M-Z English Doll Makers and Marks

British or English antique to vintage doll & makers company name begins M to Z, dates of operation, identifying doll marks, labels, symbols, letters or initials and trade marks when known.  Next BA-L British / English Doll Makers

M & S Plastics LTD. Baby One dolls 1960s+ London
Marlborough Mfg. Company doll mark MMC 1918
Charles Marsh wax doll mark label 1865-1914
31 & 32 Corinthian Bazaar Argyll St. London W
Martin & Runyon Doll Company 1862-1865
– distributor Autoperipatetikos walking dolls
Mayer & Sherratt ceramic doll heads 1907-1930s Staffordshire
– doll mark Melba, Classic Doll, M & S
Ethel Elizabeth M. McCubbin doll mark lion’s claw 1914
Herbert J. Meech wax dolls 1865-1917
– doll mark H.J. Meech Doll Maker, Dolls Cleaned & Repaired, 6, 8, 50, Kennington Road, London S.E.
Merrythought, Ltd. dolls 1930s+ Telford, Shropshire & London
Mettoy (Metal Toy) Company Ltd. 1932-1984
– subsidiary Playcraft Toys, Ltd. 1953-1966
Mettoy Playcraft 1966-1984, in 1971 acquired Rosedale
J. P. Miller & Company dolls 1916-1919 Liverpool
– trademark compolene, compolite non-break 
Milliner’s Model, mannikin wood dolls 1840-1860s
Madame Augusta Montanari Manufacturer wax dolls 1851-1884
251 Regent St. & 180 Soho Bazaar, 13 Charley St., Soho Sqr. London
Horace W. & Charles Morrell wax dolls 1870-1930
– Charles Morrell 164 Oxford Street London
– Charles Morrell 368 Oxford Street London W
– Charles Morrell 50 Burlington Arcade London
N2. REGD doll mark, possibly Nottingham Toy Ind.
Polly Nassim historical cloth costume dolls 1970s-present
Nene Plastics, Rosebud Dolls 1947-1968 then Rosebud Mattel
– owner Eric T. Smith, composition, plastic black or white dolls
Peggy Nesbit doll mark label Happy Days 1950s+ Sctland
New Zealand / Australia doll makers
Nottingham Toy Industry – British Toys
Nunn & Smeed British ceramic head dolls 1915-1927
– doll mark Nunsuch N & S Liverpool No 7.
– Nunn & Smeed doll mark Dolly Dimple No. 4 Liverpool
Old Cottage Toys & Dolls black diamond label 1940s+
Overseas Industrial Agency doll mark PEP 1917 London
Palitoy Cascelloid 1919-1968
Palitoy Diddums doll mark Made in England © Des. 819486/7
Papier Mache dolls 1760+
Paramount B. 14301 doll mark 1940s+
John Edward Payne rubber dolls 1849+
W. Payne & Son celluloid dolls 1772-1927
Peacock wax doll 1862-1889
– doll mark 525 New Oxford St. London, WC
Lucy Peck wax dolls mark label 1893-1922
– From Mrs. Peck The Doll’s House 131 Regent Street W
Peddler dolls 1700s+
Pedigree Company doll label 1942-1970s, Sindy doll
– also known as Tri-ang Line Brothers
Charles Perls celluloid dolls 1916-1922
Charles Pierotti wax doll mark CP
Dominic Pierotti wax doll mark Pierotti 1770-1942
Plastex Doll Co. of England ca. 1938+
Pomona doll mark Made in England wood dollhouse dolls 1920s+
Pomona Doll Co. by artists Mary V. Wheelhouse & Louise Jacobs
Frank Popper doll mark FP 1940s+
S. Porter Doll’s Hospital, 132 & 134 Finchley Road, London
– founded by Samuel Porter in the late 1800s to early 1900s
Potteries Toy Company doll mark Wardol 1915-1918
 – acquired the British Toy Co., used Goss doll heads
Chloë Preston Peek-A-Boos dolls 1911-1939+
– author, illustrator, doll designer for Dean & Farnell
Prickwillow Pottery Company 1975-1995
– owners Derek & Margot Andrews
Mary Quant Daisy doll 1973-1983
Queen Anne wooden dolls 1700-1750
E. Randall, Grödner Tal wood dolls 1904-1958
Leon L. Rees & Company 1920-1967+
– prior name Ellison, Rees & Company 1915-1920
Remeco Collection porcelain doll mark RC 2001-? London
Job Ridgeway, Cauldron Potteries 1800-1930+
– doll mark J. Ridgeway, JR
Roberts Brothers doll maker 1888
– became part of Chad Valley Company
Lynne & Michael Roche doll mark tag 1980+
Rock China Doll Company 1915-1919
Roddy Doll Company doll mark Rodnoid, Roddy 1938-1950s
– founded by D.G. Todd

