American Doll Makers and Marks – S

Below is a list of past American antique to vintage doll and toy makers whose company name begins with A dates of operation, identifying doll marks, labels, symbols, letters or initials and trade marks when known. 

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S & H Novelty Co. 1925-1930s
– Tee-Wee doll patent Dec. 6, 1927, Bye-Lo like doll
Saalfield Publishing Co. doll mark SPTCO 1900-1977
Samet and Wells Company 1975+
– made plastic mask face, cloth body dolls & animals
Louis Sametz doll mark Indian head symbol 1918-1924
Samstag & Hilder Brothers dolls 1894-1920
– Fluffy Ruffles doll, Hug Me Kiddies doll
– or Hug Me Kid doll, Peter Pan Play dolls
Samstag & Hilder Brothers doll mark Peter Pan Play
Sanitoy, Inc. dolls 1970s+
Saxon Toy Corporation 1940s-1950s+ Brooklyn, NY
Schaper Toys, W.H. Schaper Mfg. Company 1949-1986 MN
– a division of Kusan, Inc, sold to Tyco in 1986
Li’l Me dolls 1970s-1980s
W.H. Schaper Mfg. Co. doll toy mark WHS Inc. Pat. Pend.
Schavior Rubber Co. rubber dolls 1926-1930s
J. L. Schilling Co. phonograph talking dolls 1943-49 NYC
– doll mark doll mark Pat. 1998149 other PATS PEND
Louis Schmetzer doll mark LS & C wheel symbol 1875-1876
Minna M. Schmidt wax dolls 1923-1930s
Schoen Toy Manufacturing 1917-1922, see next
Schoen & Yondorf doll mark SAYCO 1922-1960s
Albert Schoenhut doll mark Pat. Jan 17th, 1911 (1872-1935)
Schranz and Bieber Co. doll trade mark ESANBE 1920
FAO Schwartz Toy store doll mark 1848-1925+
– Henry, Richard, Gustav & Frederick FAO Schwartz of NYC 1862
SeaBabies cloth dolls 1989+ Orleans, MA
Seamless Rubber Corp. doll mark Hula Maidens 1921-1923
Seamless Toy Corp. dolls 1914-1929
Sears Happi-time Dolls 1901-1967
Seeley doll body mark © Vernon Seeley 1946-2009
– reproduction doll molds, bodies, products
Seiberling Latex Products Co. rubber dolls 1921-1964 Ohio
– Disney characters, Bye-Bye Baby dolls
Seigenberg & Sher doll mark Tut’s Mummies 1923
Seigenberg & Sher doll mark label coffin symbol with Egyptian bust on cover Tut’s Mummies
Selchow & Righter doll mark S & R 1864-1930
Selchow & Righter doll mark S & R
Seltaeb NEMS Entreprises Limited 1963+
– Beatles rubber dolls, plus other memorabilia
Seymour Mann dolls 1980s-1990s
B. Shackman & Co. dolls 1898-present NYC
– doll mark label copyright Geo Mac Manus
Elsie Shaver cloth doll mark Little Shavers 1919
J. B. Sheppard & Company cloth dolls 1900+
– Philadelphia Baby doll, Sheppard Baby doll
Sherman Doll & Toy Company 1950s-1960s NYC
Judee doll, A Child’s Sweetheart doll
Inga Shilling-Patterson doll mark Inga 1924-1925
M & S Shillman doll mark M & S 1925-1930
J. Shin Co. dba Village Toys 1980s
– Ice Cream dolls made in Hong Kong
Shindana Dolls 1960s-1980s
Lita & Bessie Shinn doll mark Shinn Sisters 1916-1920
Signature Doll Company 1969+ NYC

Shows Dolls Co. ca. 1950s NYC
– funny face cloth boy with freckles doll 16″
Shreve Island Plantation Julie Ann Mayer dolls 1930s-1950s
– flat wood or plastic dress up dolls
Shulman & Sons doll mark SS NY 1906 on a scroll 1906-1924
Sibyl Fortune Teller doll Co 1738 S. Oxford Ave. LA 1925-1930+
Silk Novelty Corp. mask face dolls 1930s
Silver Doll & Toy Co. 1923-1924, see Ralph A. Freundlich
M. Silverman & Co. doll mark SMS 1919-1924
– doll mark My Beauty SMS
Simpich Character dolls 1952-2007
Simpson-Crawford cymbalier dolls 1904-1906
Skippy Doll Corp. 1960s+ Brooklyn, NY
Celia & Charity Smith cloth dolls 1889-1911
D. M. Smith & Co. wooden dolls 1852-1885
– also Henry Mason, Mason & Taylor
Ella Smith Alabama Baby doll mark Pat. Nov. 9, 1912
PD Smith Co dolls by David Putnam 1913-1922
American Beauty Doll Co. doll mark Tumblin’ Tim 1922-23
Solomen, Mannie & Co. wood dolls 1923
E. L. Sommer & Company rubber doll mark ESCO 1921-30
Lewis Sorensen artist wax dolls 1934-1985 Fullerton, CA
Marjorie Spangler Dolls Inc. 1970s+
Spiegel Dolls 1933+
Stahlwood Co. rubber squeak dolls 1950s
Standard Doll Co. 1917-1960s+
Star Doll & Toy Co. 1915-1960s
Starlite Scioto Doll Mold Co. ?-2000
– now owned by Evans Cermaic Suppy 2000 to present
Starr Dolls, Dorothy Collins plastic dolls 1950s
Stashin Doll Company plastic dolls 1950s+
A. Steinhardt & Brothers doll importer 1910-1919
– doll mark Marceline The Hippodrome Clown
Sterling Doll Co. boudoir dolls 1920s-1930s
– Babe Ruth doll, Harold Red Grange doll
Mary M. Steuber doll mark patent June 25, 78
– patent for sewing cloth stocking to leg to
– boot, with China, bisque or papier mache heads
Abbie B. Stevens doll mark Georgia Peaches, dates unknown
Strasburger, Pfeiffer & Company china doll mark 1880-1882
Adolph Strauss doll mark ASCO, SECO 1857-1937
– then Strauss Eckhardt & Co 1923-1925+
Fred F.J. Strauss Company doll mark STRACO 1960-2001
Lewis Straus & Sons figurine doll mark RW 1896+ Rodolstadt
Strawbridge & Clothier dept. store 1868-2006 Philly
– doll marks Baby Helen doll, The Princess Doll, Princess Royal doll
Strobel & Wilken trade mark SWC 1864-1930
India King Stubbs doll mark Actoe 1923
Sun Rubber Company Dolls 1923-1974
Sunshine Doll Company 1960s, Brooklyn, NY
– Here’s Harriet Her Hair Grows doll, a Tressy grow hair clone
Sunny-Twin Dolly Co. celluloid dolls 1919-1920
– doll mark Sunny-Twin Dollies
Super Doll Corp. doll mark Made in Hong Kong 1948-1992 NYC
A. D. Sutton & Sons mask face, plastic Dedo dolls 1940s+

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The Collector’s Encyclopedia of Dolls volume I, II by authors Coleman, Antique Trader’s Doll Makers & Marks, a guide to identification book by author Dawn Herlocher, every other doll book we have or can borrow and extensive research across the Internet from 2000+ which now we share with you.