L – M American Doll Makers and Marks

American antique to vintage doll and toy makers whose company name begins with L or M, dates of operation, identifying doll marks, labels, symbols, letters or initials and trade marks when known. 

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L.A. Doll Mfg. Co. cloth Bosko doll 1930s
L.D. Co. composition doll mark LD Co 1914-1915
L.D.Q. Co. composition doll mark LDQ Co 1920s
LJN Toys Ltd Co. action figure doll mark LJN 1970-1989
La Madelon composition dolls by Madeline Frazier 1940s
Labrador cloth tea dolls 1960s+ North America
Jacob Lacmann doll bodies 1860-1883
– doll mark Patent March 24th, 1874
Lackenmacher, Lakenmacher Co. doll mark L 1921-1924
Langfelder, Homma & Hayward Co. 1921 – see Morimura
Langrock Brothers doll mark 1916-1923 Brooklyn, NY
Larami Corp. 1947-1995, then Hasbro 1995-2002
Latexture Products sewing mannequin dolls 1940s-1950s
C. F. Lauer wax dolls 1842-1888
Laurel Dolls Incorporated plastic dolls 1950s
Lawrence & Co. cloth dolls 1827+
– doll mark Cocheco 1827 Patented Aug. 15th 1893 No. 503316
Alma LeBlanc felt covered wire Tiny Town dolls 1948-1955+
Ledco Industries doll mark made in Hong Kong 1970s
Avis Lee wood carved folk dolls 1939-1955 Chicago
LeeWards Products craft dolls 1947-1994
Dexter Thread Mills, Inc., now Michael’s
Charles Wilson Leipold doll body mark 1867-1868
Lensey Company 1970s – see Vogue
Philip Lerch, Lerch & Co., Lerch & Klag 1866-1875
Libby Majorette Doll Corp. plastic dolls 1953+
Liberty Doll Company doll mark Liberty 1918-1922
– made doll heads exported to South America
Lifecycles, Inc., dolls by Warner Robins 1981-1993
– owner Charlotte M. Gentry, Fluffi-land cloth dolls
Lillums comic strip character dolls by Carl Ed doll mark 1920s-1959
Lincoln Industries Co. playpal type doll 1964+
Robert G. Lindsay doll mark Buddy Bud 1916-1917
Rosa Lisner Dressed Doll Mfg. Co. 1889+ NYC
Live Long Toys Co. oil cloth doll mark 1923-1940s
– Chester Gump, by Sidney Smith, Esther Starring (by) Penny Ross
Bernard Lipfert doll sculptor, designer (b. 1886 – d. 1974)
– called the “Dean of American Doll-makers”
Lomel Enterprises, Incorporated 1986-1993
Hilda Loose kewpie like dolls 1920-1921 NYC
– Butterfly, Pepita; Queen of the Beach, Queen of the Ice dolls
Lovee Company dolls 1970s
Lovely Doll Company 1950s
Lu Jon Sun Tan Colored Doll Co. patsy type black dolls 1935-1940s
Gladys MacDowell, wax doll artist 1940s-1970s
Madame Louise Doll Co. composition dolls 1939-1947
Paula Mae Sales, Inc., see P & M Doll Co. 1950s-1960s
Maggie Bessie cloth dolls 1897+
Magic Light Products Co. dolls 1930s-1940s NYC
– small glow in the dark composition dolls unmarked
Maiden America Toy Co. doll mark MAT 1915-1919
Malco Doll Company mail in premium dolls 1960s NYC
Mama dolls 1919+ various doll makers
Mammy Lou Doll Co. by Martha E. Battle 1937+ Chattanooga
– black cloth Mammy doll mark Mammy-Lou
Mammy-Lou cloth dolls by Mrs. L.W. Nugent 1940s Rosedale
– doll mark Mammy-Lou, Pat. & Trade-Mark Pending
Manco Doll Co. plastic dolls 1950s+
Manhattan Doll & Toy Mfg. Co. dolls 1919-1920
– Kewpies Model doll, Beauty Kist doll
Seymour Mann porcelain collector dolls 1980s-2004
Marjean Doll Accessories, Jewelry label 1920s
Ralph Mancuso doll figurine Miss Buttercup 1919
Marks Brothers Co. doll mark 1918-1930s Boston
Marshall Field store 1852-2006
– doll mark Andy Gump, Lord Plushbottom Willard Germany

