N-P American Doll Makers and Marks

American antique to vintage doll and toy makers whose company name begins with N, O or P, dates of operation, identifying doll marks, labels, symbols, letters or initials and trade marks when known. 

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Naber Kids wood dolls 1970-1994
Nadel & Sons Toy Corporation 1987- present NYC
Nancy Ann Storybook Doll Company NASB 1936-1971
Nasco Doll Company 1948-1960s Brooklyn, NY
National Doll Company composition dolls 1923-1930+ NYC
– made composition Mama dolls with Voices Inc. cry boxes
National Joint Limb Doll Company 1917-1922
– Miss Najo doll mark NAJO
National Negro Doll Company (NNDC) 1909-1915 Nashville
– 1908-1909 Negro Doll Company (NDC), see above
– sold bisque black dolls 12″ to 36″ tall
National Syndications dolls, San Francisco, CA 1950s
National Toy Company 1915+ Boston, MA
– 1915 Ragtime Rastus a black phonograph dancing doll
– 1921 Shimandy a shimmy girl dancer on phonograph
Natural Doll Co. doll mark ND 1915-1966 NYC
Nelke Coporation cloth doll mark 1917-1930
New England Doll Co. doll mark NEDCO 1919-1921
– merged with American Tissue Mills & Utley in 1919
New Era Novelty Company doll mark NENCo 1914-1916
New Era Toy & Novelty Company The Kimball Kids dolls 1921
New Toy Manufacturing Company composition 1912-1921
– 1912 Wall Eyed googly dolls Jack an Jill, similar to Hug Me Kiddies
– doll mark Lignumfibro Nutoi, Made in USA
New York Doll Shoe Company 1960s NYC
New York Merchandising Company 1920-2009 NYC
– 1921-1924 registered Pearlie doll name in USA
New York Rubber Co. Goodyear rubber dolls Pat. 444 mark 1851-1917
Newark India Rubber Co. rubber dolls 1849-1853+
Nibur Novelty composition doll mark Nibur 1914-1929
Margit Nilsen Studios dolls 1930s-1940s
– manikins, Deb-U-Doll, Little Sister, Judy dolls, Thumbs Up Victory
Niresk Industries, Inc dolls 1950s
Noma Electric 1950s, see Effanbee
Non-Breakable Toy Co. doll mark Capo 1916-1917
– owner Joseph Capuano, Muskegon, MI
Nonpareil Toy & Novelty 1920-1940s
Northern Doll Company doll mark Brenda Doll 1950s Chicago
Novelty Doll Mfg. Company dolls 1922-1950s
– Norma Originals dress me type dolls 1950s
Novelty Mart plastic dolls 1949+ at 59 East 8th St. NYC
Nutshell Variety Sales Co. by Walter B. Abbott sun tan dolls 1921-1953
(The One Hundred) 100 Doll Company, tiny plastic dolls 1950s+
Oates Wax Studio wax figurine dolls 1927-1928
Olmec Corporation 1985+
Rose O’Neill kewpie doll designer 1909+
– doll mark Rose © O’Neill, doll mark Rose O’Neill Kewpie dolls
Ontario Plastic Doll Company 1950s
Oriental or Asian dolls 1400+
Jeanne I. Orsini doll mark J.I.O. © 1920 44, 1916-1930+
Overland Metal Novelty Co. made doll eyes 1925-1927
– doll eyes mark O.M.N. Company. Inc. Pats. Pend.
Oz Toys & Dolls (Frank Baum) doll mark Oz 1924-1926

P & M Doll Co. composition doll mark PAM, PMA 1918-1930+
– founded by Salvatore Paganello in NYC
P & M Doll Company by Paula Mae 1950s-1960s NYC
– doll marks Plated Molded Sales, Plated Moulded, Inc.
George H. Paine doll shoe mark Shoe Soap Kid 1920s NYC
– advertising for George H. Paine kid and calf shoe soap

Paramount Doll Co. doll mark Baby Wobbles 1926-1930
Paramount Novelties Co. doll heads 1960s+ Los Angeles
– craft store novelties; beads etc. plastic doll, clown heads
Paris Doll Corporation Rita dolls 1940s-1956
Paris & Company Liddle Kiddle like clone dolls 1960s
Parsons-Jackson Company celluloid dolls 1910-1919
– doll mark a standing stork
J. N. Patten wood dolls 1878-1879
– merged with Jointed Doll Co. 1879
Patsy type look a like dolls 1928+
Hal Payne doll mark Payne 1986+
P. Payton Co. plastic dolls & toys 1950s-1960s
Edward S. Peck dolls 1884-1886
Herman Pecker & Co. Inc. plastic dolls 1960s-1970s
Peggy Huffman Peggy’s Doll House
– Peggy’s Pets dolls Jefferson city, MO 1958+
Penn Stuffed Toy Co. composition dolls 1924-1930
– doll mark label Penn Doll Trade Mark
Perfect Toy Mfg. Co. composition doll mark Perfect 1919-1930s
Bert Perlman Toys dolls 1950-2000 NYC
Peter Puppet Playthings doll mark © PPP 1947-1962
Petri-Lewis Mfg Co. wooden dolls 1923-1929
Genevieve Pfeffer Co. Splash Me doll, Com-A-Long doll 1917-1920
Maggie & Bessie Pfhol cloth dolls 1897+
Philadelphia Baby, JB Sheppard & Co. cloth dolls 1900+
Pinky Winky Products Doll Co. 1920s, see Averill
Plackie Toy Company 1935-1992 Ohio, infant key rattles
– subsidiary Tinkle Toy 1957+, plastic, rubber squeak dolls & toys
Plastic Molded Arts PMA dolls 1949-1961
Plated Molded Sales, Inc., Plated Moulded, Inc,
P & M, Paula Mae Sales dolls 1960s+ NYC, all same Co.
Playhouse Dolls 1950s
Playland Toy Corp. doll mark W.L. Wilson Pat. 114,706 (1952+)
Playskool 1928-1984 now Hasbro
Plaything Novelty & Toy Company ??
Pleasant Company (American Girl dolls) 1986-1998 now Mattel
Politzer Toy Mfg. Co. doll mark PTM Co 1914-1915
Pollyanna Doll Company 1920s-1930s
Poppy Dolls wood Scarey Ann dolls 1924-1929+
Porcelain Collector dolls 1980s+
Posies, Inc. Angela West doll designer 1998+
Prager and Rueben Co. cloth dolls 1942+
– 510 East 73rd Street, New York, NY
Presbyterian cloth dolls 1880s+
Pressman Toy Corporation dolls 1950s
Albert E. Price Products, importer 1929+ Bellmawr, NJ
– doll mark three circles, two circles with an arrow in center, Oumlet
Primrose Doll Company doll mark label 1927-1930
Chums Primrose twin boy or girl dolls
Princess Anna Doll Co. Inc. small dolls 1947-1950s NYC, Paris, FR
– doll mark Princess Ann, Princess Anna
Progressive Toy Co. composition dolls 1917-1924
– 1919-1921 Sweetie or Sweetness wood fiber doll
Grace Storey Putnam doll designer 1923+
– doll mark © 1923 by Grace S. Putnam Made in Germany,
20-10 Copr. by Grace S. Putnam Germany

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The Collector’s Encyclopedia of Dolls books, vol. I (1800-1925) in 1968, vol. II (1800-1930) in 1986 by Dorothy S., Elizabeth A. and Evelyn J. Coleman, Antique Trader’s Doll Makers and Marks, a guide to identification book in 1999 by Dawn Herlocher, plus every other doll book we have or can borrow and continued research across the Internet since 1999, which we share with you.