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1959 Barbie Doll Clothes

The Barbie doll debuted in 1959 and came dressed in her now famous black and white zebra striped swimsuit, additionally twenty-three outfits were available, including three rare outfits that were only made in 1959; Gay Parisienne, Easter Parade, Roman Holiday which is what makes them rare and valuable. The first Barbie doll clothing label is black and white with Barbie ™ on it, plus #1 Barbie doll shoes with holes on the bottom, increases an outfits value by 20%, later the label was changed to Barbie ® and shoes do not have the holes.

Charlotte Johnson was the head of Mattel’s fashion department at the time, a former women’s wear designer. Barbie dolls clothing were true miniatures following trends of the era, the design, fabrics and details are of the highest quality with tiny accessories to complete each outfit. How could a young child choose? An outfit for activities from morning to night, is why collectors today aspire to obtain each.

1959 Barbie Doll Vintage Clothing Identified

850 Barbie zebra original swimsuit 1959

#1 Barbie 850 doll original outfit 1959-1961 – black and white zebra striped strapless swimsuit, white sunglasses with blue lenses, black open toe heel shoes with holes, pink booklet with just Barbie on the cover.  In 1993 Mattel reproduced the #1 Barbie in a lighter weight plastic. Margot Robbie wears a similar inspired swimsuit in the 2023 Barbie movie.

Barbie 911 Golden Girl 1959-1962

Barbie #911 Golden Girl 1959-1962 – gold and white brocade sheath dress, turquoise corduroy  purse with bead closure, white short tricot gloves, white pearl necklace, brown open toe heels. Same sheath dress as 961 Evening Splendor.

Barbie 912 Cotton Casual 1959-1962

Barbie #912 Cotton Casual 1959-1962 – navy, white cotton stripe sleeveless dress with Barbie black and white tag with back snap closure, orange and yellow accent bows on bodice, white open toe heels.

Barbie 915 Peachy Fleecy 1959-1961

Barbie #915 Peachy Fleecy 1959-1961 – wool fleece winter white coat two half moon patch pockets on front, matching lining, half belt in back with gold tone buckle, brown felt hat with feather and pearl accent, white plastic short gloves, mustard plastic clutch with gold tone bead closure, brown open toe heels. In 1963 Pak Peachy Fleecy coat only.

Barbie 916 Commuter Set 1959-1960

Barbie #916 Commuter
Set 1959-1960
– two piece tailored navy blue cotton suit, white satin body blouse, a blue, white small check nylon body blouse, three flower silk hat in red or deep fuchsia, red cardboard Barbie™ or Barbie ® hatbox with black cord handle, double strand crystal necklace, crystal coil bracelet, short white tricot gloves or white plastic short gloves, navy blue open toe heels. In 1999 Mattel reproduced this outfit.  

Barbie 917 Apple Print Sheath 1959-1960

Barbie #917 Apple Print Sheath 1959-1960 – black cotton with red, green and blue apple print fabric with a back zipper sheath dress, black open toe heels shoes and the first Barbie only on the pink cover booklet.  Same as 971 Easter Parade apple print sheath dress.

Barbie 918 Cruise Stripes dress 1959-1962

Barbie #918 Cruise Stripes 1959-1962 – red and white stripe knit bodice, navy skirt, HTF white plastic belt, black open toe heels shoes and booklet. Same as 968 Roman Holiday dress.

Barbie 919 Fashion Undergarments 1959-1962

Barbie #919 Fashion Undergarments 1959-1962 blue half slip, two tiers of sheer pleated blue ruffles, matching sheer pleated blue tap pants, sheer blue bra, sheer blue embroidered girdle and booklet.

Barbie 921 Floral Petticoat 1959-1963

Barbie #921 Floral Petticoat 1959-1963 – full embroidered sheer white nylon half-slip, bra, tap pants, pink plastic mirror, pink brush, pink comb and booklet. 

Barbie 961 Evening Splendor 1959

Barbie #961 Evening Splendor 1959-1963 – gold and white brocade dress, matching coat trimmed in real brown fur lined in light blue satin, turquoise corduroy purse,short white tricot gloves, white hankie, pearl and fur headband hat, white pearl necklace, brown open toe heel shoes and booklet. Reproduced in 2004, same dress as #911 Golden Girl, in 1963 a red 992 Golden Elegance version.

Barbie 962 Barbie-Q Outfit 1959-1961

Barbie #962 Barbie-Q Outfit 1959-1961 – a rose sleeveless dress edged in white crochet, white apron, white chef’s hat, wood rolling pin with painted red handles, red and white check potholder, metal knife, spoon and spatula with red handles, white open toe heel shoes and booklet. 1962-1963 Pak Apron and Utensils is the same, minus the dress.

Barbie 963 Resort Set 1959-1962

Barbie #963 Resort Set 1959-1962 – red cotton white trim jacket with big collar, navy and white narrow stripe knit sleeveless top, white cuffed shorts, white sailor type hat, white cork wedgies shoes, gold-tone charm bracelet with three saw-tooth circles attached and booklet.

Barbie 964 Gay Parisienne 1959

Barbie #964 Gay Parisienne 1959 – blue pin dot, bubble dress in rayon taffeta with accent bows, blue tulle veiled headband hat,,  white rabbit fur stole with white lining, long white tricot gloves, navy blue open toe heel shoes, white pearl necklace, white pearl earrings, gold velvet clutch with gold bead closure lined in white satin, Barbie only pink booklet.  This outfit has been reproduced several times, Note:  original only made in 1959, rare.

