composition dolls marked with text A to D

To identify your doll, you’ll need to know what doll maker used which marking. Here are all the composition doll marks with letters or text that begin with A to D that we have found and the name of that doll maker. If no country is listed the doll was made in the USA. 

A – D Composition Dolls Marked with Letters or Text

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AAverill, Ideal

ABC – AB Cole A.B.C. Doll Shop, John & Lucinda McCourt

ABC Toys – A.B.C. Toy Company

ABD Co – American Bisque Doll Co

AC or ADCAmerican Character Doll Company

Acme Toy or ToyshopAcme Toy Co.

ACO Inc – Averill Company

Acorn symbol ADC American MadeAcorn Doll

Acorn symbol – Babs Mfg Company

A & D – doll unknown American USA

ADAM – carnival doll unknown American USA

ADC – American Doll Co

ADC intertwined – American Doll Co Kewpie like

AD Co – American Doll and Toy Co, Aetna Doll Co

AD COAlexander Doll Co

ADT, ADT Co – Atlas Doll & Toy Company

AEAllied Grand Doll Manufacturing Co Inc

AF & C Superior 2015 – A Fleischmann & Cramer GER

AGDCAllied Grand Doll Company

AIAX – The Toy Store, Sears Aunt Jemima doll

Aime – reproduction of antique doll body ??

Alex or AlexanderAlexander

Alberani Milano – Alberani of Milano Italy

AMAmerican Character, American Doll Co, Averill Doll, Armand Marseille (German)

AM © Co, AM copyright Co, AM CoAverill Co

AM Doll CO. – American Doll Co

Am Char or Amer Char –  America’s Wonder Baby Dolls, America’s Wonder Dolls – American Character

AMBISCLouis Amberg & Son

AmfeltLouis Amberg, George Borgfeldt

AMUSO – August Möller & Sohn, German

AP – Les Artas du Papier France

APEX – Brown & Richie Daddy’s Queen doll

AS – August Steiner German

Angel symbol – Schilling & Zitzmann

Anne ShirleyEffanbee doll

ARCY – Arcy Toy Manufacturing Co

Art Craft USAArtCraft Toy Products, then Art Playthings Corp

AT, ATCo – probably Atlas Doll & Toy Company

Atlantic Toy Co – Atlantic Toy Company

Aug. 4, 1919 – wooden Walking Doll unknown

AXMadame Alexander Doll Co, Molly-es

AZ – Alfredo Zellini La Norina doll, Italy

B & B – Baker & Bennett Company

BC with 8 inside the C – doll unknown

BDC, BDC Inc, BDCOBester Doll Company

BKB – Beers, Keeler, Bowman Company

BND – British National Doll, England

Baby BlossomCameo Doll Co doll

Baby BriteAverill Hendren doll

Baby BumpsHorsman doll

Baby HendrenAverill doll

Baby JoyRoyal Toy Mfg Co doll

Baby MineIdeal doll

Baby PetiteAmerican Character Doll Co doll

Baby SandyRalph A. Freundlich doll

Baby VioletAbraham & Strauss Co doll

Baby Wobbles – Paramount Doll Company

BabyetteEffanbee Babyette doll

Beck Doll – Beck Manufacturing Co

Bo-Peep American – The Baby Outfitters Co

BottletotAmerican Character Doll Co doll


British Made star symbol M – Britain unknown 

with an o inside – doll unknown American USA

© copyright – doll unknown American USA (not Terri Lee)

© 1924 MNS, copyright 1924 MNS – Ella Cinders

© B. Lipfert, By B. Lipfert – Ideal Snoozie doll

© By Grace Corry, copyright by Grace Corry – Averill, Little Brother doll, Little Sister doll

© D, copyright D – unknown, poss. CAN or USA

© FDP Co – Federal Doll Manufacturing Company

© Grace Storey Putnam, copyright Grace Storey Putnam – Bye-Lo Baby doll

© L, copyright L – WW I Nurse, unknown USA

© PPP, copyright PPP, P Puppet – Peter Puppet Playthings

Circle L, circle with a L inside – doll unknown American USA

Circle X, circle with an X inside – Arranbee Nancy, Alexander Princess Elizabeth, Vogue Cynthia + others

 CD, C & D, C and D, CDC Century Doll, Doll Corp of America

CPM – Charles Perls Mfg Co, England

CAPO – Non-breakable Toy Co

Campbell Kids – American Character, Horsman

Charmo Toys Reg US Pat Off – Cameo Streak dog

Commercial Toy Company of Canada – bisque like composition

Confetti Dolls – Confetti Doll Company

D&C, D & C – Dee and Cee, Diamond & Cone CAN

DP or D.P. – Dora Petzold (German)

DTC, DTCo, DTCO – Dominion Toy Mfg Co CAN

DTMC, DTMCO – Dominion Toy Mfg Co. CAN

DV, Dee Vee – Davis & Voetsch, The Dee Vee Doll

Dapper Dancing Dolls – S & H Novelty Doll Co

Darling – Irwin & Company doll

DECO – Otto Denivelle, Averill, Effanbee

Deans Doll BritishDean’s Rag Book Dolls

Dee an Cee – Diamond and Cone Doll Co CAN

Dee and Cee, Dee & Cee – Diamond & Cone CAN

DEEandCee – Dee and Cee Diamond & Cone CAN

Des Pat 8-24-15 1914 Kate Silverman ©Maiden Toy

Dimples – Horsman Baby Dimples doll

DOE – Ideal Doll & Toy Co.

DOLL CO Vogue Toddles doll

Doll Corp of America – known as Century Doll Co

Dolly Dimple Liverpool – Nunn & Smeed England

Domec – DOMEC Toy Co merged with Century Doll Co, then became Doll Corp of America

DOMINION SHIELD – Dominion Toy Mfg Co. CAN

Drayton © – Grace Gebbie Weiderseim Drayton ; Dolly Dingle doll, Bobby doll, Sis doll

DRB Co, D.R.B. Co. Lo., DRBC Dean’s Rag Book

Dream Baby – Arranbee doll

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