American Doll Makers and Marks – F-G

Below is a list of past American antique to vintage doll and toy makers whose company name begins with F to G dates of operation, identifying doll marks, labels, symbols, letters or initials and trade marks when known. 

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F & B, Fleischaker & Baum Company (Effanbee) 1910+ NYC
Fab-Lu company, see Bild Lili clones 1950s-1960s
– doll mark Made in British Crown Hong Kong
Fair & Carnival Supply Co. 1914+, 126 Fifth Avenue, NYC
Beach Flirt, Dainty Maid Bewtie, novelty carnival dolls,
– doll mark Patent No. 52195, July 16, 1918
Fairyland Doll Company 1950s+, see Dress me dolls
F.A.M. Doll Co. doll mark Fam Doll Co 1917-1919 Weehawken, NJ
– called The Doll Shop, made Dolly Dainty dolls
Famous Doll & Toy Corp. 1950s NYC
Famous Doll Studio, Inc. 1906-1922 NYC
– Sani doll a composition character shoulder head
Famous Plaything Co. doll mark Plaything 1930s-1980s
– or Plaything Novelty & Toy Company doll mark
Mark Farmer Doll Co. 1950s
– reproduction china head dolls
Faultless Rubber Co. rubber doll 1916-1923
– made a rubber 1918 Billy Boy doll
Federal Doll Mfg. Co. doll mark Roze Doll 1917-1926
Fiber Craft Materials Corp. doll mark FCM 1953 +
Fiberoid Doll Products Co. doll mark 1927-1930s
First American Doll Factory (Aetna) 1892-1896
Fisher-Price C. 1930-1994 – now part of Mattel
Sheila Flagg Doll C. 1947-1985
Edith Flack Ackley Doll Co.1930s
Fleming Doll Co. doll mark Tum Tum 1922-1924
Flexie Toy Co. 1922-1923
Flexo Toys Corp. doll mark tag 1940s+
Flora’s Famous Dolls 1915-1928
M.C.W. Foote, Fairyland rag dolls 1903-1909
Fortune Toys Incorp. hard plastic dolls 1950s
Foulds & Freure celluloid doll mark F & Y Inc. 1911-1930+
Francesse Doll, saucy walker look a like doll 1950s
Franklin Heirloom Mint doll mark FHM 1964+
Madeline Frazier doll mark La Madelon dolls 1940s
Ralph A. Freundlich Doll o. 1929-1945
Frisch Doll Co. doll mark Frisch 1950s – see Mary Hoyer
Fulper Pottery Co. doll mark Fulper USA 1918-1927
Fun World Doll Co. 1960s-1980s

Gabriel Industries, CBS Toy Co. 1966-1978 NYC
CV Gambina Doll C. 2000s
Lewis Galoob Toys Baby Face doll mark LGTI 1990-1998
Gardel Industries Mayfair birthstone dolls 1940s+
– NASB Nancy Ann look a like dolls
Theodore H. Gary & Company 1909
– fur covered North Pole expedition dolls
Gem Toy Company composition dolls 1913-1931
General Mills Fun Group Inc. doll mark GMFI 1970s
– see Kenner
Arthur A. Gerling Toy Co. 1912-1930s
German Novelty Co. dolls 1914-1915 NYC
– doll label G.N. Co, Tipperary Tommy, Reg. U.S. Pat. Off. No. 82999
Ruth Gibbs Doll Company doll mark R.G. 1946+
Suzanne Gibson Dolls mark SGD 1961-1990
Giebeler Falk metal head doll mark Gi-Fa, G 1918-1921
GI-GO Toys Factory – My Pals Bean Bag Kids dolls 1979+
– 8″ dolls with expressive faces, ie. sticking out tongue, etc.
AC Gilbert Co. Honey West dolls 1966-1967
Gordon F. Gillespie chalkware Vampie doll 1919-1921
– made by The West Craft Studios, Los Angeles, CA
Gimbel Brothers department store doll mark 1887-1986
Gizmo Development, Gay Bob doll 1977+
Glad Toy Co. plastic dolls 1960s, Brookglad
William Glukin & Co doll mark 1920 NYC
Gold Metal doll mark No. 3112 Unbreakable 1878+
Golden Ribbon Playthings dolls 1980s
Philip Goldsmith china doll marks 1870-1894
– doll mark My Dolly, Goldsmith doll mark Pat. Dec. 15, 1885
William Farr Goodwin mechanical dolls 1867-1874
Charles Goodyear rubber dolls 1851+
Goodyear Toy Co. Patsy type dolls 1923-1925
Googly Eye dolls 1911+
Gorham Co. 1831-1967 – now Lenox
Gove Mfg. Co. doll mark UNEKE 1926-1929
WT Grant, Kresge, Kmart 1926-1975 – see Uneeda
Grant Plastics Dress-Me dolls 1950s
Graphics International cloth dolls 1983+
Jane Gray (Stokes) Co. doll mark Ada May 1915-1927+
Ludwig Greiner & Sons papier mache dolls 1840-1890
Gre-Poir cloth dolls 1927-1935 – also in France
John B. Gruelle cloth Raggedy Ann & Andy dolls 1915-1938
Gund Mfg. Co. 1898-present
Ida Anzolotta Gutsell doll maker 1893-1924

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