Barbie 965 Nighty Negligee 1959-1964

Barbie #965 Nighty Negligee 1959-1964 – sheer pink long gown with rosebud accent and ties at waist, matching sheer peignoir long sleeved, front pocket with rosebud accent and bow-tie neckline, felt dog in pink with navy ears and tail, black nose with a red collar, light pink open toe heel shoes with pink pompoms on each toe and booklet.

Barbie 966 Plantation Bell 1959-1961

Barbie #966 Plantation Bell 1959-1961 – dark or light pink sheer waltz length dress with lace (two different laces have been found) and braid trim, white nylon half slip with tulle ruffles and bow accent, big brimmed pink straw crown, white lacy brim hat, pink ribbon trim, matching straw purse with sequins and bead accent, pink pearl necklace and pink pearl earrings, matching pink pearl snake bracelet, short white tricot gloves, light pink open toe heels and booklet.  In 2004 outfit was reproduced.

Barbie 967 Picnic Set 1959-1961

Barbie #967 Picnic Set 1959-1961 – red, white check body blouse, clam-digger jeans fly-front, straw hat red brim trimmed with green and blue ribbon ties a flower and frog accent, woven picnic basket (there are at least two different weaves to the basket) gray and green fish on a tan plastic bamboo pole with a white string line and metal sinker, cork wedgies with red insole and white woven straps. New hat, basket and fish in 1962.   In 2006 outfit was reproduced.  

Barbie 968 Roman Holiday 1959

Barbie #968 Roman Holiday 1959 – red and white striped knit coat with a red half lining, matching dress in red, white bodice, navy skirt, white plastic belt, red straw half hat, white plastic clutch purse, a tiny real brass 3/8″ compact, opens on a hinge with mirror and tiny pink puff, engraved top with a “B“, black rimmed eyeglasses, clear and white plastic eyeglass case, white hankie, white comb, white short tricot gloves, pearl on a chain necklace, black open toe heel shoes. This outfit was reproduced. Note:  original outfit only made in 1959, rare.

Barbie 969 Suburban Shopper 1959-1964

Barbie #969 Suburban Shopper 1959-1964 – blue and white striped cotton full skirt sun dress, big straw hat with blue ribbon trimmed crown, straw tote filled with fruit that came with in two different fabric basket weaves, pink square plastic telephone, white pearl on a chain necklace, white open toe heel shoes and booklet.   In 2001 outfit was reproduced.  

Barbie 971 Easter Parade 1959

Barbie #971 Easter Parade 1959 – black faille coat yoke back, stand up collar, two patch pockets with bow accents unlined, apple print sheath dress (same as 917 Apple print sheath), black shiny plastic clutch purse, white short tricot gloves, black silk headband bow hat, white pearl necklace, white pearl earrings, black open toe heel shoes and booklet. In 1999 outfit was reproduced, Note: Original outfit only made in 1959, rare.

Barbie 972 Wedding Day set 1959-1962

Barbie #972 Wedding Day set 1959-1962 – white satin under dress with heart bodice, flocked and silver glitter tulle sleeves and  attached over skirt, tulle veil on a ring of white pearls, blue sheer garter with flower accents, white pearl necklace, white short tricot gloves, fabric flower bouquet on lace with ribbon trim, white open toe heel shoes and booklet. In 1997 outfit was reproduced.

Barbie 973 Sweet Dreams yellow 1959-1963

Barbie #973 Sweet Dreams yellow 1959-1963 – tricot two piece baby dolls in yellow sheer smocked fabric with blue ribbon straps, yellow tap pants with blue bow trim, blue hair bow on a metal ring, gold and red wax apple, brass alarm clock, green cardboard “Dear Diary” book, light blue open toe heel shoes with blue pompons on toes and booklet. In 1964-1965 Pak Sweet Dreams was made only in Yellow.

Barbie 973 Sweet Dreams Pink 1959-1963

Barbie #973 Sweet Dreams Pink 1959-1963 – tricot two piece baby dolls in pink sheer smocked fabric with blue ribbon straps, pink tap pants with blue bow trim, blue hair bow on a metal ring, gold and red wax apple, brass alarm clock, green cardboard “Dear Diary” book, light blue open toe heel shoes with blue pompons on toes and booklet. A Pak pink Sweet Dreams was not made.

 Barbie 975 Winter Holiday 1959-1963

Barbie #975 Winter Holiday 1959-1963 – white vinyl hip length car coat with red fleece lining, white vinyl tie belt, blue and white stripe knit hooded pullover with a back zipper, black stretch footed pants with back zipper, red plastic gloves, cork wedgies with white insole and uppers shoes, red and black plaid zippered bag and booklet.

Barbie 976 Sweater Girl 1959-1962

Barbie #976 Sweater Girl 1959-1962 – orange knit cardigan, orange knit sleeveless shell, gray wrap around flannel skirt, red “How To Knit” book, silver scissors, knitting bowl with yellow, green and red balls of yarn, two gold knitting needles, black open toe heel shoes and booklet.

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Barbie Doll Fashion: The complete history of the wardrobes of Barbie doll, her friends and her family, volume one 1959-1967 in 1990, volume two 1968-1974 in 1997 both books by Sarah Sink Eames.
The Collector’s Encyclopedia of Barbie Dolls and Collectibles book, page 265 by Sibyl DeWein and Joan Ashabraner in 1984.