P-R German Antique Doll, Toy Makers, Marks

List of past Antike Puppen Hersteller, German doll makers from P to R company names, dates of operation, doll mold numbers, doll marks, labels, letters or initials, trade names and symbols, that can be of help to identify your doll made in Germany.

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Hubert Palmen & Company doll mark HP in the 1920s
Papier Mache dolls menu 1760+
Moritz Pappe doll mark seven point star 1869-1930s
Patent Washable papier-mache dolls 1880-1910 Germany
Hermann Pensky Doll Factory 1924-1950s Eisfeld, Coberg
– doll mark Peha Hannelore, Pehaco Hannelore,
1924 clover symbol PHI
Albert Peterhänsel doll mold 421 in 1921-1925+
Petz Spielwarenfabrik 1859-1930+ Neustadt
– owned by the Kiesewetter family of Thuringia
Dr. Dora Petzold doll mark DP 1919-1930s Berlin
– doll mold 254636
Fritz Pfeffer China dolls 1892-1930 Gotha
– doll mark FP (F is backward), GP
Emil Pfeiffer doll maker 1873-1930s Vienna, Austria
– doll mark EP intertwined inside a circle
Gebruder Pfeiffer 1873-1930s Köppelsdorf & Vienna
– brother’s Pfeiffer’s Emil, Fritz & Max Pfeiffer
Karl Pietsch doll mark KPN 1897-1930 Neustadt, Öslau
Plasty Doll Company, Barbie clone dolls 1960s+
Portham & Sohn doll mark P & S 1840-1860
Porzellanfabrik Factories are listed by owner or town name
Preh Werke GmbH doll maker 1949-1960
– doll mark plasticbaby inside an angel symbol Germany
Lotte Pritzel wax head art dolls 1908-1920s
A. H. Proschöld china head dolls 1897-1930s
Q – no doll company names begin with Q

Max Räder doll mark R DEP 1910-1913 Sonneberg
Rauch & Schelhorn doll mark RSS, R & SS 1923+ Sonneberg

Rauenstein Porzellanfabrik doll mark crossed flags 1783+
– also known as Friedrich Christian Greiner & Sohns
Paul Rauschert bisque head Doll Factory 1898-1941
– doll mark PR, doll mold 2144, 6600
Louis Reber doll factory 1910-1939 Sonneberg
– doll mark DRGM 897388 1046
Theodor Recknagel doll mark RA crossed nails 1886-1930
Otto Reinecke doll factory 1879-1925+ Bavaria
– also known as Hof-Moschendorf Porzellanfabrik
Theodor Reinke doll mark TR inside a triangle 1939-1945 Poland
Rempel & Breitung Doll Factory 1920-1930+ Sonneberg
– doll mark 265 117 RB, doll mold 27, 29,5, 117, 118, 265, 285
Rheinische Gummi celluloid doll mark turtle symbol 1873+
– Rhenania Rubber and Celluloid Factory
Friedrich Adolph Richter mechanical dolls 1900-1930+ Rudolstadt
– doll mark five pointed star with a tail
Otto Jäger & Company doll mark Otto Jäger 1922-1923
– Thϋringer Puppenfabrik, doll mold 850
August Riedeler ARI dolls 1864+
 – 1925-1972 Riedeler & Bernhardt, then 1973+ Puppen-Riedeler
   doll mark AR, ARI in a triangle inside a heart
Rock & Graner papier mache doll mark R & GN 1813-1911
Julius Rothschild Doll Factory mark Roschi 1929+ Sonneberg
Max Rudolph celluloid doll mark MR 1908-1930
Rubber Doll Menu 1849+

** Due to World War One between 1915-1922, imported German bisque dolls were not available to most of the world.

German Doll Makers A-B C-G H-K L-O < P-R > S T-Z

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German Doll Encyclopedia 1800-1939 book in 1984, German Doll Marks and Identification book in 2001 both by Jurgen and Marianne Cieslik.