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A Valentine Ballerina doll

on her revolving toe stand

The Valentine Doll, Inc. company a USA manufacturer of hard plastic and vinyl dolls is best known for it's ballerina dressed dolls of the 1950s which John Landers was responsible for. 


Later he founded the Debbie Toy Company along with partner Shelly Greenburg, which made vinyl dolls named Debbie and a line of baby items.


Most of Valentine's dolls were sold thru mail-order catalogs or other jobber sources and they appear to have supplied Sears with dolls sold under their Happi Time line, as some dolls have been found with their Valentine marked doll, in a Happi Time Sears box.  See the many Valentine dolls identified below.


Valentine Vintage Dolls Identified by Height


Valentine Ballerina doll, 10 1/2" tall, Sears Exclusive shipped in a Happi Time marked box, hard plastic body with vinyl head and rooted hair, arms have a slight bend to simulate a dancers pose when raised, various styles and colors, sleep eyes, jointed at neck, shoulders, waist, hips and knees, high heel feet, usually dressed in a ballerina costume; tutu and rubber capezio like ballet slippers with ribbon ties, but also other outfits with high heel shoes were available, some came with a toe stand with knob so she "danced", others came without the toe stand, doll mark 11VW.


A similar doll was used as Valentine's Janzen Girl which included a 26 piece wardrobe, one of which is a ballerina outfit.


Another 10 1/2" Ballerina doll has been seen without the jointed knees, en point feet with molded on painted pink slippers, same head mold, unsure who she was, is marked same as Little Manikin doll marked 11 UVW


ballerina11vw_valentine105red1.jpg (11327 bytes)

Ballerina doll 10 1/2"

Valentine Valentina doll, 10 1/2" tall, (similar to the doll that Sear's used in their Happi Time line), hard plastic body, vinyl head with rooted hair, sleep eyes, jointed at neck, shoulders, waist, hips and knees with high heel feet, dressed in ballerina costume; tutu with rubber capezio like ballet slippers, plastic stand that you could place the doll's toe into and then turn a knob and she "danced", doll marked 11VW.

valentina10valentine1.jpg (13019 bytes)

Valentina doll 10 1/2"


1958 Valentine Little Mannikin doll or Little Manikin doll, 10 1/2" tall, hard plastic body with vinyl head and rooted hair, various styles and colors, sleep eyes, jointed at neck, shoulders, elbows, wrists, waist, hips and knees with high heel en point feet,  this doll is similar to the bigger Uneeda 19-20" Dollikin, but without the extra upper arm or ankle joints, doll marked 11VW.


Little Manikin doll

10 1/2"


Valentine Ballerina doll, 13 - 20" tall, hard plastic body with vinyl head and rooted hair, usually with vinyl arms too, various styles and colors of hair, sleep eyes, jointed at neck, shoulders, hips, flat feet and some with jointed ankles that could wear ballet slippers or high heel shoes, usually dressed in a ballerina tutu with ballet slippers, marked on back Made in U.S.A Pat. Pend.  Similar face as Valentina.


valentine15madeusa.jpg (21290 bytes)

Ballerina doll, 15" 


Valentine Perfect Patient doll, 13" tall, vinyl head with rooted hair, hard vinyl jointed body, sleep eyes, drink wet baby, open mouth, doll is possibly unmarked

Photo courtesy of Clinton


Here are some other doll makers that used this Effanbee Fluffy type doll mold without the Effanbee marking with or without freckles: Allied-Grand named their doll Bonnie, Kellogg's doll was named Linda Lou used as a mail in premium Advertising doll who is unmarked, Mollyes called her Perky also unmarked, Earle Pullan sold this doll marked Pullan and possibly other manufacturers may have dressed and sold this doll.


valentine_perfect_patient_clinton.jpg (72942 bytes)

Perfect Patient

doll, 13"

