American Doll Makers and Marks N – O – P

American antique to vintage doll and toy makers whose company name begins with N, O or P, dates of operation, identifying doll marks, labels, symbols, letters or initials and trade marks when known. 

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Naber Kids wood dolls 1970-1994
Nadel & Sons Toy Corporation 1987- present NYC
Nancy Ann Storybook Doll Company NASB 1936-1971
Nasco Doll Company 1948-1960s Brooklyn, NY
National Doll Company composition dolls 1923-1930+ NYC
– made composition Mama dolls with Voices Inc. cry boxes
National Joint Limb Doll Company 1917-1922
– Miss Najo doll mark NAJO
National Negro Doll Company (NNDC) 1909-1915 Nashville
– 1908-1909 Negro Doll Company (NDC), see above
– sold bisque black dolls 12″ to 36″ tall
National Syndications, San Francisco, CA 1950s
National Toy Company 1915+ Boston, MA
– 1915 Ragtime Rastus a black phonograph dancing doll
– 1921 Shimandy a shimmy girl dancer on phonograph
Natural Doll Co. doll mark ND 1915-1966 NYC
Nekarda dolls by Mabel Drake 1911 NYC
– doll mark Suffragette Kid Votes-for-Women
Nelke Coporation cloth doll mark 1917-1930
New England Doll Co. doll mark NEDCO 1919-1921
– merged with American Tissue Mills & Utley in 1919
New Era Novelty Company doll mark NENCo 1914-1916
New Era Toy & Novelty Company The Kimball Kids dolls 1921
New Toy Manufacturing Company composition 1912-1921
– 1912 Wall Eyed googly dolls Jack an Jill, similar to Hug Me Kiddies
– doll mark Lignumfibro Nutoi, Made in USA
New York Doll Shoe Co. 1960s NYC
New York Merchandising Co. 1920-2009 NYC
– 1921-1924 registered Pearlie doll name in USA
New York Rubber Co. Goodyears rubber dolls Pat. 444 mark 1851-1917
Newark India Rubber Co. dolls 1849-1853+
Nibur Novelty composition doll mark Nibur 1914-1929
Margit Nilsen Studios dolls 1930s-1940s
– manikins, Deb-U-Doll, Little Sister, Judy dolls, Thumbs Up Victory
Niresk Industries, Inc dolls 1950s
Noma Electric 1950s, see Effanbee
Non-Breakable Doll Co. doll mark Jam Kiddo 1912-1916
Non-Breakable Toy Co. doll mark Capo 1916-1917
– owner Joseph Capuano, Muskegon, MI
Nonpareil Toy & Novelty 1920-1940s
Northern Doll Company doll mark Brenda Doll 1950s Chicago
Novelty Doll Mfg. Co. 1922-1950s
– Norma Originals dress me type dolls 1950s
Novelty Mart plastic dolls 1949+ 59 East 8th St. NYC
Nutshell Variety Sales Co. by Walter B. Abbott sun tan dolls 1921-1953
(The One Hundred) 100 Doll Company, tiny plastic dolls 1950s+
Oates Wax Studio wax figurine dolls 1927-1928
Olmec Corporation 1985+
Rose O’Neill kewpie doll designer 1909+
– doll mark Rose © O’Neill, doll mark Rose O’Neill Kewpie dolls
Ontario Plastic Doll Company 1950s
Oriental or Asian dolls 1400+
Jeanne I. Orsini doll mark J.I.O. © 1920 44, 1916-1930+
Overland Metal Novelty Co. made doll eyes 1925-1927
– doll eyes mark O.M.N. Company. Inc. Pats. Pend.
Oz Toys & Dolls (Frank Baum) doll mark Oz 1924-1926
P & M Doll Company composition doll mark PAM 1918-1930+
P & M Doll Company by Paula Mae 1950s-1960s NYC
– doll marks Plated Molded Sales, Plated Moulded, Inc.
George H. Paine doll shoe mark Shoe Soap Kid 1920s NYC
– advertising for George H. Paine kid and calf shoe soap

