American Doll Makers and Marks D to E

Below is a list of past American antique to vintage doll and toy makers whose company name begins with D to E dates of operation, identifying doll marks, labels, symbols, letters or initials and trade marks when known. 

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D & D Mfg. Co. 1950s
DN with strike thru doll mark USA 1990s?
Daisy Dolls, all bisque, NancyAnn storybook like 1940s
Dallwig Mfg. Co. 1918-1922
R. Dakin & Co. 1955-1995 – now Applause
San Francisco, CA, Japan, China
Danbury Mint Co. doll mark copyright MBI 1980s+
Dancing Doll Co. 1921+
1921 Amorita the dancing phonograph doll
DanDee International dolls 1987+ Jersey City, NJ & China
– Collectors Choice porcelain dolls
RE Darrows Co. leather rawhide head dolls 1866-1877
– RE Darrows doll mark Patent May 1st 1866
C.A. David Co. character dolls 1967+
Davis Milling Co. advertising dolls 1910-1930
Louisiana M. Davis doll mark Luzie Lovem 1920-1922
Davis & Voetsch doll mark DV 1919-1924
– known as Dee Vee Doll Co.
L. Davtex Textiles Co. plastic dolls 1950s+
G. De Jaham cloth doll 1900-1920 New Orleans
– doll mark Made by G. De Jaham New Orleans
Debbie Toy Co. 1950s
Sophia E. Delavan dolls & doll wigs 1916-1921 CHI
doll mark American Wig with girl in center round label
A. H. Delfausse Co. doll maker 1950s
Deluxe Reading Corp. 1958-1973
– Grocery Store Dolls
Otto Ernst Denivelle doll mark DECO 1917-1925+
DeSoto Co. hard plastic dolls 1950s
– heart symbol Listen to my heat beat
Doll Artisan Guild of artists, doll mark DAG 1977+
Doll Bodies, Inc. 1950s+ New York
Doll Corporation of America doll mark Domec 1928-1930s
– see Century Doll Co. or Domec
– doll mark Walk Domec Dolls Talk Sleep in triangle
Doll Craft Co. cloth rag doll mark Cradoll 1922 NYC
Doll Glossary, doll terms explained
Doll Shop, The 1918 NYC, see Famous Studio
Dollcraft Novelty Co. composition dolls 1920s+
Dollparts Supply Co. composition dolls 1940s-1950s
Dolls N’ Togs Co. 1950s, see Terry Lee
Dolly Co. doll mark Kaptin Kiddo 1909-1911 Phil PA
Babykins, Bobbykins, Dolly Dollykins cloth rag dolls
Domec Toy Co. 1918-1928, see Century
– doll mark Dome Toys Dolls of Character
Dorothy Darling Doll mark tag coin 1930s+ Mama doll
Grace G. Wiederseim Drayton doll maker 1909-1929
Dream World Doll Co. late 1930s-1950s
Dreamland Creations Co. rubber squeak animals toys 1956+
Dress Me dolls 1944+
Dressed Doll Mfg. Co., Rosa Lisner doll mark 1889+
Dritz-Traum Co. mannequin dolls 1925+

Duchess Doll Corp. 1948-1950s
Duckme Doll Co. novelty dolls 1920s NYC
– Lucky, Teaseme, Vamps, Lucky, Sweetie Kid doll mark Design Patent
– Serial Number 238398, March 4, 1919
Charles Dummig wax doll mark 1848-1865
– No. 812 Chestnut St., Philadelphia, PA
Ray W. Dumont doll mark Widget 1926
Durham Industries, Inc. dolls & die cast toys 1965-1989 NYC
– doll mark Globe symbol DI
Durrel Co. doll mark 1930 Boston
– doll mark Little Orphan Annie Harold Gray


EHW Enterprises, Inc. doll maker 1984-1995
Ellen H Williams doll mark © EHW
Eastern Doll Corp. – Artistic Doll Co. 1930+ NYC
– owner Mr. Solomon Saltzman, vice president ADC
– see Allied Grand Doll Mfg. Co.
Thomas Alva Edison phonograph doll mark 1878-1891+
Eegee Doll Co. doll mark EG 1916-1987+
EFFanBEE Doll Co. doll mark F & B 1910 + NYC
Eldon Industries, Inc. 1960s-1989
Charlotte Eldridge, papier mache Godey Lady 1953
Electrosolids Corp. Ellie Echo doll 1950s
Elektra Toy & Novelty Co. composition 1912-1920
Elite Creations Doll Co. 1938-1960s
Ellanee Doll Co. plastic dolls 1957-1991 Brooklyn, NYC
Ellar Novelty Co. dolls 1936+
– doll mark 41-43 East 28th St, New York
Elms & Co., Elms & Sellon Doll Co. 1909-1918
– 1909-1912 No. Break life sized cloth dolls
– doll mark 40 & 42 E. 19th St., New York
Emell Toy Mfg. Co. doll mark ML 1917-1920
Empire Toy Mfg. Co. 1916+ – Charlie doll (Chaplin) 19″
Enesco, LLC department 56 figurine dolls 1958+
Eppy Doll Co. plastic dolls1960s
Amy M. Eshleman doll mark Aimeé 1921-1922
Eskimo dolls, Alaskan Inuit dolls 1880s +
Etta Inc. boudoir dolls 1927-1930 NYC
– owner Miss Etta Kid and all women workers
Eugene Doll & Novelty Co. doll mark Lorrie 1960s-1970s NYC
Lorrie Doll Co. a division of Eugene
– doll mark © 1961 Alter
Eugenia Doll Co. 1943-1953
European Doll Mfg. Co. doll mark EDMA 1911-1930s
– merged with Anita Novelty Co.
Excel Toy Corp. 1970s
– male or female western action figures 9 1/2″
Exeloid Co. celluloid doll mark XLCO 1915-1920
Exposition Doll & Toy Mfg. Co. 1921-1937
– Baby, Mama, Raggedy Ann, Scrappy dolls
Laura J. Eyles doll mark Tut Sye Amen 1923

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