Barbie 1962 Vintage Doll Clothes Identified

1962 Barbie doll vintage clothes identified

In 1962 Barbie got a new hair color “titian” or auburn, both bubble-cuts and ponytail Barbie’s were available and now wearing a new one piece red helenca swimsuit with matching red open toe heels. Eight outfits are new in 1962, as well as twenty-eight outfits from previous years were available. Each outfit includes a Barbie Fashion booklet that shows the outfits available with Barbie and Ken or Barbie, Ken and Midge on six different color booklet covers. New in 1962 are Pak items that could be mixed and matched with other outfits.

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Barbie #931 Garden Party 1962-1963

Barbie #931 Garden Party 1962-1963 – a white cotton sun dress with pink rosebuds and dots print with eyelet inset ruffled front and pink bow at waist, white short tricot gloves, white open toe heel shoes.

Barbie # 933 Movie Date 1962-1963

Barbie #933 Movie Date 1962-1963 – a white and blue striped cotton sun dress, with organdy sheer over skirt, trimmed with matching stripe on lower hem and upper bodice with a bow accent on each. The blue and white stripe fabric will be used again in Ken’s #0781 Sleep Set in 1964.

Barbie #934 After Five 1962-1964

Barbie #934 After Five 1962-1964 – a black full skirt sleeveless dress in polished cotton or faille with four white buttons on the double breasted bodice with a big white organdy collar, matching white sheer wide brim hat with an open crown and black ribbon trim, black open toe heel shoes.

Barbie # 937 Sorority Meeting 1962-1963

Barbie #937 Sorority Meeting 1962-1963 – a sleeveless sheath dress in cocoa brown with a slight dropped waistline, sleeveless knit wool vest edged in white trim, brown felt pillbox hat edged in white braid, white graduated pearl necklace, white pearl stem earrings and brown open toe heel shoes.

Barbie # 939 Red Flare 1962-1965

Barbie #939 Red Flare 1962-1965 – a red velvet coat with puffed half sleeves and bow at the neckline with white satin lining, matching red beret hat with bow, red velvet rectangular clutch purse with a “diamond” bead closure, long white tricot gloves, red open toe heel shoes.

Barbie # 940 Mood For Music 1962-1963

Barbie #940 Mood For Music 1962-1963 – a light blue knit sweater with big white collar, white halter knit top, light blue velvet slacks, three strand pearl choker necklace and cork wedgies with gold uppers.

Barbie #941 Tennis Anyone 1962-1964

Barbie #941 Tennis Anyone 1962-1964 – a white tennis dress with pleated skirt, white knit sweater trimmed in orange, white socks, blue plastic goggles, a “Tennis Rules” book, white plastic tennis racket, two white plastic tennis balls and white vinyl tennis shoes.

Barbie # 942 Ice Breaker 1962-1964

Barbie #942 Ice Breaker 1962-1964 – a red long sleeve body blouse, red short circular velvet skirt lined in red calico print cotton, white furry short waist length jacket with the same calico lining as the skirt, nude pantyhose, white plastic ice skates with gray blades.

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Barbie Doll Vintage Pak Items in 1962 – New are nineteen Pak items that could be mixed and matched with other outfits.

Barbie Pak Accessory pack 1962-1963 – white sunglasses with blue lenses and gold glitter, white tricot short gloves, pearl three strand choker necklace, matching pearl drop earrings, and pearl snake bracelet, four pairs of open toe heels; red, clear with gold glitter, white and orange shoes.

Barbie Pak Helenca Swimsuit 1962-1963 – a one piece red, navy or black helenca swimsuit, white plastic sunglasses with blue lenses, cork wedgies with gold uppers.

Barbie Pak Apron and Utensils 1962-1963 – same as #962 Barbie-Q outfit, a cotton apron that came in three colors; red, white or blue, the utensils included were; a metal spoon, spatula, knife with red plastic handle, red and white checked potholder, wooden rolling pin with red painted ends.

Barbie  Pak Two Piece Pajamas 1962-1963 – In yellow, pink or blue a two piece cotton short sleeve top and pull on pants pajamas with contrasting nylon ruffle trim. 

 Barbie Pak Bell Dress 1962-1963 – A cotton sleeveless dress, v-neck, bow at waist, pleat in front, in light blue, coral & light pink, and a single strand of pearls necklace.

Barbie Pak Cardigan Sweater 1962-1963 – similar to #940 Mood for Music sweater, with the waistband sewn on instead of knitted, in colors light blue, white, pink or black all with big white angora collars

Barbie Pak Blouse and Purse 1962-1963 – a red cotton sleeveless button front blouse with yellow plastic purse or white blouse with red purse, pink blouse with white purse,  black & white floral print blouse with light blue purse, orange blouse with hot pink purse. 

Barbie Pak Gathered Skirt 1962-1963 – a gathered skirt with snap llosure in pink, orange, red, black or black and white floral print cotton, each with a co-coordinating pair of open toe shoes

Barbie Pak Fur Stole and Purse 1962-1963 – same as in #983 Enchanted Evening (1960-1963) white rabbit fur stole, pink satin lining, gold dimple clutch purse. 

Barbie Pak Purse pack 1962-1963 – three purses, a red velvet clutch purse with gold bead closure, straw bag with fabric flowers, black vinyl clutch purse with gold bead closure. 

Barbie Pak Sheath Dress with Gold Buttons 1962-1963 – same style dress as #986 Sheath Sensation (1961-1964) only in rust, blue or olive green mini-dot cotton print with four gold button accents two patch pockets with a flap, snaps in back closure.

Barbie Pak Sheath Fitted Skirt 1962-1963 – a cotton skirt in orange with a black plastic telephone, black skirt witth white phone, black and white floral print skirt with white phone, white skirt with black phone, pink skirt with black phone.

Barbie Pak Silk Sheath Dress 1962-1963 – in white silk sheath dress with back zipper closure and white open toe heels or in black, bright blue, red, turquoise, green, pale yellow and bright yellow. Each sheath dress had a matching pair of open toe heel shoes.

Barbie Pak Scoop Neck Playsuit 1962-1963 – came in a solid white with orange belt, pink with black belt, red with yellow belt, black and white floral print with red belt and black with light blue belt.

Barbie Pak Lingerie pack 1962-1963 – a straight tricot half slip, sheer tap pants, strapless bra, matching open toe heels, pink mirror, comb & brush. Colors; white, light blue, black or light pink.

Barbie Pak Slip, Pants and Bra 1962-1963 – same as #921 Floral Petticoat with an embroidered half slip, panties and sheer bra.

Barbie Pak Square Neck Sweater 1962 – a white sleeveless sweater or pink or black. Early sets have the sweater wool waistband kitted on, later it is sewn on with cotton yarn.

Barbie Pak Slacks 1962-1963 – in black and white floral print with red plastic belt, or orange slacks and hot pink belt, red slacks and yellow belt, black slacks and light blue belt, or white slacks and orange belt. 

Barbie Pak Tee Shirt and Shorts 1962-1963 – red and white stripe knit sleeveless pull over tee shirt top, blue cotton shorts with a snap closure or navy and white stripe top and white shorts, black, and white stripe top with red shorts. 

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