American Doll Makers and Marks L to M

American antique to vintage doll and toy makers whose company name begins with L to M, dates of operation, identifying doll marks, labels, symbols, letters or initials and trade marks when known. 

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L.A. Doll Mfg. Co. cloth Bosko doll 1930s
L.D. Co. composition doll mark L.D. Co. 1914-1915
L.D.Q. Co. composition doll mark L.D.Q. Co. 1920s
LJN Toys Ltd Co. action figure doll mark 1970-1989
La Madelon composition dolls by Madeline Frazier 1940s
Labrador cloth tea dolls 1960s+ No. America
Jacob Lacmann doll bodies 1860-1883
– doll mark Patent March 24th, 1874
Lackenmacher, Lakenmacher Co. doll mark L 1921-1924
Langfelder, Homma & Hayward Co. – see Morimura
Langfelder, Homma & Carroll Co. 1957-1987 NYC
Langcraft small cloth bendable wired posable dolls
Langrock Brothers doll mark 1916-1923 Brooklyn, NY
Larami Corp. 1947-1995, then Hasbro 1995-2002
Howard Larsen doll mark Jiggle Wiggle 1921-1922
Latexture Products sewing mannequin dolls 1940s-1950s
C. F. Lauer wax dolls 1842-1888
Laurel Dolls Incorporated plastic dolls 1950s
Lawrence & Co. cloth dolls 1827+
– doll mark Cocheco 1827 Patented Aug. 15th 1893 No. 503316
Alma LeBlanc Tiny Town felt covered wire dolls 1948-1955+
Ledco Industries 1970s+, Made in Hong Kong
Benjamin F. Lee rubber dolls 1821-1870
LeeWards Products, craft dolls 1947-1994
Dexter Thread Mills, Inc., now Michael’s
Charles Wilson Leipold doll mark 1867-1868 New York
Lensey Company 1970s
Philip Lerch, Lerch & Co., Lerch & Klag 1866-1875
Lewis Doll of Hollywood tag, dates unknown
Libby Majorette Doll Corp. plastic dolls 1953+
Liberty Doll Co. doll mark Liberty 1918-1922
– made doll heads exported to South America
Lifecycles, Inc., dolls by Warner Robins, GA
– owner Charlotte M. Gentry, Fluffi-land cloth dolls 1981-1993
Lillums comic strip character dolls by Carl Ed doll mark 1920s-1959
Lincoln Industries Co. playpal type doll 1964
Robert G. Lindsay doll mark Buddy Bud 1916-1917
Rosa Lisner Dressed Doll Mfg. Co. 1889+ NYC
Live Long Toys Co. oil cloth dolls 1923-1940s
– Chester Gump, by Sidney Smith, Esther Starring (by) Penny Ross
Bernard Lipfert doll sculptor, designer (b. 1886 – d. 1974)
– called the “Dean of American Dollmakers”
Lomel Enterprises, Incorporated 1986-1993
Hilda Loose kewpie like dolls 1920-1921 NYC
– Butterfly, Pepita; Queen of the Beach, Queen of the Ice dolls
Lovee Co. dolls 1970s
Joseph Love Co. doll mark Princess Elizabeth 1935
Lovely Doll Co. 1950s
Lu Jon Sun Tan Colored Doll Co. patsy type black dolls 1935-1940s
Gladys MacDowell, wax doll artist 1940s-1970s
Madame Louise Doll Co. composition 1939-1947
Paula Mae Sales, Inc., see P & M Doll Co. 1950s-1960s
Maggie Bessie cloth dolls 1897+
Magic Light Products Co. 1930s-1940s NYC
– small glow in the dark composition dolls
Maiden America Toy Co. doll mark MAT, Maiden America 1915-1919
Malco Doll Co. mail in premium dolls 1960s NYC
Mama dolls 1919+ various doll makers
Mammy Lou Doll Co. by Martha E. Battle 1937+ Chattanooga, TS
– black cloth Mammy doll mark Mammy-Lou
“Mammy-Lou” cloth dolls by Mrs. L.W. Nugent 1940s Rosedale, MS
– doll mark Mammy-Lou, Pat. & Trade-Mark Pending
Manco Doll Co. plastic dolls 1950s+
Manhattan Doll & Toy Mfg. Co. 1919-1920
– Kewpies Model doll, Beauty Kist doll
Seymour Mann porcelain collector dolls 1980s-2004
Pauline Margulies doll mark Empress 1933
Marjean Doll Accessories, Jewelry label 1920s
Marks Brothers Co. doll mark 1918-1930s Boston
Marshall Field store 1852-2006
– doll mark Andy Gump Germany,
Lord Plushbottom Willard Germany