R continued
Rogark Company character dolls 1960s Wales & England
Roncorone beeswax dolls 1800s
W. A. Rose & Company doll mark WAR inside diamond 1921
Rosebud Dolls LTD, see Nene Plastics
Rosedale Plastics Company 1948-1978 Wales
– became Tudor Rose Doll Company early 1950s England
– then Rosedale Rose Doll Company until 1978
H. Ross label 570 Gallery Soho Bazaar English & Foreign 1800s
The Royal House of Dolls vinyl or porcelain 1970+ England
Saint. Michael Satin Collection porcelain dolls ca. 1980s+
porcelain collector dolls, Walda doll plus others
Thomas Charles Salisbury doll mark Leda 1917
Thomas Salter rubber dolls 1915-1930
Samsact LTD. 1963+, see Seltaeb NEMS Enterprises in USA
– Beatles rubber dolls, plus other memorabilia
Santy Inventor wax dolls 1850-1860
– doll mark 340 Long Room, Soho Bazaar, London
Sarold Manufacturing Company Ltd. dolls 1950+ London, Liverpool
 – doll mark Sarold Made in England
Sasha dolls by Morgenthaler 1965-2001 Stockport
– also made by Gotz Puppenfabrik in Germany
Heinrich Schelhorn & Co. Ltd. doll & toys trademark Telitoy 1945-1985 Leicester, England, Heinrich was born in Sonneberg, Germany
Heinrich Schelhorn doll mark HS 220
Shanklin Toy Industry cloth dolls 1915-1920
Silber and Fleming wooden doll houses 1856-1882 London
Singing Doll Co., sings, walks, talks doll 1960s+ Harrow, London
Edward Smith wax dolls 1880s
– doll mark The City Toy Shop 8 Cheap Side London, EC
Samson Smith China dolls 1846-1900s
– doll mark SS intertwined, after 1900s marked SS Ltd
Speights Doll Factory or Classic Works 1900-1924
– doll mark 6 Classic England, Classic Cecily, Kidette
E. C. Spurin Toy Warehouse dolls 1851-1867
New Bond Street, London
Stallard & Company doll mark Kismi 1905
Star Manufacturing Co. doll mark six pointed star 1887-1929
Steevan’s Manufacturing Company 1917
– made spring activated walking dolls
Harry H.G. Stone & Company doll tag Chiltern Toys 1920-1967
– subsidiary L. Rees & Company, sold to Chad Valley.
Tah Toys Ltd. doll mark Kiddlums 1917-1918 London
Jessie Toler Kingsley Tarpey doll mark Sea Baby 1915
J. Tattersall Ltd. mechanical dolls 1919-1925+ Lancashire
Thomas Industries LTD. trade name Adora Toys Ltd. 1945+
John Tinkler wax doll mark E. Tinkler 1880s
Edith & Rebecca (sisters) Todhunter dolls 1926+
Rayburn Townsend & Co. cloth doll mark Rompa 1924-1925
Toy Importers Co Ltd. doll mark TIMPO TOYS 1938-1979
Tri-ang, Line Brothers LTD doll mark L Bros London label 1876+
– also known as Pedigree Company 1942-1971
Raphael Tuck & Sons paper dolls, postcards + mark RTS 1866 +
Tudor Rose Doll Company, early 1950s
– then became Rosedale Rose Doll Company until 1978
Charles Edward Turnbull Dolls & Toys mark CETANDCO 1872-1963
– also known as C.E. Turnbull, Turnbull’s, The Toy People
ʊ symbol 40 England HP 10′ doll mark, unknown
Vale of Clwyd Toymakers dolls 1917 Wales, England
Victoria Toy Works, Norah Wellings cloth dolls 1926-1960
Vulcanite Company rubber dolls 1870s
Wales doll makers
Wax dolls
Florence Webb doll mark Patent No 104075 in 1916
Norah Wellings Victoria Toy Works cloth dolls 1926-1960
Welsh Toy Makers dolls 1919 Wales, England
John Wheeler doll mark crown symbol 1864-1879
Whyte, Ridsdale & Co doll mark C & H 1867-1927
– White, Wilton, Portsmouth
William & Mary wooden dolls 1680-1720
Williams & Steer Mfg Company 1940s-1950s
– doll mark W & ST, Made In England
Winfield Little Beauty dressed doll 1960s+
Wood dolls, Wooden dolls 1300+

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Pollock’s Dictionary of English Dolls book in 1982 by Mary Hillier, The Collectors Guide to British Dolls since 1920 in 1983 by Colette Mansell, British Dolls of the 1950s, British Dolls of the 1960s books in 2009 by Susan Brewer, British Hard Plastic Dolls of the 1940s and 1950s book in 1996, British Teenage Dolls 1956-1984 book in 2006 by Frances Baird and continued research across the Internet since 1999 which we now share with you.