Dean's Rag Book Dolls

Dean’s Rag Book Dolls 1903+ English

1920s deans-rag-book-cloth-girl-doll-face
1920s Deans Rag Book cloth girl doll face

Dean’s Rag Book Company Ltd. was founded in 1903 in London, England, are best known for making lots of cloth dolls,  however they also made composition dolls, mask face dolls, lithographed cloth books and toys.

Some Dean Rag Dolls Identified

1903 Knockabout cutout cloth dolls; life size baby doll, Pearly has pearl buttons on clothes.

1910-1911 cutout cloth dolls; Le Petit Sambo, Mademoiselle Nini

1912 cloth cutout dolls; Peggie & Teddie – reprinted in 1980.

1914 Moppietopp; Miss Moppie Topp, Moppietopp, jointed cloth dolls, each with a woolly mop of curly hair and removable clothing.

1929 Luvely doll, composition head, molded hair or wigged, sleep eyes, open mouth, five piece jointed composition bent limb baby body.

Dean’s Rag Book Doll Marks Identified

Dean’s Rag Book composition head doll marks DRB Co, D.R.B. Co. Lo., DRBC

Dean’s Rag Book cloth dolls came with a hang tag that read; A1 Toys, symbol of two dogs with a book, Dean’s Rag Book Co. United Elephant and Castle S.E.1, London, England.

Dean’s Rag Book doll label Made in England by Dean’s Rag Book Co. LTD London.

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