L-O German Antique Doll & Toy Makers & Marks

List of past Antike Puppen Hersteller, German doll makers with names L, M, N, O, company names, dates of operation, doll mold numbers, doll marks, labels, letters or initials, trade names and symbols, that can be of help to identify your doll made in Germany.

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Lambert & Samhammer doll mark LS anchor 1872-1884
 – owners M. Lambert, A. Marseille, P. Samhammer
Adolph Landsberger doll mark ALB 105579 in 1901-1908
Hermann Landshut & Company 1892-1895
– doll mark on foot 66543, Linon on a banner
Erben G. Lange wood dolls 1853+
Arthur Laufer doll mark Laufer Puppe 1923-1925
Hans Leh doll mark L 1890-1929+
Ernst Paul Lehmann mechanical dolls 1881-1902
– metal dancing doll on wheels, Buschow & Beck head
– doll mark R symbol L Patent (Engl patent)
Martha Lehmann cloth mask face Muschi dolls 1928+
Leibe & Hofmann doll mark L & H 1772-1888
Rudolf Leschhorn doll mold 777 in 1924-1930s
Richard Leutheuser toys & dolls 1886-1924
Herbert Josef Leven doll mark HJL, JLJ 1912-1938
– merger of Hugo Dressel and Leven & Sprenger
Leven & Sprenger 1891-1912, see above
– multi face dolls, leather, baby, poupards dolls
Ernst Liebermann doll mark EL, Eli in 1894-1938+ Neustadt
– doll mold 60
Heinrich Liebermann doll mold 1601 in 1924-1927
 – doll mark Puppen Spielwaren sunrise symbol Hliso inside a circle
Georg Nicol, Louis Liebermann doll mark 201013 in 1902-1913
Gustav Liedel papier mache dolls 1855+
Liegnitzer Porzellanfabrik, see Moritz Papp
Limbach Porzellanfabrik doll mark clover symbol 1772+
Louis Lindner & Söhn doll mark LL & S 1830-1928
– doll mold 1339
Anton Link doll mark ALS 1866-1924
 Loeffler & Diller doll mark L & D, L & DS 1887-1932+
– merged with Eduard Schmidt in 1932
Gebrüder Lokesch metal head doll mark Venus 1902+ Lieben
– doll mark Venus over a heart symbol
Lona Art Dolls (A. Schmidt) celluloid 1894-1927+
– August Schmidt doll mark Lona DRP
Aithra Lötz Swiss artist cloth doll mark A. Lotz, West Germany
Lowenthal & Company papier mâché dolls 1838-1897
Ilse Ludecke cloth art dolls 1917+
– doll mark Trachtenpuppen Schwetzingen Deutschland Schleßsplatz  Frhorinzen
Liz Luders wooden incense smoker doll mark 1940s ?
August Luge doll mark bird on a branch 1881-1930+
– doll mark South Sea Baby, Sϋdsee Baby
– doll mold 279, 283, 725, 740
Eg. Mich Ernst Luthardt celluloid doll mark Luta in 1868-1938
Louis Philipp Luthardt doll mark LPL 1909-1921+
Fritz Lutz Doll Factory 1913-1926 Sonneberg
– doll mold 1001, 1002, 1003, 1004, 1005, 1006, 1007
Georg Lutz doll mark GL 2015 Superior 1887-1906
Ernst Maar & Sohn doll mark EMASCO in 1910-1973+ Mönchroden
– son Ernst Karl Maar took over in 1928 when his father passed
Mrs. (Martha) Ma E. Maa, Driel-M Doll Factory 1920-1970s
– doll mark 3 M’s MMM, Driel-M
– owners Oskar & Elise Maar in Mönchroden
Robert Maaser Puppenfabrik 1904 or 1911-1924+
 – bisque, celluloid, composition doll heads best known for baby dolls   with a movable jaw, bisque head doll mark Germany 410
Karl Malter doll body mark 592448 in 1909-1912
Marienfeld Porzellanfabrik 1892-1899+
– doll mark M on a six sided shield
 – Voigt & Müller 1900-1903, then Hertwig & Co
Marks & mold numbers unidentified German
Sigismund Markmann doll mark SMB 1902-1930
Marottes or Schwenker – is a doll head on a stick
M – continued above

