American Doll Makers and Marks Q, R

American antique to vintage doll and toy makers whose company name begins with Q or R, dates of operation, identifying doll marks, labels, symbols, letters or initials and trade marks when known. 

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E & G Quackenbush doll mark Tiny Tots 1915-1917
– made of rubber and cloth Tubbies washable dolls
Quaddy Playthings Mfg. Co. 1916-1920
– in 1920 was succeeded by Pan-American Toy Co.
– Peter Rabbit doll mark Quaddy Pat. Jan. 30, 1917
Quaker Doll Co. doll mark Quaker Quality 1915-1930s
Quan Quan Doll Co. composition dolls 1930s
Questor Education Products Company 1975-1978
– 1978 sold to Gabriel Industries a division of CBS
RK International, Inc. animated dolls 1960s- ?
– animated window display 32″ + large Christmas dolls
Robert Raikes wooden doll mark backward RR 1989+
Jessie M. Raleigh Doll Co. 1916-1920
– acquired by Pollyanna Doll Co. in 1920
Katherine Rauser doll mark KR 1904-1925+
Ravon Doll Company plastic dolls 1950s
Helen Vincent Reader doll mark Gooky Girl 1922-1924
C.A. Reed Company celluloid doll mark 1924
Regal Doll Mfg. Co. 1919-1939 USA
Ernst Reinhardt doll mark ER intertwined 1890s-1922
– also called Bisc Novelty Mfg. Co.
– Ernst Reinhardt doll mark ER intertwined
Reisman, Barron & Co. doll mark Adora-Belle 1916-1930
Remco Industries 1960-1974
Renwal doll house dolls, furniture etc. 1950s
A.J. Renzi Plastic Corp. 1959-2000 Leominster, MA
– made blow molded toys, figures, banks +
– div. Play Pal Inc. 1964+, 20th Century Fox Corp.
Republic Doll & Toy Corp. 152-156 Wooster St. NYC 1919-1921
– wood fiber figurines Baby Kweenie, Kweenie, Salute, Smiles dolls
Paul Revere Pottery doll mark BI, C2, LR, PRP 110 (1912-1925+)
Rex Doll Company 1916-1918, see Cameo
Richwood Toys Dolls late 1940s+

R – continued
E. Ridley & Sons papier mache dolls 1884-1898 NYC
Rite Lee dolls 1950s
John D. Robbins wood dolls 1860-1861+
Samuel Robert 1921-1925, see Konroe Merchants
Sarah Robinson doll inventor 1883-1925+
– patented the ne plus ultra leather body riveted joint
Roberta Doll Co. dolls are unmarked with a hangtag 1940s-1970s
Robinson & Golluber, Inc. A. Skandia cloth dolls 1962 + NYC
Grace Corry Rockwell Doll Company 1920s, see Averill
– Little Sister doll, Little Brother doll, Wiji Fiji doll, Romper Boy doll,
– Pretty Peggy doll mold 1392
Gertrude F. Rollinson dolls 1916-1917 dist. by Utley
Rookwood Pottery 1880-present Cincinnati, OH
– doll mark backwards RP, flames doll heads ca. 1915-1922
Rose Mary Doll Mfg. Co. plastic dolls 1959-1960s
Rosebud Dolls 1950s-1967
S. Rosenberg Company, SARCO dolls 1960s
Rosko Tested dolls 1950s-1960s Japan
Ross and Ross doll mark label Topsy 1918-1930s
– doll mark label Topsy Doll Trademark Ross & Ross Oakland, Cal.
Ross Products, Inc plastic dolls 1960s
Joseph Roth Mfg. Co. 1914-1928 – see Roth, Baitz & Lipsitz
Roth, Baitz & Lipsitz doll mark R.B.& L. 1922-1927
Rothschild Doll Co. of Massachusetts 1982-1990
Sigmund L. Rothschild doll mark SIR 1917-1920
Rouech-Bowden dolls & toys mark Playtime 1906-1908
Rouech-Bowden dolls & toys mark Playtime
Royal Blue Stores dolls 1948+
Royalty Industries Inc. 1974+ Miami, FL
Royal Mfg. Co. doll mark 1914-1977 NYC
The Ruffles Company doll mark label 1930+
– doll label Ruffles Trademark Reg. Design Patent 82656 Kansas City
Rushton Company 1917-1983 Atlanta, GA & NYC
– Mawaphil cloth dolls 1921-1930s

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