Barbie 1963 Vintage Doll Clothes Identified

1963 Barbie and Midge doll vintage clothes identified

Barbie met her best friend Midge doll who was introduced in 1963. They discovered they were the same size and could share their wardrobe, much to Midge’s delight.  Seventeen new outfits were offered in 1963 and twenty from the previous seasons, plus twenty new Pak items were available.

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Barbie # 943 Fancy Free 1963-1964

Barbie #943 Fancy Free 1963-1964 – a red and blue cotton full skirted dress with waist and two patch pockets on front trimmed in white ric-rack, no accessories were included with the Fancy Free outfit.  

Barbie # 944 Masquerade 1963-1964

Barbie #944 Barbie Masquerade 1963-1964 – a yellow and black cotton halter top costume with black net trim and gold sparkles, black panty hose, black open toe heel shoes with yellow pompon’s, yellow and black felt hat, black plastic mask, party invitation on yellow paper “Come to My Party” picturing the hat and mask from this costume.  See also Barbie’s Pink Masquerade outfit European only 1969.

Barbie, Ken and Skipper dolls Masquerade outfits 1963

Barbie #944, Ken #794 Masquerade and Skipper #1903 Masqueradeare co-coordinating Halloween party outfits. 

Barbie # 945 Graduation 1963-1964

Barbie #945 Graduation 1963-1964 – a black cotton graduation gown with a white felt collar, black felt tasseled hat, a plain paper graduation diploma tied with a ribbon. Note: Ken’s #795 Graduation is a matching outfit, but his black gown does Not have the white felt collar, has a Ken tag

Barbie # 946 Dinner at Eight 1963-1964

Barbie #946 Dinner at Eight 1963-1964 – a deep orange sleeveless jumpsuit, metallic gold and ginger check lace sleeveless hostess gown that snaps in the front, cork wedgies with gold uppers shoes.

Barbie # 947 Bride's Dream 1963-1965

Barbie #947 Bride’s Dream 1963-1965 – a white satin short sleeved gowns with sheer chiffon over-skirt and five ruffles tiers from the waist to floor in a inverted “V”, white tulle veil with a pearl headpiece, blue garter, fabric and lace bouquet of flowers, white graduated pearl necklace, long white tricot gloves and white open toe heel shoes.

Barbie # 948 Ski Queen 1963-1964

Barbie #948 Ski Queen 1963-1964 – a blue short hooded jacket with braid trim zippered front, turquoise stretch ski pants, red cotton gloves, two black plastic ski’s, two wooden ski poles,  black plastic ski boots and blue goggles.

Barbie #949 Raincoat 1963

Barbie #949 Raincoat 1963 – a yellow poplin trench coat, yellow belt with buckle, bucket style rain hat, white plastic umbrella handle covered in a sleeve of the yellow poplin material and white knee high plastic boots.  New item number #0949 Stormy Weather in 1964-1965.

Barbie #951 Senior Prom 1963-1964

Barbie #951 Senior Prom 1963-1964 – a green satin full skirted ball gown, light blue satin trimmed top, green and blue tulle panels attached at the waist to floor, green open toe heel shoes with a tiny white pearl accent on the top of each shoe.

Barbie # 953 Barbie Baby-sits 1963-1964

#953 Barbie Baby Sits 1963-1964 – a pink plastic bassinet with floral liner, pink lace trimmed pillow, blue stripe flannel blanket, jointed baby with two white diaper’s each with a safety pin and pink polka dot bed jacket, an alarm clock, black rimmed eyeglasses,  pink and white striped babysitter apron with two solid pink pockets, white square telephone, a brown plastic soda bottle, a white baby bottle, three books tied with a black plastic belt-like strap, red book “How to Loose Weight”, green “How to Get A Raise”, yellow “How To Travel” and an empty pretzel box.  The #0953 Barbie Babysits in 1965 has some changes, no apron.

Barbie # 954 Career Girl 1963-1964

Barbie #954 Career Girl 1963-1964 – a black and white tweed two piece fitted suit jacket, tweed straight skirt with snap closure skirt, red cotton sleeveless body suit with back snap, matching hat trimmed with black ribbon & a red rose, long black tricot gloves and black open toe heel shoes.  Mattel reproduced the #954 Career Gil outfit in 2006 as a collectors request.

Barbie # 955 Swingin' Easy 1963

Barbie #955 Swingin’ Easy 1963 – same dress style as #978 Let’s Dance 1960-1962, but now in a green print with a solid silk waist and tie belt or a variation has a black taffeta waist with a bow, white plastic clutch purse, pearl on a chain necklace and black open toe heel shoes.

Barbie # 956 Busy Morning 1963

Barbie #956 Busy Morning 1963 – same dress style as #969 Suburban Shopper 199-1964 now in a coral and white color, wide brim straw hat with satin ribbon, white telephone, fruit filled straw handbag, pearl on a chain necklace and white open toe heel shoes.

Barbie #957 Knitting Pretty (blue) 1963

Barbie #957 Knitting Pretty Blue 1963 – is the same as the earlier #976 Sweater Girl now in a royal blue knit cardigan with four gold tone beads, shell and blue wool wrap skirt.  Royal blue open toe heels, wooden bowl with yarn balls and two knitting needles, red “How to Knit” book and metal scissors.

Barbie # 958 Party Date 1963

Barbie #958 Party Date 1963 – is the same style dress as #977 Silken Flame, now in all white satin with gold glitter sprinkled across the full skirt, gold plastic dimple belt and purse, clear open toe heels with gold glitter.

