English, British Made Bisque Black or White Doll ca. 1918+

English, british-made-1920s-black-bisque baby-doll-face
ca. 1918 English, British made bisque head black baby doll

Prior to the first world war year of 1914 beautiful German and French bisque dolls reigned supreme and popular, pretty much throughout the world, including in Britain. 

During the war (1914 to 1918) these European dolls were no longer available for import, yet toy shops and the public still desired this type of doll. 

The British government stepped in to encourage the English pottery companies to fill this need as they were already skilled at producing fine tableware and other porcelain items.

The black and white dolls shown here are believed to have been produced during this time period and show remarkable skill in mastering a bisque head doll in a relatively short time period. Photo courtesy of Emma Hanby

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Antique-English-British made 1918 bisque white baby doll face
ca. 1918 English, British made antique bisque white baby doll

ca. 1918 English, British made 17″ tall, black or white solid dome bisque socket head, with lightly molded painted hair, brown glass sleep eyes, lightly painted upper and lower eyelashes, two red painted dots for nostrils, red painted open mouth with two lower teeth, five piece composition black jointed body with straight legs.  Doll mark British Made incursive.

If you think this is an Armand Marseille doll mold 341 look a like Dream Baby doll, we agree, maybe it was their inspiration. 

Unfortunately, the marking does not tell us which English / British maker produced the dolls, so they are a bit of a mystery. 

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