Jumeau Bébés Dolls 1841-1899+ French

1869 Jumeau Poupee Fashion doll
1870s antique Jumeau Poupée de Mode Fashion doll wood jointed body

Pierre-François Jumeau (1811-1895) originally partnered with a man named Louis-Désiré Belton (1805-1846) to form Belton & Jumeau in 1841, by 1845 the partners dissolved the business and went their separate ways.

In 1872 Jumeau finished building it’s own porcelain factory in Montreuil.  Second son, Emile-Louis Jumeau (1843-1910) and his wife Ernestine Ducruix began taking over the business in 1874, the transfer was completed when his father retired in 1878.

In 1899 Jumeau became a member of SFBJ – Société Française de Fabrication de Bébé & Jouets until its demise in 1958. Many of Jumeau’s dolls are considered works of art. Click photos to enlarge.

Some antique Jumeau Dolls Types:  Almond eyed bébé Jumeau, 1893-1898 bébé Jumeau Phonographe or bébé Jumeau Lioregraph; inventor Henri Lioret, marked phonographic parts HL, B.L. Bébé, Bébé Chartres, Bébé Vrai Modele, E.D. Bébé (produced while Emile-Michel Douillet was director 1892-1899), E.J. Bébé, E.J.A. Bébé, great Ladies Series, Jumeau Character bébé, Jumeau Déposé Bébé, Long Faced Triste Bébé, (sad facial expression), Multi Faced Bébé Jumeau, Parisiennes (kid bodies with bisque heads), Portrait Bébé, Poupée Bois, Poupée de Mode (Lady Doll of Fashion), Premiere Bébé, Princess Elizabeth Jumeau, Second Series Bébé Duet, R.R. Bébé and Tete Jumeau Bébé, 1906 Bébé Madeleine for Aux Trois Quartiers.   

1869 Jumeau Poupee de Mode fashion doll wood jointed body
1870s antique Jumeau Poupee de mode fashion lady doll wood jointed body
1870 Jumeau Poupee de mode fashion doll 14"
1870s antique Jumeau Poupee de mode fashion lady doll 14″
1870 Jumeau Poupee de mode fashion doll 14" kid body
1870s antique Jumeau Poupee de mode fashion lady doll 14″ kid body
1879 Jumeau almond eyed bebe doll 18" face
1880s antique Jumeau almond eyed bébé doll 18″ face
1885 Jumeau triste bebe doll Carrier-Belleuse face 29"
1885 antique Jumeau Carrier-Belleuse triste bébé doll face 29
1885 Jumeau tete Oriental Asian bebe doll 20" face
1885 antique Jumeau Oriental Asian tete bébé doll 20″ face
1890s Jumeau EJ bebe bisque face 19"
1890s antique Jumeau EJ bisque bébé doll face 19″
1890 Jumeau bisque black tete bebe doll face 21 1/2"
1890 antique Jumeau bisque black tete bébé doll face 21 1/2″
1890s Jumeau Portrait bebe doll face 14"
1890s antique Jumeau Portrait bébé doll face 14″
1890s Jumeau portrait doll composition jointed body
1890s antique Jumeau portrait bébé doll composition jointed body
1892 Jumeau bebe Vrai bisque doll head with lever
1892 antique Jumeau bebe Vrai bisque bébé doll head with lever
1899 Jumeau bisque head black child with closed open mouth doll
1899 antique Jumeau bisque head black bébé doll mold 218 with closed open mouth
Jumeau doll shoe mark Med Or 1878 Paris

Bisque doll heads marked 10731 Mirette by Gebrüder Heubach have been found on marked Jumeau bodies.

Bébé Bon Marche, Bébé Trois Quartiers, Louvre Bébé, Bébé Samaritaine are all dolls attributed to Jumeau, many of which are marked only with a size number and sold in French department stores.

Jumeau doll shoe mark bee symbol
Jumeau doll shoe mark bee symbol

Jumeau bebe doll marks & mold numbers with images. Jumeau supplied some marked bisque heads to Roullet et Decamps walking and mechanical dolls, Leopold Lambert’s automatons with bisque bebe socket heads and unique facial expressions.  Jumeau also purchased bisque heads from German doll makers Gebrüder Heubach, Gebrüder Kuhnlenz and Simon & Halbig, as marked heads have been found on Jumeau stamped bodies.

1907 Jumeau bisque bebe doll face 21"
1907 antique Jumeau SFBJ bisque bébé doll face 21″
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