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All Things Vintage Liddle Kiddles Dolls

A little kiddles doll history – Mattel introduced the 1st twenty-four Liddle Kiddles dolls in 1966, they are tiny 2 1/2 to 3 1/2″ tall dolls with special iddle character names, each doll has it’s own miniature action accessory to match their clothing and an eighteen page kiddles komic funny book which tells a story about the dolls.  Girl or boy kiddles dolls share the same vinyl covered, wired bendable body jointed only at the neck and have rooted hair you can comb with painted facial features.

The next Mattel tiny kiddles dolls were named after storybook characters, then dolls were packaged inside lockets or were walking skeddiddlers dolls, as holiday theme dolls, put inside soda pop or cologne bottles, in vinyl pop-up books or inside plastic jewelry cases, they came packaged with a plastic car, as zoo animal characters, cosmic space characters, inside tasty treat lollipops or ice cream cones, with a teacup, as little babies in a cradle and play house dolls. Amazing! you can still find and collect kiddles today, mint on the original cardboard hang tag!

Besides the dolls there are Kiddles graphic vinyl cases or houses, snap-happy furniture, paper goods, games, lunch boxes, records, posters and more.  Kiddles also had many look a like or clone dolls made by competitor doll makers.

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