U-Z American Doll Makers and Marks

A list of past American doll and toy makers whose company name begins with U-Z, with dates of operation, identifying doll marks, labels, symbols, letters or initials and trade marks when known. 

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Bernhard Ulmann Co. Bucilla 1867+ NYC
Bucilla Needlecraft cloth doll kits ca. 1960s+
Uneeda Doll Co. doll mark 1917-1973
Unger Doll & Toy Co. cell-u-pon doll red label 1929-1930
Unique Doll Company plastic dolls 1950s
Unique Novelty Doll Company 1925-1930s
Universal Toy Company, trade name Baby Berry Toy 1950s
Utley Company doll mark Rollinson Holyoke, Mass. 1916-1919
– merged American Tissue Mills & New England Doll in 1919
Valentine Doll Company 1950s-1960s
Vermont Novelty Works 1858-1925+
– Joel Ellis, Rodney Briton, Ellis Eaton
Victoria Doll Company 1919-1938+ NYC
– 11″ all composition, straight forward facing painted eyes,
– unmarked, dressed costume like Dream World dolls
Virga Doll Company 1950s
Alfred Vischer & Company metal head dolls 1894-1907
Viscoloid Company celluloid doll mark 1901-1930s
Vogue Doll Company 1922-1972+
Voices Incorporated 1923-1930
– part of Art Metal Works, Aronson
P. F. Volland & Company raggedy Ann & Andy dolls 1915+
– doll mark Patented SEPT 7, 1915
WD Company composition dolls 1920s
W P A or W.P.A.cloth dolls 1930s
W & W inside triangle composition doll mark, unknown USA
Walda Antiqued Porcelain dolls 1970+
Izannah F. Walker cloth dolls 1873-1888
– doll mark I.F. Walker’s Patent Nov. 4th, 1873
John Wanamaker dept. store 1880-1995
– see A. Marseille, sold Baby Blanche, Baby Dorothy dolls
Webb-Freyschlag Co. 1902, used A. Marseille heads
William Augustus Webber musical dolls 1882-1885
Stella Webster all bisque Birthday Doll trade mark 1931
Weidemann Co. doll mark NYW Co 1922-1924

W – continued
Well Made Doll Co. doll mark WMD, WMDC 1911-1930s
Martha L. Wellington cloth dolls 1883+
– doll mark label Patented Jan. 8, 1883
Western Doll & Toy Mfg. Co. 1918-1920
– doll mark WD & T Mfg Co Los Angeles
Wham-o Manufacturing Co. dolls 1972+
Whimsies, Inc. Dolls by Beatrice 1946+
– Wee Whimsie small metal footed character dolls
Wiegand, Martin & Rempel 1882-1883
– also called National Doll & Novelty Co.
Carl Wiegand papier mache dolls 1876-1883
– doll mark Wiegand’s Patent May 23, 1876
Wigwam Company doll mark Pat. Jan. 10, 1905 in 1905-1918
Wilkinson & Gross Inc. plastic doll shoes 1952-pres. NYC
– company only made doll shoes mark Cinderella, No. 1
Wilson Novelty Company ramp walkers 1930-1951
– doll mark Wilson Walkies doll, U.S.A. Pat. No. 214027
Martha St. Claire Wingert 1918-1923+ cloth rag dolls
– 1918-1919 Paxie doll, 1922 Paxie Ann doll
Louis Wolf & Co. doll mark LWOC 1870-1928
Wonderama Toys, Inc. dolls by Henry Garfinkle 1990
Wood Dolls Menu 1300+
Wood Toy Company Babs walking dolls 1917-1923
Orin Woodford Fancy Store doll maker 1840-1855
– doll mark 309 Washington Street, Boston
Robin Woods dolls 1980s-1992
Woodtex Co. mama dolls marked Woodtex 1922-1923
World Bazaars, Inc. Queen Anne Doll Porcelain Collection 2010+
World Doll Company 1983+ NYC
B. Wright Toy Company doll mark Beatrice Wright 1955-1980s
– Beatrice Wright Brewington, then sold to Totsy
R. John Wright dolls 1976+
Writing Toy Company plastic Writing Rita doll 1962+
Wyman, Partridge & Company doll mark WP Co 1917 MN
Yagoda Brothers 1925-1930, see Morimura Bros.
Marian Yu Designs, Inc. porcelain collector dolls 1989+
Zaiden Toy Works dolls 1906-1930s
John Zernitz doll distributor 1897+
– The Yellow Kid doll, composition, comic character by
– Richard Felton Outcault

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The Collector’s Encyclopedia of Dolls books, vol. I (1800-1925) in 1968, vol. II (1800-1930) in 1986 by Dorothy S., Elizabeth A. and Evelyn J. Coleman, Antique Trader’s Doll Makers and Marks, a guide to identification book in 1999 by Dawn Herlocher, plus every other doll book we have or can borrow and continued research across the Internet since 1999, which we share with you.