E – M Composition Dolls Marked with Letters or Text

composition dolls marked with text E to M

To identify your doll, you’ll need to know what doll maker used which marking. Here are all the composition doll marks with letters or text that begin with E to M that we have found and the name of that doll maker. If no country is listed the doll was made in the USA. 

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Eagle Doll – Eagle Doll company
ED & TM Co Inc – Exposition Doll & Toy Mfg Co
EDMA – European Doll Mfg Co Inc
EG – Eugene Goldberger, Eegee
Effanbee – Efffanbee Doll Co
EICO – Cohen & Sons (English)
EIH or  E. I. H.©1910 – Horsman
EIH © ADC,  EIH copyright ADC Horsman, Aetna
EIH © ADCo, EIH copyright ADCo Horsman, Aetna
EI © HC – Horsman (Baby Horsman)
EI HC2 INC RMB © 1929 – Horsman
EIH © Co Inc, EIH copyright Co Inc – Horsman
EL – unknown USA doll maker
Elco – L. Cohen & Sons
Elektra T NC NY – Elektra Toy & Novelty Co
ELITE – Elite Doll Co, Elite Creations Co
Ellar – Ellar Novelty Co
EM & S – Gebrüder Metzler & Orloff German
NENCo, (looks like ENNCo) – New Era Novelty Co
ESCO – Sommer, E. L. & Company (rubber)
ET & N Co, E. T. & N Co – Elektra Toy & Novelty
ETAN Co NY – Elektra Toy & Novelty Company
EUGENIA DOLLEugenia Doll Company
Eyelash patent No. B.E. 18837 No. 1888180 – unknown American USA
F – unknown American USA, Effanbee, Fiberoid ??
FADF – American Doll & Toy Co, Aetna Doll Co
Fam Doll Co – Fam Doll Company
Famlee – Berwick Doll Co, European Doll Mfg Co
FanB USAEffanbee Doll Company
FB, F & B , F & B USA – Effanbee
F + B – NY  Dco, F + B Dco 6cj NY – Effanbee
© FDP Co – Federal Doll Mfg Company
Federal Doll Company – Federal Doll Mfg Co
FEMA – Beck Manufacturing Co
Fiberoid – Fiberoid, Alexander, Borgfeldt, Domec, K & K, Mary Hoyer + others
Flexo Toys Pat. Applied For – Flexo Toys Corp
Florentine Toronto – Florentine Statuary Co CAN
Fly-Lo Copyright G. S. Putnam – dist. by Borgfeldt
Foreign 72-x2 – unknown doll maker
FP – Frank Popper England
FP 21, 22, 23 – Fairways House Products, England
Freeman Toy, Toronto – Freeman Toy Co CAN
GBGeorge Borgfeldt
GEM 401 – Gem Toy Company
Genuine Madame Hendren Doll – Averill trade name
Genuine Twinkie Doll Copyr 1916 Eye Pat Twinkies SpecialtyIdeal
Georgene Baby – Averill
Germany 971 – unknown Just Me type doll
Gisela – Personality Doll, Spain
GN Co – German Novelty Co of New York City
GTC – Giltoy Company, CAN
GOLD DOLLEegee or Eugene Goldberger
Harriet © Flanders – Averill Little Cherub doll
HB or HBC – Hudson Bay Co, Canada
HB Co – Taiyo Trading Co, New York USA
HBP – unknown USA doll maker
H © C – H copyright C – Horsman Doll Co.
H © Co – H copyright Co – Horsman Doll Co.
HCQ – unknown USA maker, dist. by Averill
HG on back BELLE CO 11 D 52 – unknown American USA

Elfreide Herse – Elfreide Herse doll maker German
Hollywood Doll – Hollywood Doll Mfg Co
Honey ChildAmerican Doll Co
Horsman – Horsman Doll Co
Hotsy Totsy – Arthur Gerling Toy Co
Howdy Dowdy Bob Smith – Cameo
Hug Me or Hug-Me – Gem Toy Co, Regal Doll Mfg
Hug Me Kiddie Pal Dolly – Regal Doll Mfg
IDC – Imperial Doll Company
IDL, IDL Made in England – unknown England
IN & T COIdeal Novelty & Toy Co
ISCO – Indestructible Specialties Co
ITLouis Amberg & Son, Horsman
J (backwards) WWI Nurse doll, unknown USA
JK or J & K – Hitz, Jacobs & Kassler, USA, GER
JKF – possibly Jacobs & Kassler, USA, GER
Jedco – Jeanette Doll Co, see Ralph A. Freundlich
Jiminy Cricket WD PR KNT Co USA © Knickerbocker
Joy Des & Copyright by J.L. Kallus – Cameo
Just-Lyk – Natural Doll Company
JUNO metal head by Karl Standfuss German
K & K or K & KX K and K Toy Company
KB – Kellow & Brown Company
KS, K & S – unknown American USA doll maker
Kanko – Albert Kahn & Co
Keeneye – Victor Keney
Kewpie Cameo Doll Co by artist Rose O’Neill
Kewtie, KewtyArranbee
Kiddiejoy, Kiddie Joy – Hitz, Jacobs & Kassler
Kiddie Pal, Kiddie Pal Dolly, KinkyRegal Doll
Kiddykin – Charles Perls Mfg Co, England
Kurly HeadArranbee Doll Co
L – Lackenmacher, Lakenmacher Co NY, USA
LA & SLouis Amberg & Son
LAS – Louis Amberg & Son
LC – Laurie Cohen, Australia
LD Co – unknown American USA doll maker
LM & S – unknown USA doll & tin toy maker
LQD – L.Q.D. Company
LS & SLouis Amberg & Son
LW & CO – Toddling Toodles doll by Louis Wolf
Lambkins, © Lambkins – Effanbee
Life-Like Doll or Lyf-Lyk doll Averill
Lignumfibro – New Toy Mfg Co
Lil SisToy Products Mfg. Co
Lili – with hair bow loop, unknown American USA
M 16Louis Amberg & Son, George Borgfeldt
M & S M & S Shillman
MATMaiden America Toy Mfg Co
MBC Beehler Arts Doll Co
MD & T C NY – Modern Doll & Toy Co
MDC – Modern Doll Company
MDV, M.V.D. – Moo-V-Doll Mfg Co
MTC DOLLS or MT Co – Modern Toy Co Inc
Madame Hendren Averill trade name
Made in Belgium – UNICA, probably others
Made in USA Newbisc – New Toy Mfg Co
Mae Starr Doll – Effanbee
Mark – 1920s walking doll, unknown American USA
Martianna – composition doll unknown doll maker
METRO CO, METRO DOLL – Metropolitan Toy & Doll
Midolly DOLLS – New Toy Mfg Co

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