1959-1962 Barbie Vintage Ponytail Dolls Identified

#1 Barbie dolls 1959

A little #1 Barbie doll history; Her name is Barbara Millicent Roberts, “Barbie” was born on March 09, 1959 to parents George and Margaret Roberts and they live in Willow, Wisconsin USA.  The Barbie doll was created by Ruth Handler one of the founders of Mattel. Barbie doll markings are found on the right side buttock, head neck rims are not marked, any other markings on the backside, inside of arms and inside thigh were used by the manufacture for assembly and do not date the doll.  The trademark date is the first date of patent or copyright in the country issued. 

When identifying vintage Barbie ponytail dolls one to four, all dolls have the same Barbie ™ in the doll mark and Barbie ponytail dolls five to six are all marked Barbie ®. You’ll need to look for differences between the dolls to identify which doll and year yours is, those subtle characteristics are noted below for each doll.

Identify Barbie ponytail dolls #1 to #6 and 1961 Barbie bubblecut Dolls

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1959 # 1 Barbie 850 blonde doll all original
1959 # 1 Barbie 850 blonde all original doll and box

#850 #1 Barbie Ponytail doll early part of 1959 – only about 350,000 of the first Barbie dolls were produced, the doll is made of heavy vinyl plastic, partially solid body now probably quite white, blonde or brunette saran ponytail hair (blonde’s out number Brunettes 3 to 1), with tight curly bangs, metal cylinders in legs, symmetrical holes in bottom of feet to fit on a black pedestal stand, bottom of right foot marked JAPAN, pointy ^ ^ eyebrows like lightening bolts, side glancing eyes with white irises, some of the early Barbie dolls have hand painted faces, others were stenciled, closed red painted mouth, No mark on back of dolls head, wore a one piece black and white zebra striped swimsuit, black open toe heeled shoes with holes on the bottom to fit on the black pedestal stand with prongs, white sunglasses with blue lenses, gold tone hoop earrings, Barbie doll’s cardboard box has TM in the marking and a pink booklet with Barbie only on the cover.  Values for number 1 Barbie dolls with holes on feet bottoms and lightening bolt eye brows are usually in the thousands of dollars, the better the condition of the doll, plus all her original accessories will command the highest value

1993 Barbie 850 35th anniversary doll reproduction
1994 #1 Barbie 850 honey blonde 35th anniversary reproduction doll

1994 Barbie #850 Ponytail 35th anniversary doll – reproduction of the 1959 Barbie doll has honey blonde or dark brunette soft shiny polyester ponytail hair with loosely curled bangs, pointed eyebrows, heavy black lids, painted white iris eyes, big red closed mouth, hollow plastic flesh colored body that won’t turn white, dolls have holes in the feet but no tubes in the legs, no Japan mark on bottom of foot and there is a mold line on the front and back of the legs.  Doll is dressed in her reproduction black and white striped zebra swimsuit that has clear plastic straps to help keep the swimsuit in place (the original did not have these), black open toe heels, white sunglasses with blue lenses, gold tone hoop earrings, clear stand, reproduction of the #1 box and graphics. 

Mattel sold a ton of these reproduction Barbie’s, many still in the box or loose dolls can be found in online auctions for very reasonable $’s.

The #2 Barbie ponytail doll was also reproduced and should also have a neck marking.

#1 Barbie #850 doll feet with holes, black open toe heel shoes with holes
1959 #1 Mattel Barbie doll mark Barbie ™ Pats. Pend. © MCMLVIII by Mattel Inc
1994 Barbie #850 35th anniversary reproduction doll neck mark © Mattel, Inc. 1958
1994 Mattel Barbie #850 35th anniversary reproduction doll mark BarbiePats. Pend. © MCMLVIII by
Mattel Inc. MALAYSIA

#850 Barbie #2 Ponytail doll later part of 1959 – Same as #1 Barbie doll but no holes in feet bottoms or cylinders in legs, no pegs on the new disc pedestal stand with black wire that fits under the dolls arms, same swimsuit, sunglasses, no holes on bottom of black open toe heel shoes, some dolls came with new pearl earrings, box has new ® in the trademark and a pink Barbie booklet. The #2 Barbie doll has the same marking as the #1 Barbie doll.

#3 Barbie doll brown eye shadow1960

#3 Barbie has new blue irises, softer curve to eyebrows, brown or blue eyeliner Barbie ™ mark .

#4 Barbie doll face 1960

#4 Barbie has a new type of plastic that retains flesh color, only came with with blue eyeliner, Barbie ™ mark.


1961-1962 new Barbie ponytail doll mark Barbie ® Pats. Pend. © MCMLVIII by Mattel Inc.

#5 Barbie doll face 1961

#5 Barbie has a hollow torso, may have a “greasy” face, firmer texture hair, 1st year of new titian hair color, pink Barbie & Ken booklet, new Barbie ® mark.

#6 Barbie doll face 1962

#6 Barbie has new hard curly bangs, new red one piece helenca swimsuit, new undated box with new graphics with ponytail & bubblecut hair styles, Barbie ® mark.

#7 Barbie doll titian hair face 1963

#7 Barbie has a new doll mark  Midge T. M. © 1962 Barbie ® © 1958 by Mattel, Inc. just like the bubblecut dolls in 1963, box graphics are now dated © 1962. 

1961-1965 Barbie bubblecut doll faces
1961-1965 Barbie bubblecut doll faces

#850 Barbie Bubblecut doll 1961 – new bubblecut hairstyle, new titian (red or auburn) hair color, blonde, brownette (this is the lighter brown or sable color only sold at Sears) and brunette almost black color, rest same as 5 and 6 ponytail. Lip and nail colors vary from red to pale bubblegum pink.  The Brownette hair color is rarer than the other hair colors and therefore commands a higher value, she wore a black and white striped swimsuit in 1961 only just like the earlier ponytails, same accessories as prior ponytail Barbie dolls.  Doll mark Barbie ® Pats. Pend. © MCMLVIII by Mattel Inc.

#850 Barbie Bubblecut doll 1963 – slightly taller body, rest same as 1962, new markings of Midge and Barbie. New doll mark Midge T. M. © 1962 Barbie ® © 1958 by Mattel, Inc.

#850 Barbie Bubblecut doll 1964-1965 – same as 1963 bubblecut, added the word “patented” to the last line doll mark  Midge T. M. © 1962 Barbie ® © 1958 by Mattel, Inc.  Patented.

#7 Barbie #850 ponytail doll 1963 – doll mark Midge T. M. © 1962 Barbie ® © 1958 by Mattel, Inc. just like the bubblecut dolls of 1963

#8 Barbie #850 Ponytail doll 1964-1965 – same as the 1963 doll mark with the word “patented” added to the last line, doll mark Midge T. M. © 1962 Barbie ® © 1958 by Mattel, Inc. Patented

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