HAmerican Doll Makers and Marks

Below is a list of past American antique to vintage doll and toy makers whose company name begins with H dates of operation, identifying doll marks, labels, symbols, letters or initials and trade marks when known. 

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HCN Enterprises, Incorporated dolls 1990s
Haber Brothers, NYC doll mark HB0 118 in 1917-1922
J. Halperrn & Co., HALCO composition dolls 1923-1951
Hamburger & Company dolls 1889-1910
– doll mark DP, H & C, Imperial H & Co
Hard Plastic doll marks
Hardy Different Toys hard plastic dolls 1950s
Hart Throb Doll Company dolls 1950s
Hartland Plastics Inc. action figures 1939+
William A. Harwood papier mache dolls 1862-1880s
Hasbro Industries Company dolls 1923+
Hausman & Zatulove, H & Z Co, doll mark KU-TEE 1919
George Hawkins Doll Co. cloth dolls 1867-1870
– doll mark XLCR Doll Head Pat. Sept. 8, 1868
Margaret Gebbie Hays designer doll mark MGH 1909-1910
– sister of Grace Drayton, wife of Frank Hays
Hazelle, Inc. marionettes, puppet dolls 1935-1975 Kansas City
Head & Kane, Inc. artist dolls (Magge Kane Head) 1963-1970s
Hedwig de Angeli Doll Co. 1940s
Dorothy Heizer cloth art dolls 1921-1930s
I & M Helvetic Corp. mechanical dolls 1927-1928
Henderson Glove Co. native American Indian dolls 1927-1930s
– doll mark Master Built symbols Brown Faces
Madame Hendren, see Averill Mfg. 1915-1965

P. J. Hill Co. 1952-1956 Newark, NJ
Hinrichs & Co. doll mark H & Co 1890-1904
Hitty wood dolls 1820s+
Hitz, Jacobs & Kassler doll mark HJK 1918-1930s
– then Jacobs & Kassler doll mark JK
Hitz, Monroe & Co doll mark The Hitz Line 1926-1930s
Hoest & Henderson baby & mama dolls 1926-1929
Holiday Faire Inc. Company dolls 1960s+
Hollywood Doll Mfg. Co. doll mark Hollywood Doll 1941-1956
Hollywood Studio Doll U.S. Patent 91090 Handmade 1930s
Home Interiors & Gifts doll mark house roof symbol ® 1957-2008+
Honey Bear Farms ceramic dolls 1950+ Genoa City, WI
Hoo Choy, Goddess of Good Luck composition dolls 1930s
Horsman Doll Co doll mark EIH Co Inc 1865-1984
Hoseley Party Dolls 1954-1955 (Hoyer)
Arthur E. Hotchkiss doll clockwork mechanism patent 1875+
doll mark September 21, 1875
House of Puzzy, H. Cohen composition dolls 1920s-1949
Mary Hoyer Doll Company 1925-1970s
Peggy Huffman Originals dolls 1950s
Hungerford Plastics Corporation dolls 1949+ Rockaway, NJ
rubber or vinyl Charlie Brown Peanuts Gang doll mark Hungerford

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The Collector’s Encyclopedia of Dolls volume I, II by authors Coleman, Antique Trader’s Doll Makers & Marks, a guide to identification book by author Dawn Herlocher, every other doll book we have or can borrow and extensive research across the Internet from 2000+ which now we share with you.