Walda antiqued Porcelain Dolls 1970s-1980s

The Walda doll has a porcelain fired, painted shoulder head, stationary glass like eyes or painted eyes, upper and lower painted lashes, cheek blush, rosebud red lips, with a cloth body, stitched hips for bending, porcelain lower arms and legs. 

She’s usually found wearing a long prairie like cotton dress with bonnet, painted white socks and black shoes.  The Walda doll also has similar looking sister, cousin and Asian version dolls have been found

Readers Digest 1970s genuine porcelain antiqued doll ad
Readers Digest 1970s genuine porcelain antiqued doll ad

Where in the world is Walda?  Today she can be found in antique shops, Goodwill, Salvation Army, Mission stores, other Thrift stores, online auctions and doll shops.  She’s everywhere and is usually mis-identified as a genuine antique doll by everyone it seems.

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Thus she affectionately became known as a “Walda” doll on eBay’s doll discussion board, as she turns up everywhere.  Yep, many people find a doll like her and think “oh what a great antique”.

Perhaps in another 50 years, but for now in 2022 she’s a mass produced porcelain doll sold in the 1970s to 1980s and possibly longer, whose value today is nominal.  Giving her a name is probably the best way to help collectors find her in the huge porcelain doll market.  If you put her up for sale online or off, be sure to give her a name Walda, so collectors can find her.

The Walda doll has her own facebook group – Walda’s  Friends and Family, 404,000 Google search page results, we think the word has gotten out about the Walda phenomenon.

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