U-Z American Doll Makers and Marks

A list of past American doll and toy makers whose company name begins with U-Z, with dates of operation, identifying doll marks, labels, symbols, letters or initials and trade marks when known. 

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Bernhard Ulmann Co. Bucilla 1867+ NYC
Bucilla Needlecraft cloth doll kits ca. 1960s+
Uneeda Doll Co. doll mark 1917-1973
Unger Doll & Toy Co. cell-u-pon doll red label 1929-1930
Unger Doll & Toy Company cell-u-pon doll red label
Unique Doll Company plastic dolls 1950s
Unique Novelty Doll Company 1925-1930s
Universal Toy Company, trade name Baby Berry Toy 1950s
Utley Company doll mark Rollinson Holyoke, Mass. 1916-1919
– merged American Tissue Mills & New England Doll in 1919

Valentine Doll Company 1950s-1960s
Vermont Novelty Works 1858-1925+
– Joel Ellis, Rodney Briton, Ellis Eaton
Victoria Doll Company 1919-1938+ NYC
– 11″ all composition, straight forward facing painted eyes,
– unmarked, dressed costume dolls, like Dream World dolls
Virga Doll Company 1950s
Alfred Vischer & Company metal head dolls 1894-1907
Viscoloid Company celluloid doll mark 1901-1930s
Vogue Doll Company 1922-1972+
Voices Incorporated 1923-1930
– part of Art Metal Works, Aronson
P. F. Volland & Company raggedy Ann & Andy dolls 1915+
– doll mark Patented SEPT 7, 1915

WD Company composition dolls 1920s
W P A or W.P.A. cloth doll 1930s
W & W inside triangle composition doll mark, unknown USA
Walda Antiqued Porcelain dolls 1970+
Izannah F. Walker cloth dolls 1873-1888
– doll mark I.F. Walker’s Patent Nov. 4th, 1873
John Wanamaker dept. store 1880-1995
– see A. Marseille, sold Baby Blanche, Baby Dorothy dolls
Wazu Novelty Co. doll mark Wazu 1922
Webb-Freyschlag Co. 1902, used A. Marseille heads
William Augustus Webber musical dolls 1882-1885
Stella Webster all bisque Birthday Doll trade mark 1931
Weidemann Co. doll mark NYW Co 1922-1924

W – continued
Well Made Doll Co. doll mark WMD, WMDC 1911-1930s
Martha L. Wellington cloth dolls 1883+
– doll mark label Patented Jan. 8, 1883
Western Doll & Toy Mfg. Co. 1918-1920
– doll mark W. D. & T. Mfg. Co, Los Angeles
Wham-o Manufacturing Co. dolls 1972+
Whimsies, Inc. Dolls by Beatrice 1946+
– Wee Whimsie small metal footed character dolls
Wiegand, Martin & Rempel 1882-1883
– also called National Doll & Novelty Co.
Carl Wiegand papier mache dolls 1876-1883
– doll mark Wiegand’s Patent May 23, 1876
Wigwam Company doll mark Pat. Jan. 10, 1905 1905-1918
Wilkinson & Gross Inc. plastic doll shoes 1952-pres. NYC
– company only made doll shoe mark Cinderella, No. 1
Wilson Novelty Company ramp walkers 1930-1951
– Wilson Walkies doll, U.S.A. Pat. No. 214027
Martha St. Claire Wingert 1918-1923+ cloth rag dolls
– 1918-1919 Paxie doll, 1922 Paxie Ann doll
Louis Wolf & Co. doll mark LWOC 1870-1928
Wonderama Toys, Inc. dolls by Henry Garfinkle 1990
Wood Dolls Menu 1300+
Wood Toy Company Babs walking dolls 1917-1923
Orin Woodford Fancy Store doll maker 1840-1855
– doll mark 309 Washington Street, Boston
Robin Woods dolls 1980s-1992
Woodtex Co. Mama dolls marked Woodtex 1922-1923
World Bazaars, Inc. Queen Anne Doll Porcelain Collection 2010+
World Doll Company 1983+ NYC
B. Wright Toy Company doll mark Beatrice Wright 1955-1980s
– Beatrice Wright Brewington, then sold to Totsy
R. John Wright dolls 1976+
Writing Toy Company. plastic Writing Rita doll 1962+
Wyman, Partridge & Company doll mark W. P. Co. 1917 MN

Yagoda Brothers 1925-1930, see Morimura Bros.
Marian Yu Designs, Inc. porcelain collector dolls 1989+

Zaiden Toy Works dolls 1906-1930s
John Zernitz doll distributor 1897+
– The Yellow Kid doll, composition, comic character by
– Richard Felton Outcault

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