T – American Doll Makers and Marks

A list of past American doll and toy makers whose company name begins with T dates of operation, identifying doll marks, labels, symbols, letters or initials and trade marks when known. 

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James Scholly Taft Company doll mark DA6 in 1910-1917
Taiyo Trading Company composition dolls 1919-1920s
– merger of Tajimi Co. & Takito, Ogawa Co.
doll mark T flower symbol
HH Tammenn 1881-1962, see Arrow Novelty
TanLine Products, Inc. black dolls 1960s+ Detroit, MI
Marion Curry Tebbets cloth Petiekin dolls 1921-1930+
– doll mark Petiekin Honey, Trade Mark Reg.,
U.S. Pat. Off., Pat. May 13, 1924
Terri Lee Doll Co. doll mark © symbol 1946-1962
Martha Meg Thompson porcelain doll mark MDT 1950s
Thomas R. Thompson doll mark Tots-Toie 1919+
Three in One Doll Corporation composition dolls 1946+
– 3 in 1 company multi-face Trudy doll
Timely Toys, Inc. 1949-2011 NYC, St. Louis, MO
– plush, tin wind up toys, doll mark Timely Toys
Timely Toys, Inc. doll mark Timely Toys 1950s
– Cindy Snow doll
Tiny Town Dolls cloth wired dolls 1949-1950s
Tip Top Toy Company doll mark TTT 1912-1921
Togs & Dolls 1950s, see Terri Lee
Tonka Toy Company 1955-1991 now Hasbro

Robert Tonner Doll Co. doll mark © 2013 in 1991-2018
Totsy Doll Company 1960s, see Barbie clones dolls
Toy Products Mfg. Co. dolls 1925-1930
(The) Toy Shop composition dolls 1922-1929
– doll mark intertwined TS, AIAX
Toys “R” Us dolls & toys 1948-2018 Wayne, NJ
– Geoffrey LLC is a subsidiary
Toytime Incorporated Co. 1981+ NYC
Transogram Company Inc. dolls 1915-1971 NYC
– doll mark Transogram Co Inc New York
Trego Doll Co. doll mark TREGO inside an oval 1918-1921
Treng Mfg. Co. doll mark TREMACO 1926-1927
Trion Toy Co. doll mark Trion 1911-1921
Tri-Star International, Limited 1960s+
– Twentieth Century Fox Corp.
Helen Trowbridge doll designer 1910-1922
Miss Fannie Turgeon dolls 1986-2004
– by Donna Gilbert, reproduction dolls
Tut Manufacturing Company 1923-1924
– doll mark label Tu-Tankh-Amen Dolls
Tyco Toys 1926-1997 now Mattel
A. Boots Tyner Originals, Sugar Britches baby dolls 1980s
– and Boots ‘N Friends, sold above reproduction doll molds

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The Collector’s Encyclopedia of Dolls volume I, II by authors Coleman, Antique Trader’s Doll Makers & Marks, a guide to identification book by author Dawn Herlocher, every other doll book we have or can borrow and extensive research across the Internet from 2000+ which now we share with you.