D to E American Doll Makers and Marks

Below is a list of past American antique to vintage doll and toy makers whose company name begins with D to E dates of operation, identifying doll marks, labels, symbols, letters or initials and trade marks when known. 

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D & D Mfg. Co. plastic dolls 1950s
Daisy Dolls, all bisque storybook type 1940s
Dallwig Mfg. Company composition dolls 1918-1922
R. Dakin & Co. 1955-1995 – now Applause
Danbury Mint Co. doll mark copyright MBI 1980s+
Dancing Doll Company 1921+
– Amorita the dancing phonograph doll
DanDee International dolls 1987+ Jersey City, NJ
– Collectors Choice porcelain dolls
RE Darrows Co. leather rawhide head dolls 1866-1877
– doll mark Patent May 1st 1866
C.A. David Co. character dolls 1967+
Davis Milling Co. advertising dolls 1910-1930
Louisiana M. Davis doll mark Luzie Lovem 1920-1922
Davis & Voetsch doll mark DV 1919-1924
– known as Dee Vee Doll Co.
L. Davtex Textiles Co. Barbie type dolls 1950s+
G. De Jaham cloth doll 1900-1920 New Orleans
– doll mark Made by G. De Jaham New Orleans
Debbie Toy Company dolls 1950s
Sophia E. Delavan doll wigs 1916-1921 CHI
– doll mark American Wig with girl label
A. H. Delfausse Company doll maker 1950s
Deluxe Reading Corp. grocery store dolls 1958-1973
Otto Ernst Denivelle doll mark DECO 1917-1925+
DeSoto Company hard plastic dolls 1950s
– heart symbol Listen to my heat beat doll
Doll Artisan Guild of artists, doll mark DAG 1977+
Doll Bodies, Inc. dolls 1950s+ New York
Doll Corporation of America doll mark Domec 1928-1930s
– see Century Doll Company
– doll mark Walk Domec Dolls Talk Sleep in triangle
Doll Glossary of doll terms explained
Dollcraft Novelty Co. composition dolls 1920s+
Dollparts Supply Co. composition dolls 1940s-1950s
Dolls N’ Togs Co. 1950s, see Terry Lee
Dolly Co. doll mark Kaptin Kiddo 1909-1911 Phil PA
– Babykins, Bobbykins, Dolly Dollykins cloth rag dolls
Domec Toy Co. 1918-1928, see Century Doll Company
– doll mark Dome Toys Dolls of Character
Grace G. Wiederseim Drayton doll designer 1909-1929
Dream World Doll Co. late 1930s-1950s
Dreamland Creations rubber squeak animals toys 1956+
Dress Me type dolls 1944+
Dressed Doll Mfg. Co., Rosa Lisner doll mark 1889+
Dritz-Traum Co. sewing mannequin dolls 1925+

Duchess Doll Corporation 1948-1950s
Duckme Doll Co. novelty dolls 1920s NYC
– Lucky, Teaseme, Vamps, Lucky, Sweetie Kid doll mark Design Patent
– Serial Number 238398, March 4, 1919
Charles Dummig wax dolls mark 1848-1865
No. 812 Chestnut St., Philadelphia, PA
Durham Industries, Inc. dolls & die cast toys 1965-1989 NYC
– doll mark Globe symbol DI
Durrel Co. doll mark Little Orphan Annie Harold Gray 1930
EHW Enterprises, Inc. doll maker 1984-1995
– Ellen H. Williams doll mark © EHW
Eastern Doll Corp. – Artistic Doll Co. 1930+ NYC
– see Allied Grand Doll Mfg. Company.
Thomas Alva Edison phonograph doll mark 1878-1891+
Eegee Doll Co. doll mark EG 1916-1987+
Effanbee Doll Co. doll mark F & B 1910 + NYC
Eldon Industries, Inc. plastic dolls 1960s-1989
Charlotte Eldridge papier mache Godey Lady dolls 1953+
Electrosolids Corp. Ellie Echo doll 1950s
Elektra Toy & Novelty Co. dolls 1912-1920
Elite Creations Doll Company 1938-1960s
Ellanee Doll Co. plastic dolls 1957-1991 Brooklyn, NYC
Ellar Novelty Co. dolls 1936+
– doll mark 41-43 East 28th St, New York
Elms & Co., Elms & Sellon Doll Co. 1909-1918
– 1909-1912 No. Break life sized cloth dolls
– doll mark 40 & 42 E. 19th St., New York
Emell Toy Mfg. Co. doll mark ML 1917-1920
Empire Toy Mfg. Co. 1916+ – Charlie doll (Chaplin) 19″
Enesco LLC department 56 figurine dolls 1958+
Eppy Doll Company plastic dolls 1960s
Amy M. Eshleman doll mark Aimeé 1921-1922
Eskimo dolls, Alaskan Inuit dolls 1880s +
Etta Inc. boudoir dolls 1927-1930 NYC
– owner Miss Etta Kid and all women workers
Eugene Doll & Novelty doll mark Lorrie 1960s-70s NYC
Lorrie Doll Company. a division of Eugene
– doll mark © 1961 Alter
Eugenia Doll Company dolls 1943-1953
European Doll Mfg. Co. doll mark EDMA 1911-1930s
– merged with Anita Novelty Co.
Excel Toy Corp. western action figures 1970s
Exeloid Co. celluloid doll mark XLCO 1915-1920
Exposition Doll & Toy Mfg. Company 1921-1937
– Baby, Mama, Raggedy Ann, Scrappy dolls

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