M – continued
Martin & Rippel wax dolls 1881-1883+
– renamed National Doll & Novelty Co. after 1883
Louis Marx dolls 1919-1979
Mask Face Dolls and Animals 1920s+
Mason & Luke Taylor 1881-1885
Matlock Patent Washable papier mache dolls 1899-1914
Mattel Dolls 1959-1970s to present
Maxine Doll Co. composition dolls 1926-1930s
– doll mark Baby Gloria, Mitzie doll
Mayfair Dolls of Distinction, W. York, NY USA 1950s-1960s
Mayfair Dolls & Toys Co. 1940s Brooklyn, NY
Lottie Laurie McCall cloth doll mark Evangeline inside a wreath 1937+
– Biloxi, MS, cloth doll US patent No. 390,573
Valerie B. McMahan Baseball Kids doll mark V. McMN 1928+
– The Baseball Kids composition dolls; Fan Fan-ie & Ginger
Joseph Meer, Inc. doll label Mascotte Boudoir 1922
Karen A. Meer (1954-2014) artist, Oconomowoc, WI
– made antique two faced teddy bear dolls, unmarked
Mego Corporation 1954-1983, 2018+
Minnie M. Meldram doll mark Soxie 1920
Mellin’s Food Doll Boston, MASS 1920s
– advertising doll used a Horsman doll
– doll mark Mellin’s Food Boston, Mass on neck E.I.H © Inc.
Memorial Wreath Co. dolls 1974+
– resold Japan Sekiguchi’s Monchichi dolls
Meritus Industries, Inc. doll mark M.I.I. 1983-2000
– merged in 2000 with D.S.I. Toys, Inc.
Mermaid Doll & Toy Corp. 1921-1925 NYC
– Mermaid doll, Mama doll, Muncie Kid doll
Merry Mg. Co. 1959-1970s Cincinnati, OH
– brands; Merry Toys, My Merry, Merryland
Metal Devices Corp. phonograph doll 1926
Metal Doll Co. doll mark 1902-1904 an All Steel Doll
Methodist cloth dolls 1932+
Metropolitan Doll composition dolls 1924-1929
Midwestern Mfg. Co. dress me dolls 1950s
Wesley Miller rubber dolls 1874-1875
Miller Rubber Products doll mark MRP 1922+ Akron, OH
Isabel Million dried apple dolls 1911-1919
O. Mills Toy Store papier mache dolls 1851-1856
– 194 Sixth Avenue Bet. 13th & 14th Sts.
Mitred Box composition dolls 1911-1917
Milton Bradley, Girls World 1860-1984, now Hasbro
– Emerald Witch doll 1972
J. R. Miranda & Co. dolls 1919 Oregon City
– native American Indian characters; Buck, Chief, Little Buck,
– Little Princess, Madonna, Papoose, Squaw
Model Patent Washable papier mache dolls 1899-1907
Modern Doll Co. composition dolls 1926-1927 NYC
– in 1927 became Modern Doll & Toy Co.
Modern Toy Co., Inc. doll mark M. T. Co. 1914-1926 NYC
– in 1926 they became part of Modern Doll Co.
Mollye’s doll mark 1929-1970s
Mona Lisa Exclusives plastic dolls 1950s
Monica Studio dolls 1941-1952
Montgomery Wards department store 1872-2001
Moo V Doll Mfg. Co. composition dolls 1919-1920
Moravian Church cloth dolls 1872+
Morden Doll Corp. 1950s+ NYC
Morimura Doll Co. doll mark MB Japan 1915-1926
Enoch Rice Morrison walking doll mark 1862-1865
– designed the Autoperipatetikos walking dolls
Miss Claire Morris boudoir dolls 1926-1927
Leo Morse turned wood dolls 1920-1923
Ozias Morse; see Dominico Checkeni wax dolls
Leo Moss papier mache dolls 1800s-1900s
Mother’s Congress Doll Co. cloth doll mark 1900-1911
C. Moxie doll mark Moxie 1926-1927 Boston
Multi-Face dolls 1866+
Mutual Doll Co, see Cameo 1919-1921
Mutual Novelty Corp. boudoir dolls 1925-1929
– boudoir Cubeb smoking dolls
My-Toy Co. dolls, plush, toys 1929-1974+ NYC

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