Barbie # 959 Theatre Date (with hat) 1963

Barbie #959 Theatre Date 1963 – a two piece green satin suit with a bolero type short jacket, a peplum ruffle over a straight green satin skirt, white sleeveless top, a green satin pillbox hat with bow trim green open toe heel shoes. This outfit is made from the Pak satin separates pieces. In 1964 this outfit is #1612 Theatre Date with the satin hat excluded.

Barbie #992 Golden Elegance 1963

Barbie #992 Golden Elegance 1963 – this is the same design as #961 Evening Splendor only now its in a red and gold brocade fabric, matching sheath dress, brocade coat with red satin lining and cuffs trimmed in real brown fur, pearl & real brown fur headband hat, short white tricot gloves, graduated pearl necklace, white hankie and it’s not even hemmed!, red rectangular velvet clutch purse and brown open toe heel shoes. This same red and gold brocade fabric was used to make #0873 Guinevere’s hat and shoes.

Barbie # 993 Sophisticated Lady 1963-1964

Barbie #993 Sophisticated Lady 1963-1964 – a red velvet coat, lined in pink satin, has a large “Elvis” like stand-up collar, pink silk sleeveless gown has silver lace trim on skirt bodice, long white tricot gloves, pink pearl necklace, clear with silver glitter tiara and pink open toe heels.

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Barbie Doll Vintage Pak Items in 1963 – Twenty new Pak items that could be mixed and matched with other outfits.

Barbie Pak Knit slacks 1963 – gold knit slacks shown also in; solid blue slacks, brown wedgies with  blue uppers, solid gold slacks, brown wedgies with red uppers or multi-color striped slacks, brown wedgies with red upper

Barbie Pak Knit sheath dress with a fringed collar 1963 – a solid gold knit dress with gold cord belt or solid blue knit with a blue cord belt or a multi-color striped knit dress with red cord belt and each dress had a gold clutch purse.

Barbie Pak Knit blouse 1963 – in colors of striped knit, solid gold or solid blue, with a pair of white sunglasses with blue lenses and a gold-tone three charm bracelet. 

Barbie  Pak Knit full skirt 1963 – Shown in the stripe knit, also in solid gold or solid blue knit and all should have a sprinkle of gold glitter.

 Barbie Pak straight Knit skirt with sash 1963 -a straight striped knit skirt with fringed sash, white sunglasses with blue lenses and gold glitter, red open toe heels, also came in solid gold or blue co-ordinating open toe heels.

Barbie Pak Knit accessories 1963 – Shown are a few other Pak Knit pieces, striped sheath dress with fringe collar trim (not shown; gold vinyl dimple clutch purse), two piece striped knit top and shorts, straw brim hat with striped knit ties and crown trim, (missing knit purse, matching green open toe heels).

Barbie Pak Knit shorts & top 1963 – color combinations are:  Striped top, solid gold shorts, Solid gold top, striped shorts,  Solid blue top, solid gold shorts,  Striped top, solid blue shorts. 

Barbie Pak Jeans 1963 – who can live without blue jeans, these jeans have white stitching trim and a zippered front.  They are the same jeans as in #967 Picnic Set 1959.

Barbie Pak Satin slacks 1963 -white satin slacks with white and silver glitter open toe shoes or clear with silver glitter shoes, black slacks with clear and silver glitter open toe heels, pink or rose have light pink with silver glitter open toe heels

Barbie Pak Satin wrap skirt 1963 – a satin wrap skirt with side closure in black (clear shoes), white, rose or (shown) pink satin with silver glitter dots, each skirt came with a matching pair of open toe heel shoes sprinkled with silver glitter.

Barbie Pak Satin bolero Jacket and Hat 1963 – available in black, white, rose and pink with silver glitter dots satin bolero jacket and hat.

Barbie Pak Satin One Shoulder Top 1963 – Comes in black. white.  (shown) pink with silver glitter dots, rose satin, each with diamond stud earrings.

Barbie Pak Satin Coat 1963 – came in black, white, rose, pink with silver glitter dots satin coat.

Barbie Pak Bathrobe 1963 – a yellow terrycloth bathrobe and belt with B initial on front pocket, blue plastic bath cap, and yellow terry slippers.  Same as 988 Singing in the Shower 1961-1962, but with fewer pieces.

Barbie Pak Gold & Navy Lame Sheath 1963 – a navy and gold brocade sheath dress, navy blue open toe heels, gold plastic clutch purse.

This is very popular with collectors and was only produced for one year

Barbie Pak Peachy Fleecy Coat 1963 – a beige wool fleece coat with front pockets, back belt with brass buckle with no other accessories.   Same coat as #915 Peachy Fleecy 1959-1961.

Barbie Pak Knit Sweater with Scarf 1963 – a square neck sleeveless knit sweater in black, pink or white, now pared with a pink chiffon scarf, same as found in #982 Solo in the Spotlight 1960-1964.

Barbie Pak # 1833 Shoes 1963 – Ten pair open toe heels: green, white, mustard, red, brown, orange, pink, clear with silver glitter, bright blue, black and two pair tan wedgies; gold uppers and blue uppers.

Barbie Pak Fur Hat and Bag 1963 – a black hat with rusty brown fur brim, matching rusty brown fur purse on a shoulder chain, short black tricot gloves.  Note:  An artist rendition is shown in a blue cover Barbie, Ken and Midge 1962 booklet, but this must have sold in very limited quantities as no pieces have ever been found to date.

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