Roullet et Decamps Dolls 1865-1995 French

Roullet & Decamps Toto and Tata mechanical dolls 14"
Roullet & Decamps Toto and Tata mechanical dolls 14″

Jean Roullet founded his company to manufacture automata and mechanical toys in 1865, Jean marked his mechanical toys wind up key JR. In 1879 Jean’s only daughter Henriette Roullet married Ernst Decamps, a worker in Jean’s company. In 1889 a partnership was formed of Jean, Henriette and Ernst which became the Roullet and Decamps company. By 1906 Ernst Decamps was head of the firm and in 1907 Jean Roullet passed away.  After Ernst also passed away, his widow Henriette and son Gaston Decamps became the company successors. The Roullet and Decamps company with it’s very long history, ceased operations in 1995. 

Roullet and Decamps are best known for their fantastic automata, mechanical walking and moving dolls, animals and toys, who have delighted both adults and children from the time they were made and still to this day.  Roullet et Decamps won many bronze, silver and Grand awards between 1867 and 1910. 

Roullet et Decamps used bisque heads made by Jumeau, Simon & Halbig and possibly other porcelain doll makers French or German. Roullet & Decamps doll names are 1892 L’Intrepide Bébé and 1893 Bébé Systême and Roullet and Decamps dolls and items are marked on the wind up key RD.

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