HAmerican Doll Makers and Marks

Below is a list of past American antique to vintage doll and toy makers whose company name begins with H dates of operation, identifying doll marks, labels, symbols, letters or initials and trade marks when known. 

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HCN Enterprises, Incorporated dolls 1990s
Haber Brothers, NYC doll mark HB0 118 in 1917-1922
J. Halperrn & Co., HALCO composition dolls 1923-1951
Hamburger & Company dolls 1889-1910
– doll mark DP, H & C, Imperial H & Co
Hard Plastic doll marks
Hardy Different Toys hard plastic dolls 1950s
Hart Throb Doll Company dolls 1950s
Hartland Plastics Inc. action figures 1939+
William A. Harwood papier mache dolls 1862-1880s
Hasbro Industries Company dolls 1923+
Hausman & Zatulove, H & Z Co, doll mark KU-TEE 1919
George Hawkins Doll Co. cloth dolls 1867-1870
– doll mark XLCR Doll Head Pat. Sept. 8, 1868
Margaret Gebbie Hays designer doll mark MGH 1909-1910
– sister of Grace Drayton, wife of Frank Hays
Hazelle, Inc. marionettes, puppet dolls 1935-1975 Kansas City
Head & Kane, Inc. artist dolls (Magge Kane Head) 1963-1970s
Hedwig de Angeli Doll Co. 1940s
Dorothy Heizer cloth art dolls 1921-1930s
I & M Helvetic Corp. mechanical dolls 1927-1928
Henderson Glove Co. native American Indian dolls 1927-1930s
– doll mark Master Built symbols Brown Faces
Madame Hendren, see Averill Mfg. 1915-1965

P. J. Hill Co. 1952-1956 Newark, NJ
Hinrichs & Co. doll mark H & Co 1890-1904
Hitty wood dolls 1820s+
Hitz, Jacobs & Kassler doll mark HJK 1918-1930s
– then Jacobs & Kassler doll mark JK
Hitz, Monroe & Co doll mark The Hitz Line 1926-1930s
Hoest & Henderson baby & mama dolls 1926-1929
Holiday Faire Inc. Company dolls 1960s+
Hollywood Doll Mfg. Co. doll mark Hollywood Doll 1941-1956
Hollywood Studio Doll U.S. Patent 91090 Handmade 1930s
Home Interiors & Gifts doll mark house roof symbol ® 1957-2008+
Honey Bear Farms ceramic dolls 1950+ Genoa City, WI
Hoo Choy, Goddess of Good Luck composition dolls 1930s
Horsman Doll Co doll mark EIH Co Inc 1865-1984
Hoseley Party Dolls 1954-1955 (Hoyer)
Arthur E. Hotchkiss doll clockwork mechanism patent 1875+
doll mark September 21, 1875
House of Puzzy, H. Cohen composition dolls 1920s-1949
Mary Hoyer Doll Company 1925-1970s
Peggy Huffman Originals dolls 1950s
Hungerford Plastics Corporation dolls 1949+ Rockaway, NJ
rubber, vinyl Charlie Brown Peanuts Gang doll mark Hungerford

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The Collector’s Encyclopedia of Dolls books, vol. I (1800-1925) in 1968, vol. II (1800-1930) in 1986 by Dorothy S., Elizabeth A. and Evelyn J. Coleman, Antique Trader’s Doll Makers and Marks, a guide to identification book in 1999 by Dawn Herlocher, plus every other doll book we have or can borrow and continued research across the Internet since 1999, which we share with you.