A – D Composition Dolls Marked with Letters or Text

composition dolls marked with text A to D

To identify your doll, you’ll need to know what doll maker used which marking. Here are all the composition doll marks with letters or text that begin with A to D that we have found and the name of that doll maker. If no country is listed the doll was made in the USA. 

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A – Averill, Ideal Co
ABC – AB Cole A.B.C. Doll Shop, John & Lucinda McCourt
ABC Toys – A.B.C. Toy Company
ABD Co – American Bisque Doll Co
AC or ADC – American Character Doll Company
Acme Toy or Toyshop – Acme Toy Co
ACO Inc – Averill Company
Acorn symbol ADC American Made – Acorn Doll
Acorn symbol – Babs Mfg Company
A & D – doll unknown American USA
AD Co – American Doll and Toy Co, Aetna Doll Co
AD CO – Alexander Doll Co
ADAM – carnival doll unknown American USA
ADC – American Doll Co
ADC intertwined – American Doll Co Kewpie like doll
ADT, ADT Co – Atlas Doll & Toy Co
AE – Allied Grand Doll Mfg Co
AF & C Superior 2015 – A Fleischmann & Cramer German
AGDC – Allied Grand Doll Co
AIAX – The Toy Store, Sears Aunt Jemima doll
Aime – reproduction of antique doll body ??
Alex, Alexander – Madame Alexander Doll Co
Alberani Milano – Alberani of Milano dolls Italy
AM – American Character, American Doll Co, Averill, Marseille (German)
AM © Co, AM copyright Co, AM Co – Averill Co
Am Char or Amer Char – America’s Wonder Baby Dolls, America’s Wonder Dolls – American Character
AM Doll CO – American Doll Co
AMBISC – Louis Amberg & Son
American Muslin Lined Head – unknown USA
Amfelt – Louis Amberg, George Borgfeldt
AMUSO – August Möller & Sohn, German
AP – Les Artas du Papier France
APEX – Brown & Richie Daddy’s Queen doll
AS – August Steiner German
Angel symbol – Schilling & Zitzmann
Anne Shirley – Effanbee
ARCY – Arcy Toy Mfg Co
Art Craft USA – ArtCraft Toy Products, then Art Playthings Corp
AT, ATCo – probably Atlas Doll & Toy Co
Atlantic Toy Co – Atlantic Toy Company
Aug. 4, 1919 – wooden walking doll unknown
AX – Madame Alexander Doll Co, Molly-es
AZ – Alfredo Zellini La Norina doll, Italy
B & B – Baker & Bennett Co
BC with 8 inside the C – doll unknown
BDC, BDC Inc, BDCO – Bester Doll Co
BKB – Beers, Keeler, Bowman Co
BND – British National Doll, England
Baby Blossom – Cameo Doll Co
Baby Brite – Averill Hendren doll
Baby Bumps – Horsman doll
Baby Hendren – Averill doll
Baby Joy – Royal Toy Mfg Doll Co
Baby Mine – Ideal Doll Co
Baby Petite – American Character Doll Co
Baby Sandy – Ralph A. Freundlich

Baby Violet – Abraham & Strauss Co
Baby Wobbles – Paramount Doll Company
Babyette – Effanbee Babyette doll
Beck Doll – Beck Mfg Co
Bo-Peep American – The Baby Outfitters Co
Bottletot – American Character Doll Co doll
British Made star symbol M – Britain unknown
C with an o inside – doll unknown American USA
© copyright – doll unknown American USA (not Terri Lee)
© 1924 MNS, copyright 1924 MNS – Ella Cinders
© B. Lipfert, By B. Lipfert – Ideal Snoozie doll
© By Grace Corry, copyright by Grace Corry – Averill, Little Brother doll, Little Sister doll
© D, copyright D – doll unknown, poss. CAN or USA
© FDP Co – Federal Doll Mfg Co
© Grace Storey Putnam, copyright Grace Storey Putnam – Bye-Lo Baby doll
© L, copyright L – WW I Nurse, unknown American USA
© PPP, copyright PPP, P Puppet – Peter Puppet Playthings
Circle L, circle with a L inside – doll unknown American USA
Circle X, circle with an X inside – Arranbee Nancy, Alexander Princess Elizabeth, Vogue Cynthia + others
CD, C & D, C and D, CDC – Century Doll, Doll Corp of America
CPM – Charles Perls Mfg Co England
CAPO – Non-breakable Toy Co
Campbell Kids – American Character, Horsman
Charmo Toys Reg US Pat Off – Cameo Streak dog
Colonial – Colonial Toy Manufacturing Company
Colonial Toy Mfg. Co. – Colonial Toy Manufacturing Company
Commercial Toy Company of Canada – bisque like composition
Confetti Dolls – Confetti Doll Company
D&C, D & C – Dee and Cee, Diamond & Cone CAN
DP or D.P. – Dora Petzold German
DTC, DTCo, DTCO – Dominion Toy Mfg Co CAN
DTMC, DTMCO – Dominion Toy Mfg Co CAN
DV, Dee Vee – Davis & Voetsch The Dee Vee Doll
Dapper Dancing Dolls – S & H Novelty Doll Co
Darling – Irwin & Company doll
DECO – Otto Denivelle, Averill, Effanbee
Deans Doll British – Dean’s Rag Book Dolls
Dee an Cee – Diamond and Cone Doll Co CAN
Dee and Cee, Dee & Cee – Diamond & Cone CAN
DEEandCee, Dee and Cee – Diamond & Cone CAN
Des Pat 8-24-15 1914 Kate Silverman © – Maiden Toy
Design Pat Pend – open mouth composition USA girl doll
Dimples – Horsman Baby Dimples doll
DOE – Ideal Doll & Toy Co
DOLL CO – Vogue Toddles doll
Doll Corp of America – known as Century Doll Co
Dolly Dimple Liverpool – Nunn & Smeed England
Domec – DOMEC Toy Co merged with Century Doll, then became Doll Corp of America
DOMINION SHIELD – Dominion Toy Mfg Co. CAN
Drayton © – Grace Gebbie Weiderseim Drayton Dolly Dingle, Bobby or Sis doll
DRB Co, D.R.B. Co. Lo., DRBC – Dean’s Rag Book
Dream Baby – Arranbee doll

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