Lenci Cloth Dolls 1919+ Italy

1936 Lenci sweeper doll 9 1/2" face
1936 Lenci surprised look sweeper doll 9 1/2″ face

Elena Scavini (Madame Lenci) and her brother Bubine König first created a dimensional pressed felt face doll in 1919 in Turin, Italy. Early marked Lenci dolls have a tiny silver metal button attached to the clothing. A little later the button was enlarged and has the name Lenci on it, over the years Lenci also used cardboard tags that can include a model name or number and/or cotton ribbons, always with the Lenci name on them and the bottom of the dolls foot is some times stamped in black or purple ink Lenci. Lenci dolls range in size from a tiny 5″ to 48″ tall.

The Lenci motto is Ludus Est Nobis Constanter Industria, To Play Is Our Constant Work. Lenci doll series and types include; 300 series children with hollow torsos, 1500 pouty series, 165 ladies or gentlemen and 700 girls.

Lenci made; Adult, Teenage and Children dolls, Bambino bent limb babies, Mascotte dolls 9″, Miniature dolls with surprised faces 9 1/2″, Hard Faced; mask or flocked hard plastic. Lenci special character dolls; Amor black cupid, Amelia Earhardt a Googly glass eyed doll, Tom Mix, Mozart, Mendel and Bach, Oriental dolls, Rudolph Valentino and others, as well as many accessories made of felt.

Other Lenci Type dolls were made by; Alma, Farnell’s Alpha Toys, Alexander, American Stuffed Novelty, Amberg’s Amfelt, daughter Anili, Averill, Chad Valley, Celia, Davis, Dean’s Rag Book, Eros, Fiori, Giotti, La Rosa, Magis, Messina-Vat, Pori, Raynal, Sacati of Torino, Italy and Norah Wellings of England.

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