L-M French Antique Doll Makers, Marks

Antique French doll makers – les fabricants de poupée antiques Françaises, with company or doll shops names that begin with the letter L to M, with dates of operation, address, owners when known, doll labels or marks with address’s, initials or symbols, doll trade names. 

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Amédée La Fosse 1892-1893, successor of Jules N. Steiner
Marie La Fosse 1893-1899, widow of Amédée
La Nicette cloth felt dolls by Gaston Casimir 1924-1946
Lacourtille Factory doll mark crossed swords 1771-1840
House of Margaine Lacroix doll couturière 1873-1918
 – doll mark label 18 Boulevard Haussmann, Paris
Lady Fashion Dolls ca. 1860s-1930
Lafitte & Désirat dressed wax fashion dolls 1900-1920
Laflex doll mark © by Laflex 1959 made in  France 1955+
Lambert & Bourgeois mechanical doll mark LB 1886-1923
Jacques Emile Lang cloth doll mark EL 1914-1924
Lanternier et Cie 1855-1924 Limoges, France
Creations Larrea of Biarritz cloth wired dolls 1950s-1960s+
Charles Laumaunier doll mark CL 1882
Marie Laure doll mark Marie Laure Paris label 1960s
Jeanne Lavallée-Peronne Doll Shop 1865-1870 Paris
 – A la Poupée de Nuremberg, 21 Rue de Choiseul label
Jeanne Lavin designer of made doll clothes
Mme. Stéfania (Thabée) Lazarski dolls 1914-1939
LC anchor doll mark, see Spain Lehmann & Co
Le Jouets en Bois wooden dolls, toys 1903-1919
Le Minor celluloid dolls 1936-1940s+
Le Montréer Fréres & Cie doll mark LM 1893-1921
Edouard Etienne Leconte & Company 1880-1890
– inventor of mechanical dolls, toys, sold to H. Leconte
H. Leconte & Gourrier new owner above company 1890+
Leconte & Company doll mark LB DÉPOSÉ L3C
Alexandre Lefebvre et Cie 1863-1921 (SFBJ)
– doll mark Bebe AL, BL Paris, B 12 L
Les Bébés de France Cie doll mark BF 1919-1921
A. Leverd et Cie dolls 1852-1867, renamed La Gutta Percha 1867+
Leverrier Pandora Shop doll mark Pandore 1915-1918
Madame H. Levesque doll shoes mark HL 1884-1899
L’Oncle Hansi oll mark La Prialytine Paris 1917-1920s

Johannes Maelzel automata dolls 1808-1827
Magit cloth art doll mark MAPI 1925-1927
Peter Mancel doll mark Peter Mancel 1871-1874
Ed. Marchal 1863-1871, Marchel & Buffard 1871-1881
 – mechanical doll mark Aux Bébé Sages label
Charles Marcoux dolls 1920-1923 Montreuil-sous-Bois
 – doll mark Serie 0 CM intertwined France 3
also called Société Française des Bébé Marcoux
Marotte a doll on a stick – musical doll 1860+
Albert Marque doll mark A. Marque signature 1910-1916
Mme. Marseille Le Petit Parisien bébé doll mark M 1889+
François Emile Marseille bébés incassable 1888+
– doll mark Le Petit Français M on a shield over an anchor
Pierre François Marseille fashion lady dolls 1860-1870s
Benoit Martin fashion lady doll mark 1863+
Elie Martin inventor mechanical dolls, toys 1876+
– best known for the Ondines swimming dolls
Ferdinand Martin mechanical dolls 1880-1909
Mauger & Montera doll mark Manota, Montera 1860s-70s
May Frères, May Fils 1890 to 1897-1899+ (SFBJ  #15)
– May Frères & Cie, May & Bertin doll mark Bébé Mascotte Paris M,
– successor Jules N. Steiner
Metal Head Doll Menu 1861-1930s
A. Métayer doll mark 22 Rue S. Martin Tours in 1860s+
Jules Mettais doll mark Bebe Liège 1899-1903
 – successor of Jules Nicholas Steiner
Mignonette or small pocket size all bisque dolls 1880s+
Maurice Millière French Lady flapper plaster figurines 1920s
Modistes dolls, Milliners model dolls in 1840s-60s
Montastiers & Perier doll mark MR 1882+
Montgolfiere (hot air balloon) symbol mark on doll shoes
 – believed to be Louis Beaudelot’s doll mark
Mothereau bebes doll mark JM, BM 1880-1899
Mundia Doll Company 1949-1963-2004 and NYC
Maison Munnier dolls 1834-1863, Benon & Cie, then Guiton
 – doll mark Passagon Tarffson, No. 15 & 17 Paris

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The Encyclopedia of French Dolls volume I (A-K), volume II (L-Z) by Theimer and Theriault