M – continued
Martin & Rippel wax dolls 1881-1883+
– renamed National Doll & Novelty Co. after 1883
Louis Marx dolls 1919-1979
Mask Face Dolls and Animals 1920s+
Mason & Taylor wood dolls 1881-1885
Matlock Patent Washable papier mache dolls 1899-1914
Mattel Dolls 1959-1970s to present
Maxine Doll Co. composition dolls 1926-1930s
– doll mark Baby Gloria, Mitzie doll
Mayfair Dolls of Distinction, W. York, NY USA 1950s-1960s
Mayfair Dolls & Toys Co. 1940s Brooklyn, NY
Lottie Laurie McCall cloth doll mark Evangeline inside a wreath 1937+
– Biloxi, MS, cloth doll US patent No. 390,573
Valerie B. McMahan Baseball Kids doll mark V. McMN 1928+
– The Baseball Kids composition dolls Fan Fan-ie, Ginger
Karen A. Meer (1954-2014) artist, Oconomowoc, WI
– made antique two faced teddy bear dolls, unmarked
Mego dolls, action figures 1954-1983, 2018+
Mellin’s Food Doll Boston, MASS 1920s
– advertising doll used a Horsman doll
– doll mark Mellin’s Food Boston, Mass on neck E.I.H © Inc.
Meritus Industries, Inc. doll mark MII 1983-2000
– merged in 2000 with D.S.I. Toys, Inc.
Mermaid Doll & Toy Corp. 1921-1925 NYC
– Mermaid doll, Mama doll, Muncie Kid doll
Merry Mg. Company dolls 1959-1970s Cincinnati, OH
– brands Merry Toys, My Merry, Merryland
Metal Doll Co. doll mark 1902-1904 an All Steel Doll
Methodist cloth dolls 1932+
Metropolitan Doll composition dolls 1924-1929
Midwestern Mfg. Co. dress me dolls 1950s
Wesley Miller rubber dolls 1874-1875
Miller Rubber Products doll mark MRP 1922+ Akron, OH
Isabel Million dried apple dolls 1911-1919
O. Mills Toy Store papier mache dolls 1851-1856
– 194 Sixth Avenue Bet. 13th & 14th Sts.
Mitred Box composition dolls 1911-1917
Milton Bradley, Girls World 1860-1984, now Hasbro
– Emerald Witch doll 1972
Model Patent Washable papier mache dolls 1899-1907
Modern Doll Company composition dolls 1926-1927 NYC
– in 1927 became Modern Doll & Toy Co.
Modern Toy Co., Inc. doll mark MT Co 1914-1926 NYC
– in 1926 they became part of Modern Doll Company
Mollye’s doll mark 1929-1970s
Mona Lisa Exclusives Company plastic dolls 1950s
– a division of the Valentine Doll Company
Monica Studio dolls 1941-1952
Montgomery Wards department store 1872-2001
Moo V Doll Mfg. Co. composition dolls 1919-1920
Moravian Church cloth dolls 1872+
Morden Doll Corporation plastic dolls 1950s+ NYC
Morimura Brothers doll mark MB Japan 1915-1926
Enoch Rice Morrison walking doll mark 1862-1865
– designed the Autoperipatetikos walking dolls
Miss Claire Morris boudoir dolls 1926-1927
Leo Morse turned wood dolls 1920-1923
Ozias Morse; see Dominico Checkeni wax dolls
Leo Moss papier mache dolls 1800s-1900s
Mother’s Congress Doll Co. cloth doll mark 1900-1911
C. Moxie doll mark Moxie 1926-1927 Boston
Mutual Doll Co, see Cameo 1919-1921
Mutual Novelty Corp. boudoir dolls 1925-1929
– made Cubeb smoking dolls
My-Toy Company dolls, plush, toys 1929-1974+ NYC

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