P – continued
Paramount Doll Co. doll mark Baby Wobbles 1926-1930
Paramount Novelties Co. doll heads 1960s+ Los Angeles
– craft store novelties; beads etc. plastic doll, clown heads
Paris Doll Corporation dolls 1940s-1956
Paris & Company Liddle Kiddle like clone dolls 1960s
Parsons-Jackson Company celluloid dolls 1910-1919
– doll mark a standing stork
J. N. Patten dolls 1878-1879
– merged with Jointed Doll Co. 1879
Patsy type look a like dolls 1928+
Hal Payne doll mark Payne 1986+
P. Payton Co. plastic dolls & toys 1950s-1960s
Edward S. Peck dolls 1884-1886
Herman Pecker & Co. Inc. dolls 1960s-1970s
Peggy Huffman Peggy’s Doll House
– Peggy’s Pets dolls Jefferson city, MO 1958+
Francis Pelobet walking dolls 1884-1886
Penn Stuffed Toy Co. composition dolls 1924-1930
– doll mark label Penn Doll Trade Mark
Perfect Toy Mfg. Co. composition doll mark Perfect 1919-1930s
Bert Perlman Toys dolls 1950-2000 NYC
M. Pessner & Co. doll mark Sistie Doll 1934
Peter Puppet Playthings doll mark © PPP 1947-1962
Petri & Blum doll doll mark American Baby on a shield 1915-1916
Petri-Lewis Mfg Co. wooden dolls 1923-1929
Genevieve Pfeffer Co. Splash Me doll, Com-A-Long doll 1917-1920
Maggie & Bessie Pfhol cloth dolls 1897+
Philadelphia Baby, JB Sheppard & Co. cloth dolls 1900+
Margaret B. Philips Doll Co. 1916-1917
– doll mark Polly Preparedness Patriotic inside a star
Pinky Winky Products Doll Co. 1920s, see Averill
Plackie Toy Company 1935-1992 Ohio, infant key rattles
– subsidiary Tinkle Toy 1957+, plastic, rubber squeak dolls & toys
Plastic Molded Arts PMA dolls 1949-1961
Plated Molded Sales, Inc., Plated Moulded, Inc,
– P & M, Paula Mae Sales dolls 1960s+ NYC, all same Co.
Playhouse Dolls 1950s
Playland Toy Corp. doll mark W.L. Wilson Pat. 114,706 (1952+)
Playskool 1928-1984 now Hasbro
Plaything Novelty & Toy Company ??
Pleasant Company (American Girl dolls) 1986-1998 now Mattel
Politzer Toy Mfg. Co. doll mark PTM Co 1914-1915
Pollyanna Doll Company 1920s-1930s
Poppy Dolls wood Scarey Ann dolls 1924-1929+
Porcelain Collector dolls 1980s+
Posies, Inc. Angela West doll designer 1998+
Leo Potter doll mark NockWood 1915
Prager and Rueben Co. cloth dolls 1942+
– 510 East 73rd Street, New York, NY
Presbyterian cloth dolls 1880s+
Pressman Toy Corporation 1950s
Albert E. Price Products, importer 1929+ Bellmawr, NJ
– doll mark three circles, two circles with an arrow in center, Oumlet
William Price Jr. doll mark Slimber Jim the Dancing Doll 1921
Primrose Doll Co. doll mark label 1927-1930
Chums Primrose twin boy or girl dolls
Princess Anna Doll Co. Inc. small dolls 1947-1950s NYC, Paris, FR
– doll mark Princess Ann, Princess Anna
Progressive Toy Co. composition dolls 1917-1924
– 1919-1921 Sweetie or Sweetness wood fiber doll
Grace Storey Putnam doll designer 1923+
– doll mark © 1923 by Grace S. Putnam Made in Germany,
20-10 Copr. by Grace S. Putnam Germany

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The Collector’s Encyclopedia of Dolls volume I, II by authors Coleman, Antique Trader’s Doll Makers & Marks, a guide to identification book by author Dawn Herlocher, every other doll book we have or can borrow and extensive research across the Internet from 2000+ which now we share with you.