plastic, vinyl dolls marked with a symbol

How to identify a hard plastic, plastic or vinyl doll?  Doll marks are usually found on the the back of dolls neck, upper or lower back.  Use our list below of plastic or vinyl dolls marked with a Symbol to find the doll maker.

Plastic, Vinyl Dolls Marked with a Symbol

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Aladdin, Genie lamp with numbers – New Bright Industrial Japan
Arrow symbol inside a diamond – Arrow Rubber & Plastics
© copyright symbol – Terri Lee doll
© 1968 TBM CO INC. HONG KONG – The Bobbs-Merrill Co. USA
© 1988 Lakeshore – Lakeshore Learning Co
© 1986 TCFC – Those Characters From Cleveland, American Greeting
© ADG – reproduction Patti Playpal doll by Ashton-Drake Galleries
© Cameo – Cameo doll company
© DKP 1984 – Kenner – David Kirschner Productions dolls
© Diana 98 – Berenguer Berjusa (Spain)
© Eegee Co – copyright symbol Eegee Company
© F – B – Effanbee, probably Canada
© Geoffrey LLC – Journey Girl doll (Toys “R” Us subsidiary)
© KPT 1987, © KPT 1988 – Kenner Wish World Kids dolls
© by Laflex, (a date), Made in France – LAFLEX Doll Company
© Libby 1966 – Libby Majorette Doll Corp, I Dream of Jeannie doll
© MODEL TOYS, LTD – Daisy doll by Mary Quant
© MUNDIA 1989 – Mundia of France
© TONG, M&C, M & C CHINA – M & C Toy Centre, Hong Kong
Circle 3 – Uneeda Doll Company
Circle F, F inside a circle – Jolly Toy molded hair boy doll 16″ or 21″
Circle P, P inside a circle – R & B Cody Girl, plus others
Circle X, X inside a circle – Mollyes, Royal, plus others

Girl with arms above head Wildebras – Het Poppen Rijk
– The Doll Palace Dutch, Netherlands
Horn upside down N –  LJN Toys Ltd. (male action figures)
Irwin inside a flag, inside a circle, Made in USA – Irwin & Company
K inside a diamond – SARCO Creations for the S. Rosenberg Company
Mapleleaf symbol, Montreal, Canada – Reliable
Migliorati Italy – a girl symbol holding an initial M
MS Deposee inside a triangle – unknown, Provence, France
OK inside a Globe symbol – Kader Industries LTD of Hong Kong
RP inside a diamond shape, Made in Canada – Reliable Toy Co.
Star with Hollywood Doll inside – Hollywood Doll Co.
Stick figure, arms out stretched with legs splayed – Furga
Stork symbol with baby – Cavicchi Giocattoli
TBN inside a diamond symbol – craft doll head, unknown
Three bells attached upside down – Japan, unknown
Three leaf clover Made in Japan – Sekiguchi, Japan
(A) Triangle symbol – Characteristics Doll Company
Turtle mark, Tortulon – Rheinische Gummi und Celluloid-Fabrik
Turtle symbol N, Made in Japan – Nakajima Seisakusho & USA
Two lions reclining inside a triangle – Carlos Ottolini, Italy
Two Rats symbol – Ratti Italy, after 1989 owned by Mattel

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