1950s Valentine LuAnn Simms doll, 14" tall, hard plastic doll, wigged, sleep eyes, closed mouth.  Other versions of LuAnn Simms were made by Roberta and Horsman.

valentine_luann14simms_usa.jpg (13432 bytes)

1950s LuAnn Simms

doll 14" 


1957 Valentine Walking Ballerina Holiday doll, 18" tall, ballerina doll with wardrobe trunk (shown on right), sold thru Sears, consisted of the doll with vinyl head & arms, hard plastic jointed body with jointed knees and flex ankles, high heel feet, rooted hair usually in a ponytail or bun style, several different hair colors may have been available - but brunette is all we have found with paper flowers in hair, came in a trunk with a blue, white and silver tulle & nylon fabric tutu, two dresses; a day dress in citrus green with an imprinted design in the fabric with black velvet ribbon trim, melon sleeveless evening gown in taffeta with white trim, matching panties, (backs close with white metal donut snaps) high heel shoes, pink ballet slippers, flat black shoes, pink nylon thigh hi's and white socks, doll marked 16VW


1957 Sears Valentine Holiday ballerina doll & trunk, 18"

1957 Holiday doll, 18"


1957 Valentine Walking Ballerina Holiday doll, 18" tall, same doll as above with a different wardrobe, shown at the top of the ad, without the trunk or citrus green dress, doll marked 16VW


Shown on lower right of ad is a Family of four dolls; 1957 Valentine Mother & Three children dolls (brother, sister and a baby doll), dressed in their Sunday best matching red outfits, which we think came in blue as well. The Mother doll is marked 2S like the dollikin's.   She has a jointed body including her twist waist, knees and ankles with high heel feet, sleep eyes and has short curly rooted hair.


valentine_1957holiday_sears2.jpg (27850 bytes)

1957 Ballerina doll 18"

1957 Mother & family dolls

Valentine Aida Toe Dancing Ballerina Doll, 18" tall, jointed neck, shoulders, and hips with pointed "en point feet", came dressed in a tutu, capezio ballet slippers and flowers pinned in her hair.

aida18valentine.jpg (9885 bytes)

Aida Ballerina doll 18"


Valentine Good Fairy Ballerina doll, 19" tall, vinyl head and arms (have found this head on various dolls so they must have continued to re-use the head mold or simply redressed the entire doll and gave her another name, unsure as their is no documentation), rooted hair in an up-do, hard plastic walker body, jointed at neck, shoulders, elbows, and hips, en point feet (non-jointed ankles and on pointed toes), wore a fairy tutu costume, fairy wings, crown, probably came with a wand too and capezio ballet slippers.  


The doll shown is in white with silver accents but this may have come in other color outfits too.


va_good_fairyvw17a.jpg (18276 bytes)

Good Fairy doll 19" 

Sears 1957 Valentine Walking Bride doll, 20" tall, all vinyl doll, head with rooted hair, jointed body with walking legs and high heel feet, sleep eyes, real eyelashes, closed mouth.  Dressed in her white taffeta and lace bride gown, slip, panties, veil, bouquet, hose and white high heel shoes.  This bride doll would have come in a Sears Happi Time marked box.

Sears 1957 Valentine Bride doll ad page 186

Sears 1957 Valentine Walking Bride doll ad page 186


Valentine Concertina doll & Doreena doll, both 20" tall, vinyl head with rooted hair, sleep eyes, closed mouth, hard plastic body jointed at neck shoulders, waist, hips, knees and ankles, Concertina has a music box inside the body, dressed in a ballerina tutu with pantyhose & rubber ballet slippers.  Concertina also came on a music box that played Swan Lake's "Dance, Ballerina, Dance" song, both dolls are marked 20HH.


Doreena, besides her ballerina tutu was sold with a wardrobe of clothing.


valentine_doreena18.jpg (19192 bytes)

Doreena doll, 20"

ca. 1961-1962 Valentine Dondi doll, 16" tall, comic strip character by Gus Edson and Irwin Hasen that ran from 1955 to1986.

