English Doll Makers and Marks M to Z

List of British / English antique to vintage doll & makers company name begins M to Z, dates of operation, identifying doll marks, labels, symbols, letters or initials and trade marks when known.  Next British / English Doll Makers A to L

M & S Plastics LTD. Baby One dolls 1960s+ London
Marlborough Mfg. Co. doll mark M.M.C. 1918
Charles Marsh wax doll mark label 1865-1914
– 31 & 32 Corinthian Bazaar Argyll St. London W
Martin & Runyon Doll Company 1862-1865
– distributor Autoperipatetikos – walking dolls
Mayer & Sherratt ceramic doll heads 1907-1930s Staffordshire
– doll mark Melba, Classic Doll, M & S
Ethel Elizabeth M. McCubbin doll mark lion’s claw 1914
Herbert J. Meech wax dolls 1865-1917
– doll mark H.J. Meech Doll Maker, Dolls Cleaned & Repaired, 6, 8, 50
– Kennington Road, London S.E.
Merrythought, Ltd. dolls 1930s+ Telford, Shropshire & London
Mettoy (Metal Toy) Company Ltd. 1932-1984
– subsidiary Playcraft Toys, Ltd. 1953-1966
Mettoy Playcraft 1966-1984, in 1971 acquired Rosedale
J. P. Miller & Company dolls 1916-1919 Liverpool
– trademark compolene, compolite non-break 
Milliner’s Model, mannikin dolls 1840-1860s
Madame Augusta Montanari Manufacturer wax dolls 1851-1884
– 251 Regent St. & 180 Soho Bazaar, 13 Charley St., Soho Sqr. London
Horace W. & Charles Morrell wax dolls 1870-1930
– Charles Morrell 164 Oxford Street London
– Charles Morrell 368 Oxford Street London W.
– Charles Morrell, 50 Burlington Arcade London
N2. REGD doll mark, possibly Nottingham Toy Ind.
Polly Nassim historical cloth costume dolls 1970s-present
Peggy Nesbit doll mark label Happy Days 1950s+ Sctland
New Zealand / Australia doll makers
Nunn & Smeed British ceramic head dolls 1915-1927
– doll mark Nunsuch N & S Liverpool No 7.
– Nunn & Smeed doll mark Dolly Dimple No. 4 Liverpool
Old Cottage Toys & Dolls black diamond label 1940s+
Overseas Industrial Agency doll mark PEP 1917 London
Palitoy Cascelloid 1919-1968
Palitoy Diddums doll mark Made in England © Des. 819486/7
Papier Mache dolls 1760+
Paramount B. 14301 doll mark 1940s+
John Edward Payne rubber dolls 1849+
W. Payne & Son celluloid dolls 1772-1927
Peacock dolls wax dolls 1862-1889
– doll mark 525 New Oxford St. London, W.C
Lucy Peck wax doll mark label 1893-1922
– From Mrs. Peck The Doll’s House 131 Regent Street W
Peddler dolls 1700s+
Pedigree Company doll label 1942-1970s, Sindy doll
– also known as Tri-ang Line Brothers
Charles Perls celluloid dolls 1916-1922
Charles Pierotti doll mark CP
Dominic Pierotti wax doll mark Pierotti 1770-1942
Plastex Doll Co. of England ca. 1938+
Pomona doll mark Made in England wood dollhouse dolls 1920s-30s
Pomona Doll Co. by artists Mary V. Wheelhouse & Louise Jacobs
Frank Popper doll mark FP 1940s+
S. Porter Doll’s Hospital, 132 & 134 Finchley Road, London
– founded by Samuel Porter in the late 1800s to early 1900s
Potteries Toy Co. doll mark Wardol 1915-1918
 – acquired the British Toy Co., used Goss marked doll heads
Chloë Preston Peek-A-Boos dolls 1911-1939+
– author, illustrator, doll designer for Dean & Farnell
Prickwillow Pottery Company 1975-1995
– owners Derek & Margot Andrews
Mary Quant Daisy doll 1973-1983
Queen Anne wooden dolls 1700-1750
E. Randall, Grödner Tal wood dolls 1904-1958
Leon L. Rees & Company 1920-1967+
– prior name Ellison, Rees & Company 1915-1920
Remeco Collection porcelain doll mark RC 2001-? London
Job Ridgeway, Cauldron Potteries 1800-1930+
– doll mark J. Ridgeway, J.R.
Roberts Brothers doll maker 1888
– became part of Chad Valley Company
Lynne & Michael Roche doll mark tag 1980+
Rock China Doll Company 1915-1919
Roddy Doll Company doll mark Rodnoid, Roddy 1938-1950s
– founded by D.G. Todd

