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Strobel & Wilken company trade mark SW initials inside a laurel wreath

Strobel & Wilken trade mark SW inside a laurel wreath

The Strobel Company of Cincinnati, Ohio was founded in 1849 and first manufactured leather goods.  In 1864 George Wilken joined the Strobel company business which then became known as STROBEL & WILKEN, a short time after they began to distribute toys and many other fancy goods.


In a 1878 advertisement; Strobel & Wilken, Importers and wholesale dealers in Fancy goods, Druggist, Sundries, Smokers articles & Toys.


In 1886 a branch office was established in New York City, which soon became Strobel & Wilken's main office.  Strobel & Wilken advertised Kämmer & Reinhardt dolls, Alfred Heller Diana metal head dolls, Heindrich Handwerck  dolls, Hertel, Schwab Jubilee googly dolls, Edmund Steiner dolls, Ideal dolls, Rollinson dolls, Zaiden dolls, composition Mama dolls marked  STROBEL WILKEN Co and many others.  


Strobel & Wilken is probably best known for the All bisque dolls marked with their initials SWC.  It is unknown to us when Strobel & Wilken operations ceased after 1930.

Antique Strobel & Wilken SWC Dolls Identified

Strobel & Wilken, All Bisque doll mold

SWC 251, 9" tall

Strobel & Wilken, Peach doll mold 257, All Bisque Girl doll, 4 1/2"

Strobel & Wilken, Peach doll mold 257 SWC,

All Bisque Girl doll 4 1/2"

Strobel & Wilken Doll, 7" tall, bisque head, fabric covered bisque body, doll mark SWC, mold number unknown

Strobel & Wilken, 7" tall, bisque head doll with fabric Pillsbury Best XXXX, Minneapolis, Minn. Flour.

Shown on right; Pillsbury CA & P Co. fabric back,

with a wheat sheath symbol beneath.

Strobel & Wilken doll mark 400 SWC

Strobel & Wilken, All Bisque Doll,

7" doll mark 400 21 SWC

note the 21 is likely a size number

Strobel & Wilken All Bisque Doll, 7" tall, fixed stationary eyes, open mouth with upper teeth, jointed bisque five piece bent limb baby body, doll mark 400 21 SWC


Note:  The doll mark SWC found on small all bisque dolls, we believe was used by the Strobel & Wilken Company, however, many reference books list the SWC mark as unidentified, so please use your own judgment. Not to be confused with the German company Walther & Sohn doll mark of intertwined initials

    W & S or S & W.


Strobel & Wilken Doll Mold Numbers Identified

123, (163, 165, 172, 173 googly eye dolls), 237, 241, 242, 247, 251, 257, 357, 400, 405 googly, 1500


Strobel & Wilken doll mark American Beauty doll label

Strobel & Wilken advertised in 1895 to 1924 and 1930 American Beauty cloth rag dolls marked with a red label Registered American Beauty.


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