CE Turnbull dolls 1872+ English

Charles Edward Turnbull bisque head doll face marked Cetandco

Charles Edward Turnbull’s company was founded in 1872 in London, England. CE Turnbull is probably best known for their doll houses, miniature furnishings and toys, some of which were imported. Turnbull also sold China head dolls, Wax dolls, marked Bisque head dolls, cloth golliwogs, toy soldiers, trenches and forts.  CE Turnbull’s trade name was Charterhouse Toys, as they were located at one time at 4 & 5 Charterhouse Road.  CE Turnbull had two sons, both of whom joined him to work in the store.  The store is believed to have closed in 1963.

Shown left, is a Turnbull bisque socket head doll 20″ tall, single stroke painted eyebrows, glass sleep eyes, lightly painted upper and lower eyelashes, a happy open mouth with two upper teeth, a cloth stuffed torso with composition limbs. Photo courtesy of B. Maguire.

Charles Edward Turnbull doll mark CETANDCO
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