N-O-P French Antique Doll Makers, Marks

Antique French doll makers – les fabricants de poupée antiques Françaises, with company or doll shops names that begin with the letter N, O, P, with dates of operation, address, owners when known, doll labels or marks with address’s, initials or symbols, doll trade names. 

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Mon. Jeanne Amélie Nadaud doll shop 1875-1920
– A La Recompense doll shop 2 Rue des Batignolles, Paris
  2nd address – Jouets, Cotillion 32 Rue du 4 Septembre
Neumann & Marx celluloid dolls 1906-1911
– then a member Société Industrielle de Celluloid
– doll mark N & M with a lion, wings & dragon tail
Ollier doll mark OF 1919-1920 Montreuil, Seine
Ondine swimming dolls 1890+ also Germany
Lefor Openo dolls 1960s
M. Joseph Ortyx (Ortiz) 1916-1921, see Lanternier
 – Excelsior Bébé, a successor to Gesland
G. Ourine Poupée Royale Paris doll mark 1925-1930s
Helena Paderewski cloth Polish relief dolls 1915-1918
Pandores, Grandes Pandores dolls 1300-1800
– fashion manikin dolls made of wood or wax
Achille Pannier doll shoes mark AP 1873-1883
Mme. Pannier doll accessories 1872-1892
– doll mark CP, Mme. Pannier on foot
Papier Mache Doll Menu 1760+
Jules Paquet doll & toy shop 1860s+
– doll mark No. 25 & 27 Passage Vero Dodat, Prés le Palais
Royal et Rue de Rioli
Péan Frères doll mark PF 1862-1890
– doll mark P.F. Article Française
 P – continued above

P – continued
Jacob Petit China doll mark JP 1790-1865+
– then Petit & Mardochee, Jacob & Petit
Petit & Dumoutier Au Grand Polichinelle doll mark P + D 1839-1891
Petitcollin celluloid doll mark eagle head 1860+
– doll mark eagle head – Tête d’Aigle
Edouard Henri Phalibois 1893-1925 (son of Jean)
– doll mark HP Paris, automata dolls
Jean-Marie Phalibois automata dolls 1863-1892
– doll mark J. Phalibois Paris
Phénix wooden body doll mark 1860s-1870s
 – Bte. SGDG, La Poupée, Phénix, Marque Déposé
Pintel & Godchaux doll marks PG 1887-1899+ (SFBJ)
A. Point doll mark AP in 1927-1928 St. Chamont, Loire, Paris
Polichinelle clown doll 1800-1925+
Popineau doll mark GP 1855-1870 Paris,
– merged with Gaudinot in 1866
Francisque Poulbot doll mark 1908-1928
– Titi plus many other doll names
René Poulin metal head dolls 1861+
Poupée de Mode or Fashion Lady Dolls 1860-1930s
Poupee’s Cadette Co dressed dolls, Nice, France 1946+
Poupee’s Nicette cloth dolls 1920s-1930s
L. Prieur et Fils doll accessories, doll shoe mark CP1868-1873
– owners Claude Bastide Prieur & sister Louise Prieur
Louis Léon Prieur doll mark LP 1840-1921+
– doll mark Mon Cheri LP PARIS

French Doll Makers  A-B C-D F-K L-M < N-O-P > R-S T-W

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