Barbie 1960 to 1961 Vintage Doll Clothes Identified

1960-1961 Barbie doll vintage clothes

Barbie Vintage Doll Clothes Fashions in 1960 – Barbie had six new outfits in 1960 for a total of twenty-five outfits including repeats from last year.  The 1960 Barbie doll underwent some changes this year, gone are the harsh lightening bolt pointed eyebrows, now her eyebrows are slightly arched with a more natural curve, she has a new plastic black stand without holes in the bottom.

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Barbie 977 Silken Flame 1960-1964

Barbie #977 Silken Flame 1960-1964 – A red velvet bodice, white gathered satin full skirt dress with a gold dimpled belt, gold dimpled clutch purse, black open toe heel shoes.  This was reproduced by Mattel in 1998, paired with #939 Red Flare the matching red velvet coat ensemble and released in 1993 on a porcelain doll.

Barbie 978 Let's Dance 1960-1964

Barbie #978 Let’s Dance 1960-1964 – A print full skirted dress with blue background and white and black floral print, a solid blue knit waistline sash, white clutch purse, pearl on a chain necklace, black open toe heel shoes.

Barbie 979 Friday Nite Date 1960-1964

Barbie #979 Friday Nite Date 1960-1964 – A pale blue corduroy jumper with felt appliqués, white cotton ruffled under dress, black open toe heel shoes, black plastic Barbie serving tray, two soda glasses painted orange with cotton fizz  and two white plastic straws.  This was reproduced as a set with the Ken doll in 2006 by Mattel.

Barbie 981 Busy Gal 1960-1961

Barbie #981 Busy Gal 1960-1961 – A red two piece linen short sleeved suit the jacket is partially lined in red and white stripe, a red and white stripe halter body blouse with bow tie neckline, blue straw sun hat stripe lined, matching belt with gold tone buckle lined in red, black rimmed eye glasses, two illustrated fashion sheets with three outfits on each, black “Barbie ® fashion designer” cardboard portfolio green lined, navy open toe heel shoes.  This was reproduced in 1999 by Mattel.

Barbie 982 Solo in the Spotlight 1960-1964

Barbie #982 Solo in the spotlight 1960-1964 – A black knit glitter sheath gown with tulle ruffle, red rose accent, pink chiffon scarf, four strand crystal bead necklace, long black tricot gloves, silver plastic microphone and black open toe heel shoes.

This was reproduced by Mattel as a “collectors request”.  Margot Robbie wears an inspired Solo in the Spotlight outfit in the press tour for the 2023 Barbie movie.

Barbie 983 Enchanted Evening 1960-1963

Barbie #983 Enchanted Evening 1960-1963 – A pink satin draped gown with one piece side train, accented with either a rose or three sequins with beads, white rabbit fur stole, lined in pink satin, white long tricot gloves, three row pink pearl choker necklace, drop pearl earrings  and pink with silver glitter open toe heel shoes.  This was reproduced by Mattel as a “collectors request”.   Margot Robbie wears an inspired Enchanted Evening pink satin gown in the press tour for the 2023 Barbie movie.

Barbie #856 Party Gift Set 1960

Barbie #856 Party gift Set 1960 – Included a #850 ponytail Barbie doll in her black and white striped zebra swimsuit with stand and booklet, extra outfits; #911 Golden Girl,  #966 Plantation Bell,  #969 Suburban Shopper and #977 Silken Flame.

Barbie #857 Mix `N Match gift set 1960-1964

Barbie #857 Mix `N Match gift set by Montgomery Ward 1960-1963 or Spiegel 1963-1964 – Included the #850 Barbie doll in her box with black and white swimsuit, stand, pink booklet.  Outfits included were: Resort Set, Picnic Set, Winter Holiday, Sweater Girl and Busy Gal.   The two #857 Montgomery Ward and Spiegel sets are slightly different.

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Barbie Doll Clothes Fashions in 1961 – Eight new fashions, plus twenty-two outfits from the previous year were repeated, Barbie also has a new hairdo a bubblecut, ponytails were still available, too. Barbie still was sold wearing her black and white zebra stripe swimsuit.

Barbie #923 Accessories 1961-1962

Barbie #923 Accessories 1961-1962 – a red strapless knit helenca swimsuit, white short tricot gloves, pearl necklace, hoop earrings and pearl snake bracelet, straw tote with paper flowers, black rimmed eyeglasses, three pairs of open toe heel shoes: white, black, light pink.  Printed on the back card is a Barbie teenage sheath dress pattern for your sewing fun! 

Barbie #984 American Airline Flight Stewardess 1961-1964

Barbie #984 American Airline Stewardess 1961-1964 – A tailored navy blue cotton two piece suit jacket with silver metal wings on lapel, a navy blue sheath skirt with back snap closure,  white sleeveless nylon body blouse, navy blue hat with airline insignia, black vinyl shoulder purse, “American Airline logo” zippered flight bag, black open toe heel shoes. 

Barbie #985 Open Road 1961-1962

Barbie #985 Open Road 1961-1962 – A khaki color car coat with three toggle closure, red, black and gray stripe pants with zippered back closure, beige wool short sleeved sweater, big straw brimmed hat trimmed with matching red scarf, red rimmed sunglasses with blue lenses, red cork wedge shoes, Mattel paper road map.  *This is the only outfit that featured red sunglasses.

Barbie #986 Sheath Sensation 1961-1964

Barbie #986 Sheath Sensation 1961-1964 – A red sleeveless cotton sheath dress with four gold buttons and two front flap pockets, big brimmed straw hat with red ribbon trim on the crown, short white tricot gloves, white open toe heel shoes.

Barbie # 987 Orange Blossom 1961-1964

Barbie #987 Orange Blossom 1961-1964 – A yellow sleeveless sheath dress, white lace over dress, yellow tulle hat, paper flower on lace with ribbon bouquet, short white tricot gloves (long gloves for the years 1963-1964), white open toe heel shoes. Note:  This yellow tulle hat is the same design as the blue tulle hat in #964 Gay Parisienne 1959.

Barbie #988 Singing in the Shower 1961-1962

Barbie #988 Singing in the Shower 1961-1962 – A yellow terry cloth robe, blue monogrammed “B” on pocket,  matching yellow tie/belt, yellow terry scuffs, blue towel “Hers”,  blue washcloth, blue plastic shower cap, round golden talc box, blue powder puff, pink “B” monogrammed bar of plastic soap, pink foam sponge plastic bath brush.

Barbie # 989 Ballerina 1961-1965

Barbie #989 Ballerina 1961-1965 – A black stretch sleeveless pull-on body suit, black leotards, silver lame` and white tulle trimmed tutu with tiny pink fabric flowers with a back zipper, pink satin shoe bag, white ballet shoes with ties, silver paper crown, a paper “Ballet Company Presents” poster.

Barbie # 991 Registered Nurse 1961-1964

Barbie #991 Registered Nurse 1961-1964 – A white cotton long sleeved tailored dress, zippered back closure, gold button pin on lapel, navy cotton cape, red satin lined, white hat black trim accent, white open toe heel shoes, black rimmed eyeglasses, red rubber hot water bottle, amber plastic “medicine” bottle, metal spoon, paper diploma from Nursing School. 

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