Plastic, Vinyl Dolls Marked with Letters or Text

plastic, vinyl doll marked with letters or text

How to identify a hard plastic, plastic or vinyl doll?  Doll marks are usually found on the the back of dolls neck, upper or lower back and possibly on bottom of the foot.  Once you have your mark use the list below of Letters and Text to see the doll maker (s), as some markings may have been used by more than one.

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A – Adanta Novelties, Allied Grand, Arrow Rubber & Plastics, Deluxe Reading, Eegee, Natural Doll, Uneeda
AC, A.C., ACD, Aceedeecee, Am Char – American Character
Ae, AE – Allied Grand, American Character, Belle Doll & Toy, Blumberg, Deluxe Reading, Eegee, Mary Hoyer, Jolly Nasco, New Dolly Toy, P & M Doll, SAYCO, Valentine, Unique Doll Co.
ADG – Ashton Drake Galleries
AGDC, AGD inside a large C – Allied Grand Doll Co
AL, A.L., ALEX, Alexander Madame Alexander doll
Amer Char – American Character doll
APEX – Eugene Doll Company
ARI Germany – August Riedeler dolls
AX Madame Alexander, Mollye’s
B – Horsman, Ideal, Uneeda
BB, B.B. – Baby Barry Toy doll
BE – doll maker American USA
BS – Horsman, Ideal
Bella – Bella Poupées of France dolls
Berjusa – Berenguer of Spain
C, C EEGEE – Playpal type doll by Eegee
CD – playpal type doll American USA
CDC – Cosmopolitan Doll Company
CIPSA – Corporation de Industry Plastics SA of Lima, Peru
Corolle – Corolle made in France
CS Made in Italy – Cavicchi S.P.A. Giocattoli of Italy
CSDON – Casdon Toys England
D – American Character Darlin Debbie doll, Valentine Debbie Ann mannikin doll
D&C, D & C – Diamond an Cone Doll Co, Toronto, Canada
DCI inside a heart – doll maker American USA
DE – playpal type doll, probably Honey Mates doll Sears
Dee an Cee – Diamond and Cone Doll Co. Toronto
Dee and Cee, Dee & Cee – Diamond & Cone, Canada
DLL – Daddys Long Legs dolls (made of resin) 1985-2003
DOE – Ideal
Dollhouse – vinyl & cloth Baby doll unknown American USA
DTD 6 Pat. P. – on battery case, 1972 Daniella by EFFA (Italy)
Dublon, Softina – Goldberger / Eegee doll
E – Elite Creations, Inc.
EI or E1 – 7″ dress me doll, possibly by Elite Creations, Inc.
EG, E.G. – Eegee
EIH, E.I.H. – Horsman
EK – EK unknown European doll maker
Elvinco – Elvin Company dolls & toys, Hong Kong
EMASO – Ernst Ma. Maar (German)
engel-puppen – Engel-Puppen Doll Factory (German)
ES Germany – unknown doll maker (German)
Estrela – Estrela Doll Company (Brazil)
Evergreen Made in Hong Hong – Evergreen Doll Co
F – Fab Lu Company
F & B, F an B – Effanbee Doll Co
FCM – Fiber Craft Materials Corp
FD, F.D. – F. D. Company USA
Famola – Famola of Italy
Famosa – Famosa of Spain
FHM – Franklin Heirloom Mint
France – small Kimport dress me type dolls + others
Furga – Furga Doll Company (Italy)
G, GE, GW – Ideal
GMFGI – General Mills Fun Group, Inc.
Gatabox – Gata, Gatabox LTD. (Hong Kong)
General – vinyl head, magic skin body doll, unknown USA
H – Horsman
H Garfinkle – Wonderama Toys, Inc.
HD – probably the Horsman Doll Company
HD, H.D. – Gura doll (German)
HDDH – Humpty Dumpty Doll Hospital
HSC – Home Shopping Club
Hungerford – Hungerford Plastics Corp
HV – Hans Volk (German)

IC – Italocremona (Italy)
IC Korea, IC / Korea – Imperial Crown Toy Co.
IMPCO – Imperial Crown Toy Corp
ITALY ZZ – Zanini & Zambelli Company
JC – J. Cey doll company
JK – Horsman, John Kehagias of Greece
KKaysam Jolly Nasco, Gilbert
KB, Kaybee – K.B. Doll Corp – Kay-Bee Toys
KL Germany – doll maker German
KS – KS Toys Ltd. of Hong Kong, Kingstate
KT – Allied Grand Mfg Co
KTC – Kenner Toy Company, Knickerbocker Toy Co
L-E – Ellanee Doll Company
LGTI, L.G.T.I. – Lewis Galoob Toys
Lorrie – Eugene Doll & Toy Co
M, ME, MK – Ideal
MC – Bonomi (Italy)
MGA – Micro-Games America Entertainment USA
MII, M.I.I. – Meritus Industries, Inc.
MMM – 3M’s on top of one another, E. Martha Maar (Ger)
MRP, M.R.P. – Miller Rubber Products
MW Germany – doll maker German
NF, N.F. – Uneeda doll
NP-CE – Precious Expressions doll by Uneeda
O-H – Eegee
PAT – Schoen & Yondorf SAYCO Baby Coquette doll
PI – Ideal
PL – Natural
PMA, PMF Plastic Molded Arts
PP, P.P., PPNZ – Plastic Products Co made in New Zealand
PSE – Plasticas Santa Elena dolls (Mexico, Spain)
P Payton – unknown American USA doll maker
PametteFortune Toys doll
Pedigree – Pedigree Company England
Petitcollin – Petitcollin of France
Pimar – unknown, possibly European, German
Plastex – Palitoy Doll Company
Plaything – Famous Plaything Co or Plaything Novelty & Toy Co
R & B – Arranbee
RG Inc 1967 – battery operated doll, unknown USA
Rogark – Rogark character dolls Wales, England
s – Schoen & Yondorf (SAYCO)
S – Eegee
SAD – South Africa Doll Company
S & E – Knickerbocker Plastics Company
SD – Skippy Doll Corp, Standard Doll Co, Super Doll Corp
SG – Deluxe Reading Topper Toys
SKG – Susan K. Gibson doll
Sarold – Sarold Mfg. Co England
SAYCO – Schoen & Yondorf
SEBINO on neck rim, Made in Italy on back – TG Sebino (Italy)
Simplestage, Inc. Made China – Jennifer Sue doll
STRACO – F.J. Strauss Company
T, TE – Ideal
TM & Co – Toy Biz TM dolls
TS – doll maker American USA
U– Uneeda
U – Barbie & Lilli clone dolls; Davtex, PMA, Uneeda, Unique +
Unique – Elite Creations, Unique Doll Company
V – Ideal, Valentine
VH – Deluxe Reading
VICMA – Vicma Doll Company (Spain)
VP – Ideal
VS – Ideal, Imperial Crown Toy
VT – Ellanee Doll Co, Ideal, Valentine
VW – Valentine
W – Ideal walker dolls
WD – Walt Disney Productions
WL – Ideal
WL WILSON – Playland Toy Corporation
YSC Japan – Japan doll company
Z inside a circle – Max Zapf

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