N – Z Composition Dolls Marked with Letters or Text

composition dolls marked with text N to Z

To identify your doll, you’ll need to know what doll maker used which marking. Here are all the composition doll marks with letters or text that begin with N to Z that we have found and the name of that doll maker. If no country is listed the doll was made in the USA. 

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N – 4 – the 4 is backward, unknown USA doll maker
ND or ND Co © 1922 – Natural Doll Co
ND Co for JMR Co –  Natural Doll Co
NTI – Nottingham Doll Mfg. Co. England
NAJO – National Joint Limb Doll Co
Nancy – Arranbee Doll Co
NATIONAL DOLL CO – National Doll Company
Nenco – New Era Novelty Co
Newbisc The World’s Doll – New Toy Mfg Co
Nibur inside a diamond – Nibur Novelty Co
NINI KASPA – Julius Bernhold France
Nunsuch – Numm & Smeed England
Nutoi in a diamond, Made in USA, Newbisc – New Toy Mfg
Oteecee – Original Toy Company cloth dolls
PA – Princess Ann Doll Company
PAM, PMA – P & M Doll Company (then Plastic Molded Arts)
Paramount Doll C – Paramount Doll Company
Pat Appld – Horsman & Lu Jon twist waist black dolls
Pat App’ld For – Patsy type  doll 24″ twist waist, Horsman ?
Pat Apr 12-21 – Berwick’s Famlee dolls
Pat Pending Gerling Toy Co – Arthur Gerling Toy Co
Pat. Pending – Unknown USA, Wondercraft Co. (swing n’ Sway doll)
Patent In The USA, Other Patents Pending, Patents Applied For In Other Countries 30336 – on Coleman walking doll’s leg
Patent Pending – Effanbee
Perfect Made in Canada – Perfect Doll Co Canada
Perfect – Perfect Toy Mfg Co USA
Pete Des & Copyright by J.L. Kallus – Cameo
Petite, A Petite Doll, Petite Sally – American Character
Petite America’s Wonder Baby Dolls – American Character
Pinocchio W Disney Prods Made in USA – Crown Toy
Phyllis – Bouton-Woolf Co
PL – Natural Doll Company
Plastex – Palitoy Company
Playmate – George Borgfeldt
Plaything – Famous Plaything or Plaything Novelty & Toy
Princess – Unbreakable Doll Company
Princess Ann – Princess Anna Doll Company
Princess Anna – Princess Anna Doll Company
Princess Elizabeth – Alexander
PULLAN – Earle Pullan Doll Co Canada
Puzzy c HOFP USA – House of Puzzy H. Cohan
Quaker Lity, Quaker Quality – Quaker Doll Co
Quan Quan of California – unmarked Oriental dolls
R (on lower back) – doll unknown American USA
R & B – Arranbee
R & B Doll Co – Tony Sarg Mammy doll sold by Borgfeldt
R B Dolls – Barron Reisman
RBL – Roth, Baitz & Lipsitz
RCA Radiotrons – Cameo
RFL (inside a 3 leaf clover) – on some dolls by Averill Co
RT Mfg Co. – distributed by Averill Mfg Co
Regal – Regal Toy Mfg Co USA
Ritzi Chubby Baby Dolls – Natural Doll Co
Rosebud – Horsman
Royal – Royal Doll Mfg
SD – Standard Doll Company
S & Co – David & Voetsch Co
SK Novelty – S. Kirsch & Co
ST – Shirley Temple made in Japan

Sally Petite – American Character
Saxon – cheek dimples, painted eyes doll unknown USA
Sayco – Schoen & Yondorf
Seco – Strauss, Eckhardt & Co
Shirley Temple + a number – Ideal
Sico, Sicora – Loeffler & Diller Co or Eduard Schmidt
Sizzy c HOFP USA – House of Puzzy H. Cohan
Skippy © O L Crosby – Effanbee Doll Co
Skookum Bully Good Indian – Arrow Novelty Company
S’Kooter Kid – New Era Novelty Co
Streak Des & Copyr. Jos. L Kallus – Cameo Streak dog
Sugar Baby – Effanbee Doll Co
Sunshine Line – Century, Marseille German, Sears
T-23 – Ideal
T & P Co. – Toy Products Mfg Co
The Emma Doll – possibly Jane Gray Company
TS – The Toy Shop
TS 156 – Louis Amberg & Son
TT Co – Horsman Uncle Sam’s Kid, A. Kahn Kanko dolls
TTT – Tip Top Toy Co
The Judy Girl – Regal Doll Mfg Co
The Mary Hoyer Doll – Mary Hoyer Doll Company
The New Toy Co. – New Toy Mfg Co
Timpo Toy – Toy Importers Ltd of England
Tobie Copyright 1932 – unknown USA doll maker
Toddles – Atlas Doll & Toy Co Chicago, ILL USA
Toodles – paper label on American Bisque Dolls
Tootse – dist. by Butler Brothers
Toy Company – Acme Toy Co
Toy Products Mfg. Co. – Toy Shop
Transogram Co Inc New York – Transogram Co.
Triangle symbol on back – unknown, possibly German
Trion – Trion Toy Company
Trulie – Permolin Products
Tum Tum – Fleming Doll Co
U ©, U copyright symbol – Uneeda Doll Co
US Patent 1621434 1793395 – Ideal 1927 Cuddles doll
USA – Averill, Effanbee, Ideal
Uneeda – Uneeda Doll Co
UNIS – Union National Inter Syndicale France
V – same hair loop doll as marked Lilie, unknown American USA
inside a diamond – composition, cloth doll, USA
VK – Vera Kent of Australia
Vanity – Mama doll unknown American USA
W & W – unknown, pos. Wislizenus & Wernicke after 1931
WD – Walt Disney
WD Co, WDC – unknown USA, probably Well Made Doll
WD & T Mfg Co Los Angeles – Western Doll & Toy Co
W-K-S INC – Victor Keney – boudoir dolls – Keeneye
WMD, WMDC, W.M.D., W.M.D.C. – Well Made Doll Co
WOL or WOL-CAL – Giltoy Company Canada
WOMOE or WOMOL  – unknown doll maker
“We” Dolls – Toy Products Mfg. Company
Widget – Ray W. Dumont
Y20 – Ideal Pigtail Sally doll
YamaYama Doll – New Era Toy & Novelty Co
Yankee Doll – Mitred Box Co
Zaiden – Colonial Toy Mfg Co
Zenith – unknown doll maker

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