Dondi was a WWII orphan who was adopted by a USA soldier and brought up in Midville, USA. 

Doll is all vinyl with a one piece body (also with a stuffed cloth body), black molded hair, very distinctive thick black comma eyebrows and a big wide open mouth with teeth, wore a red and white cotton plaid shirt with bibed blue jean pants, doll mark V or unmarked.

1961-1962 Valentine Dondi doll, 16", cartoon character
1961 Dondi doll 16"


Valentine Valentina doll, 20 & 25" tall, hard plastic jointed body with soft vinyl head, jointed at neck, shoulders, waist, hips, knees and ankles, rooted hair, sleep eyes, open/closed mouth, had pierced ears with pearl earrings. dressed on a ballerina tutu with pantyhose & capezio marked ballet slippers, doll mark 16VW (20" size) 


valentineb16vwballerina18t1.jpg (11529 bytes)

Valentina doll 20"

Valentine Melanie doll, 20" tall, electronic walker (works with a battery), jointed at neck, shoulders, hips, knees and ankles and came with a wardrobe.  May have also been available thru Sears in their Happi Time doll line, doll mark 20HH.

valentine_melanie_walker.jpg (39528 bytes)

Melanie doll 20"


Valentine Queen for a Day doll, 20" tall, hard plastic body with a vinyl head with rooted hair, blue sleep eyes, dressed in a beautiful white ball gown with red velvet full length cape with faux fur trim and jeweled tiara, jointed at neck, shoulders, hips and high heel feet doll mark 20HH.  This same doll was also used in the Holiday series, in the late 1950s, she came with a wardrobe of clothing and a trunk, also sold through Sears & mail order.

queen_day19valentine1950s.jpg (13104 bytes)

Queen for a Day doll 20"

Additional Valentine Dolls not shown

Valentine Manikin doll or Mannikin doll, 20" tall, Uneeda Dollikin competitor, jointed at neck, shoulders, elbows, wrists, waist, hips, knees and ankles, doll is unmarked.  Uneeda Dollikin & Belle Doll & Toys Twixie competitor, she even has clothing similar to what was available for the Dollikin i.e. the Lotus Blossom outfit.


Valentine Sis-Teen doll or Ballerina doll, 24-25" tall, jointed at neck, shoulders, hips, knees and ankles, pierced ears with rhinestone earrings.


ca. 1950s Valentine Winken, Blinken and Nod dolls, set of three, 10" tall, vinyl head with molded painted hair, painted eyes, open or closed mouths, one piece magic skin or latex body jointed only at the neck, dolls are unmarked.  Each doll has a different facial expression to match dolls name, wore a one piece full length flannel nightgown with dolls name on it, also included in the box was a card with the poem.


1952 Valentine, Mona Lisa Exclusive line, Roxanne Beat The Clock walking doll, 16 or 18" tall, all hard plastic, sleep eyes, open mouth, blonde wig, plastic jointed body doll, Roxanne dolls are marked 16" - 160 and 18" - 180 Roxanne, real name Dolores Evelyn Rosedale (20 March 1929 - 2 May 2024) was a model, actress and hostess on the TV game show "Beat the Clock".   Doll was advertised on television.


1960s Valentine Debbie Ann mannequin or manikin doll, 30" tall, Playpal type, vinyl head with molded blonde painted hair, blue sleep eyes with real upper eyelashes, painted lower lashes, closed mouth with slightly upturned lip corners, vinyl arms, jointed at the neck, shoulders and hips, hard plastic body and straight legs, doll marked D.  This doll was sometimes used as a Mannequin modeling children's clothing in department stores.


1960s Valentine Holly and Sandy playpal type dolls 36", rooted short hair, sleep eyes, closed mouth, jointed hard plastic bodies, probably unmarked.


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