C-D French Antique Doll Makers and Doll Marks

Antique French doll makers – les fabricants de poupée antiques Françaises, with company or doll shops names that begin with the letter C to D, with dates of operation, address, owners when known, doll labels or marks with address’s, initials or symbols, doll trade names. 

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Calvaire cloth art doll mark Calvaire France 1920s
Jean Caron doll mark JC SOL 1855-1890
Adrien Carvaillo cloth doll mark Venus, La Venus 1915-1939
Celluloid dolls 1869+
Chambre Syndicale des Fabricants de Jouets Français 1886-1928 – group of toy makers, a trade organization
– doll mark Marque Déposé Article Française No.
Chantilly & Cie doll mark weath symbol 1924-1928
Charles G. Charpentier doll shoe mark CC 1799-1900
Maison Chaufour doll mark Poupee Merveilleuse 1871-1875
Edouard Chauvière dolls 1876-1909
– owner doll & toy store Au Nain Bleu
– Chiffonnette doll used to display fashions in
– Le Journal des Demoiselles magazine before 1863+
China head dolls 1840-1940
Chiquet & Le Montréer dolls 1860-1886+
– doll mark FC with a walking Punch puppet
Clauderies waddling doll 1914-1930s Limoges, Unis
Pierre Victor Clément fashion lady doll 1866-1875
– doll mark Poupee Brevetee SGDG
Vve. Pierre Victor Clément fashion lady doll mark label 1870s
Marguerite Clemm & Schambre doll mark Tanagra 1960+
Clodrey doll mark Polyflex Made in France 1952-1974
A. Coiffe doll mark seven point star Limoges 1873+
– Coiffe Jne 1898,  H. Coiffe & L. Couty & Cie 1915
– then L. Couty, Magne & Cie 1920+
Convert & Co celluloid doll mark windmill symbol 1911+
Gustave Cornu doll mark GD 1879-1908+
– found on musical marottes
Cosman Frères doll doll mark CF 1892-1925+
Cloth dolls 1860+
Maison Alice Couterier fashion lady dolls 1865-1894
– label doll mark 3 Rue du Dauphin, Paris
LPA Bennett Couturier cloth dolls 1920s
– doll mark sun & bird 244 R. Rivioli Paris
Leon Couty doll maker, porcelain decorator 1909+
– successor of A. Coiffe
Marie Cruchet fashion lady dolls 1850-1857

Louis Dalloz fashion Lady dolls 1868-1889
– sucessor of Duval-Denis
Damerval & Laffranchy  doll mark Montreuil France DL in 1910-1917
Danel et Cie 1889-1892 (Jumeau 1893, then SFBJ 1899)
Louis Danjard doll mark Poupon DEP Bte 1860-1882
Edmond Daspres doll mark EDB Paris La Patricienne 1902-1913
 – successor of Jules N. Steiner
D’Autremont China doll 6 Rue De Dauphin 6 label 1858
Mme. Jeanne De Kasparek art dolls 1922-1930
Yves De Villers doll mark Poupée Raynal 1924-1926
Madame Deano Silhouettes de Paris wax doll figures ca. 1914-1945
 – Eugenie, Joan D’Arc, Empress Josephine, Madame Pompadour +
Dehais mechanical dolls 1836-1921
– doll mold 106, mechanical dolls, poupards dolls without legs,
   Marottes, Folies, Polichinelles clown dolls
Auguste Dehors doll mark A. Dehors 4 Brevete JP2 in 1860-1890
Louis Delachal rubber dolls mark LD in 1890-1904
B. Delacoste & Cie doll mark D inside oval in 1914-1928+
 – successor of B. Derolland rubber bebes
Charles Delattre doll label C.D. 60 Rue Mazarine Paris 1970-1985
– Le Canard á Roulette shop, reproduction antique dolls
Henry Delcourt 1921-1926 + (SFBJ), registered Bébé Tanagra in 1926
– in 1924-1926 became Société Industrielle du Jouet SIJ
Henri Delcroix doll mark Paris HD, GD, XS, Pan Paris 1865-1887
Alexandre Delhaye Fères doll mark AD 1900-1912
Etienne Denamur doll marks ED 1857-1898
DEP dolls ca. 1880s+ – depose, déposé
Basile Derolland doll mark D inside a circle in 1860-1914
L. Doléac & Cie Polichinelles, Marottes doll mark LD 1881-1908
Doll & shoes French marks unidentified
Doll Glossary – doll terms explained French to English
Emile Douillet doll mark ED (Jumeau) 1890
Mme. Germaine Douche doll mark Colette, Puppet’s Mary 1928-1930+
E. Dumont doll mark ED in 1843-1889
Duval-Denis doll mark DD 1861 and 1863
– successor to Claude Blampoix Sr.
Fannie E. Duvall cloth doll mark Cree par Fannie Duvall, Ouvroir, 180 Rue de G in 1916-1918

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