François Gaultier Dolls 1860-1899 French

1876 Francois Gaultier Poupee de Mode Fashion Lady Doll
ca. 1875 Francois Gaultier Poupee de Mode Fashion Lady Doll 18″ face

Francois Gauthier began his doll company in 1860 in Saint Maurice and Charenton, province of Seine on the outskirts of Paris, France.  In 1875 he changed the spelling of his company and surname to Gaultier due to a court lawsuit that turned out to be a mistaken identity.

Gaultier made Fashion Lady dolls, also called Poupée de Mode from 1860 to 1916, made bisque socket head bebe child dolls with open or closed mouth from 1879 to 1899 and small All bisque dolls and other porcelain doll parts.

Gaultier supplied bisque doll heads to more than 54 other noted doll makers in France including;  Brasseur & Videlier, Dalloz (Barrios successor), Doléac, Falck & Roussel, Gesland, Jullien, Petit & Doumoutier, Jumeau, House of Prieur, Rabery & Delphieu, Simonne, Thuillier and Vichy to name a few.

In 1882 Francois eldest son Eugene joined him and the company name became Gaultier & Fils Aine by 1885 son Emile-Jules replaced his father and the name was changed to Gaultier Freres.  From 1886 to1892 Francois Gaultier was mayor of St. Maurice, France. Gaultier Freres joined SFBJ in 1899 and operations continued until 1916.

gaultier francois 1875 poupee fashion doll kid 16 body fg
ca. 1875 Francois Gaultier Poupee de Mode fashion lady doll kid body 18″
gaultier francois 22 bebe doll face f10g
Francois Gaultier closed mouth bebe doll 22″ face doll mark FG10
gaultier francois 5 all bisque dolls marked fg5
Francois Gaultier all bisque mignonette 5″ pocket sized doll mark FG5

Francois Gaultier Doll Marks FG inside a scroll or FG block letters

Francois Gaultier doll mark scroll symbol FG FGG
Francois Gaultier doll mark F1G
gaultier francois doll mark f20g
Francois Gaultier doll mark F 2/0 G
Francois Gaultier doll mark crossed keys TD
Francois Gaultier doll mark crossed keys TD
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