M – continued
Armand Marseille doll mark AM 1885-1950s
Eduard Wilhelm Matthes dolls, toy retailer 1853-1928+
– at times was the sole supplier of Kathe Kruse dolls
Edith Maus cloth doll mark mouse symbol 1925-1927
Meissen china doll mark crossed swords KPM 1710+
– also called Konigliche Porzellan Manufaktur
Mengersgereuth Porzellanfabrik 1908-1930
Metal head doll menu 1861-1930s
Ernst Metzler doll mark EM, doll mold 396, 890 in 1909-1924
– Pressig-Rothenkirchen / Bavaria Porzellanfabrik brother-in-law of     
Paul Rauschert, then 1924-1940s at Paul Rauschert GmbH
Metzler & Ortloff doll mark MOI crossed hammers 1864-1928
– Illmenau Porzellanfabrik
Richard Metzler Jr. papier mâché, wax, wood dolls 1884-1928
– Sonneberg Puppenfabrik
Erna Meyer cloth doll-house dolls, lilliputin-püppchen 1945+
Amandus Michaelis doll mark AM 1870-18 1922-30s
– acquired by Rauenstein Porzellanfabrik in 1918
Milliners Model papier mache dolls 1840s-1860s
– are mannikin dolls to display clothing fashions
Mittelland Gummiwerke rubber dolls 1924-1927
– doll mark Mittelland Puppe
August Möller & Sohn bisque or celluloid dolls 1915-1928
– doll mark AMUSO doll mold 70, 100, 1006, 1920
Moller & Dippe doll mark MDU anchor symbol 1879-1913
Moll’s Doll Company celluloid dolls 1950s-1960s
– Trachten-Puppen = traditional costume doll
Mon Plaisir, My Pleasure doll house in Arnstadt, Germany
– video link opens a new browser window
Morgenroth & Co. doll mark Schutzmerke M Gotha 1866-1919
– merged with Friedrich Schwab & Company in 1919
Carl Moritz doll mark MCT Taubenbach 1840-1930
Hof-Moschendorf Porzellanfabrik 1878-1925+
– owner Otto Reinecke
Christoph Motschmann dolls 1855-1860s Sonneberg
– doll mark Patent 29 April 1857 CH. Motschmann
Andreas Müller doll mark AMN 1887-1894-1928
Carl Muller 1883-1930 – see Sonneberger Porzellanfabrik
C. G. Muller & Sohn 1797-1889, sold to Philipp Samhammer
Johann Friedrich Muller papier mache body stamp 856346 in 1806+
Wilhelm G. Müller doll mark Wee GeM 1900-1930s Sonneberg
– doll mold 221, 441, 5067, 5074, 5079, 5080
Müller & Fröbel doll & toy factory 1884-1930+
– doll mark sun, Chinese man in a square
Müller & Kaltwasser doll mark MUKA in 1927-1935
Müller & Strassburger papier mache dolls 1863-1892
– doll mark M & S, M & S Superior
Munzerlite art deco doll head lamps 1920s
– doll mark Munzerlite Patent Pending, doll mark M
August Nelke dolls NELKE 1895-1915 Coburg, Thüringia
Neuhaus am Rennweg Porzellanfabrik Aelteste Volkstedter 1922+
– see Rudolph Heinz & Company
– both used doll mark AV, PN, doll mold 9500, 9501
Nöckler & Tittel wood dolls 1849-1930s
 – doll mark NT, N & T, doll mold 412
Erste Nordhauser Spielwarenfabrik 1922-1930
– doll mark a wolf symbol HWENSPF, owner Hermann Wolf
Nymphenburg Porcelain Factory 1761-1925+
– doll mark hatch marks on a shield
Nikolaus Oberender doll mark NO 1908-1927
Offenbacher celluloid, rubber doll mark flying bird 1890+
H. Offenbacher & Co doll mark OCo 1920-1924
Gebrüder Ohlhaver doll mark Revalo 1897-1928
Ondine Swimming Dolls 1890+ German, France
Orben, Knabe China doll mark OK 1909+

** Due to World War One between 1915-1922, imported German bisque dolls were not available to most of the world.

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German Doll Encyclopedia 1800-1939 book, German Doll Marks and Identification book, both by Jurgen and Marianne Cieslik.