and French doll makers, so the dolls will likely not have any markings related to the early Prieur company.

In 1868 2nd generation son Claude Bastide Louis Prieur and his sister Louise Prieur formed a doll accessory company called L. Prieur et Fils, their doll shoes are marked CM or CP. Claude B. Prieur passed away in 1892 and the business was sold to Mr. Ayraud, who passed in 1897, the business was sold back to the Prier’s in 1898.

In 1900 3rd generation grandson Leon Prieur appears in company advertising. By 1912 Leon Prieur first began using the doll trade name Mon Trésor and the initials LP, in 1915 the trade name was registered.  Leon Prieur lost his life on March 24, 1916 on board the ship Sussex, we assume his widow continued the business. Around 1928 the House of Israël and Prieur joined under the leadership of Mr. L. Salomon.

House of Prieur Doll Marks Identified

before 1892 Claude Prieur doll shoe mark CM
before 1892 Claude Prieur doll shoe mark CP
1915 Leon Prieur doll mark Mon Cheri LP Paris
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