R continued
Rogark Company character dolls 1960s Wales & England
Roncorone beeswax dolls 1800s
W. A. Rose & Company doll mark W.A.R. inside diamond 1921
Rosebud Company doll mark 1947-1968, now Mattel
– in 1934 Eric T. Smith took over business from his father
Rosedale Plastics Company 1948-1978 Wales
– became Tudor Rose Doll Company early 1950s England
– then Rosedale Rose Doll Company until 1978
H. Ross label 570 Gallery Soho azaar English & Foreign 1800s
Saint. Michael Satin Collection porcelain dolls ca. 1980s+
– porcelain collector dolls Walda & others
Thomas Charles Salisbury doll mark Leda 1917
Thomas Salter rubber dolls 1915-1930
Samsact LTD. 1963+, see Seltaeb NEMS Enterprises in USA
– Beatles rubber dolls, plus other memorabilia
Santy Inventor wax dolls 1850-1860
– doll mark 340 Long Room, Soho Bazaar, London
Sarold Manufacturing Company Ltd. dolls 1950+ London, Liverpool
 – doll mark Sarold Made in England
Sasha dolls by Morgenthaler 1965-2001 Stockport
– also made by Gotz Puppenfabrik Germany
Heinrich Schelhorn & Co. Ltd. doll & toys trademark Telitoy 1945-1985
– Leicester, England, Heinrich was born in Sonneberg, Germany
Heinrich Schelhorn doll mark HS 220
Scotland doll makers
Shanklin Toy Industry cloth dolls 1915-1920
Nottingham Toy Industry – British Toys
Singing Doll Co., sings, walks, talks doll 1960s+ Harrow, London
Edward Smith wax dolls 1880s
– doll mark Edward Smith The City Toy Shop 8 Cheap Side London, EC
Samson Smith China dolls 1846-1900s
– doll mark intertwined SS, after 1900s marked SS Ltd
Speights Doll Factory or Classic Works 1900-1924
– doll mark 6 Classic England, Classic Cecily, Kidette
E. C. Spurin Toy Warehouse dolls 1851-1867
– New Bond Street, London
Stallard & Company doll mark Kismi 1905
Star Manufacturing Co. doll mark six pointed star 1887-1929
Steevan’s Manufacturing Company 1917
– made spring activated walking dolls
Harry H.G. Stone & Company doll tag Chiltern Toys 1920-1967
– subsidiary L. Rees & Company, sold to Chad Valley 1967
Tah Toys Ltd. doll mark Kiddlums 1917-1918 London
Jessie Toler Kingsley Tarpey doll mark Sea Baby 1915
J. Tattersall Ltd. mechanical toys & dolls 1919-1925+ Lancashire
Thomas Industries LTD. trade name Adora Toys Ltd. 1945+
Rayburn Townsend & Co. cloth doll mark Rompa 1924-1925 London
John Tinkler wax doll mark E. Tinkler 1880s
Edith & Rebecca (sisters) Todhunter dolls 1926+
Toy Importers Co Ltd. doll mark TIMPO TOYS 1938-1979 London
Tri-ang, Line Brothers LTD doll mark L Bros London label 1876+
– also known as Pedigree Company 1942-1971
Raphael Tuck & Sons paper dolls, postcards + mark RTS 1866 +
Tudor Rose Doll Company, early 1950s England
– then became Rosedale Rose Doll Company until 1978
Charles Edward CE Turnbull Dolls & Toys mark CETANDCO 1872-1963
– also known as C.E. Turnbull, Turnbull’s, The Toy People
ʊ symbol 40 England HP 10′ doll mark, unknown
Vale of Clwyd Toymakers dolls 1917 Wales, England
Victoria Toy Works, Norah Wellings cloth dolls 1926-1960
Vulcanite Company rubber dolls 1870s
Wales doll makers
Florence Webb doll mark Patent No 104075 1916
Norah Wellings, Victoria Toy Works cloth dolls 1926-1960
Welsh Toy Makers dolls 1919 Wales, England
John Wheeler doll mark crown symbol 1864-1879 London
Whyte, Ridsdale & Company dolls 1867-1927
– doll mark C & H, White, Wilton, Portsmouth
William & Mary wood dolls 1680-1720
Williams & Steer Mfg Company 1940s-1950s
– doll mark W & ST, Made In England
Winfield Little Beauty dressed doll 1960s+
Wood dolls, Wooden dolls 1300+

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